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A few weeks back a friend tipped me off to a visit to a Philadelphia Starbucks by Renee Zellweger & Bradley Cooper. I tweeted (iphillychitchat) “Why is Renee Zellweger & Bradley Cooper in town, sighted at a Walnut Street Starbucks?”

I thought maybe Bradley had come to town to hang out with his pal Paul Rudd as they had performed on Broadway in 2006 in the Julia Roberts play “Let it Rain”, but that wasn’t the case as I later found out.

After Twittering that the new duo was here in town, someone from Us Magazine contacted me wanting details. They asked if I could run down to the Starbucks, poke around and get some deets. I said as soon as the 5 o’clock bell rings.

I got info on what they ordered. She ordered a Latte Light, super dooper hot, he 2 green tea’s, one hot one with ice. They bought a couple bags of nuts, and a cheese tray. I had no idea Starbucks even had cheese trays.
After quizzing the workers I actually found a nice girl in the place who had been there 5 hrs earlier when the smiling couple were there. She pointed out which table they sat at, and told me there was no hand holding. Which I knew wouldn’t be good news for the Us Magazine folks as they really wanted that dirt. There was however a lot of staring into each others eyes, hair twisting, and laughing.
The laughing duo was not bothered by anyone, and was last seen by the Starbucks folks walking out the door that Bradley held open for Renee. The story again was picked up by the nice young lady who also departed at that time. She states that after Bradley opened the door he did one of those slick moves and wrapped his arm around Renee’s waist as they headed towards Independence Mall
and eventually the Liberty Bell. I asked the rangers there for a statement, and although they said they couldn’t deny or confirm the duo were there, I did note a certain nod of the head in the affirmation of a sighting. I reported my findings to Us Magazine,
and it appeared the next week
And a similar story appears in this week’s issue of People Magazine. People Mag did contact me, but since I had sent the story to Us Magazine I couldn’t comment to them, so it was interesting to see it pop up in the “scoop” section, but with no additional info then the Us Mag had provided.
As for me, both Michael Klein and Dan Gross gave me credit for breaking that story, which resulted in additional views on PCC, which is great for all the charities I cover, and well probably a little ego boost because it’s so darn hard to break a story in this town as everyone is Twitter happy, which also makes my job much easier now. (Ironically no one else Twittered this sighting, but you can go to Twitter everyday and know the whereabouts on the trio. Reese went to Milkbar for coffee on Saturday. Paul Rudd invited the guy at Drexel’s local coffee shop to the set for a day last week.)

Timing couldn’t have been more perfect as CBS3’s Lesley van Arsdale had wanted to sit down to do update story on the celebs here in Philly; When doing these interviews it’s always interesting as so many subjects are covered, but I was excited that the angle would be about the Pa Film Tax Breaks, which are in jeopardy with the looming budget cut backs. (Videographer Regan)Last week was another crazy example of Hollywood stars in Philly taking advantage of their Starr Discount as I can only imagine because again the trio only hit Starr restaurants. I appreciate all the tips, between the rain and me being beat, I didn’t make it out to photograph any of them. Last Tuesday after I went to the fashion show at Union Trust, I too went to a Starr place for a bite to eat, Butcher & Singer with Matthew Vlahos & Jimmy Style. We all enjoyed the $19 bone in rib steak special – OMG run and get it as it was delicious.

Then I did my restaurant round, passing Alma de Cuba and then on to Parc. As I passed The Curtis Institute I saw Owen’s driver, who was motioning me frantically NOT to shoot Owen Wilson, I surmise. Of course I was going to ignore him, but I ran into a friend who needed an ear to bend. I sat at their table and lo and behold sitting 5 feet away in the window was Owen Wilson and an older lady. (Later Michael Klein id’d her as Owen’s mother.) As I got up to leave I caught Owen’s eye to say, I’m not shooting you tonight, but I hope you remember that next time. OK let’s see if we can avoid him from jumping in a car head first to avoid being photographed.

Later I heard Paul Rudd sat on a bench in Rittenhouse Square.

Thursday night, I mention on Twitter, that it was date night and Reese would be out. Sure enough around 10:30PM people started tipping me off that she was at El Vez. I was already in my PJ’s as I was beat from staying out, from getting up early for my w/o and well I still am gun shy after my run in with Jennifer Aniston last year at El Vez where her bodyguards broke my camera (She’s a biotch, as I have only heard that she signs for fans at premieres). In hindsight I made a mistake and should have headed over there because when I ate dinner there Saturday night I could see it would have been an easy shot from across the street as the street lights are bright enough for a decent outcome.
Some of the people who tipped me off said she was with Paul Rudd, and her mother, Betty. Remember last week Reese ate at Parc with Mom and gave me those terrible shots with her hand in her face. Well I asked my server what Reese had to eat and it was this plate which I ordered Saturday night, the Taco Sampler, fish, chicken, beef, shrimp and vegetarian. It was delicious.

After eating with Reese, Paul stopped by Parc to hang out with Owen. I got those tips too, again didn’t go out. So if I complain I didn’t get photos of these folks, it’s my own fault, I could have. Something odd that I have noticed is Reese & Owen hardly ever eat dinner together. Only the one time

Steve Duross from Duross & Langel sent me this nugget:

we went to el vez 8/20. i had sent some soap to your favorite blond earlier, reese witherspoon.
apparently she was having dinner and she stopped by my table to thank me for the soap.

That blond will be in my neighborhood this week filming. If you want to see a Hollywood film being made stop on by. There will be security, and road barriers, but maybe, just maybe Reese or Owen will stop by and say hello.

Sunday night Paul Rudd was at the Phillie’s game with Jen Utley. As you might recall the Utley’s had dinner with Owen & Paul on 8/20 at Parc. I saw a photo today of Reese and Jake in Venice, Ca, there’s a good chance she won’t be back until Tuesday’s filming. As I understand it tomorrow’s filming is being done in a lab on the U of P campus, maybe Reese isn’t in that scene. (


Reid Rosenthal PHILADELPHIA WHERE MAGAZINE COVER PHOTO SHOOT: more behind the scenes photos

I had a few more Reid Rosenthal shots from the photo shoot that took place at the Shops of Liberty in Philadelphia (PR Punchmedia) . Now I am taking advantage of the huge amount of fans that are interested in Reid, and since most of you are women I want you to be aware that September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, or the Whispering disease. My sister is in stage 4 and although she regularly went to her OBGYN the symptoms were missed until it was too late. She is currently fighting a very courageous battle and I cherish every second I have with her. Also you can’t rely on the CA125 blood test, her’s still registers negative to the disease. So please, please educate yourself on this disease and visit some of the sites I tagged the photos with including Later this month I will be participating in the Avon-By-The-Sea Ovarian Walk and will post a link to my donors page if you would like to support the cause that way.

Ettore Spa‘s Ettore did Reid’s grooming
Publisher of Where Magazine Laura Burkhardt, with Reid Rosenthal and Reid’s entertainment entertainment Chris Cabott (of the Law Office of Lloyd Z. Remick) who states: just received an advance copy of the cover shoot and fashion editorial that we put together for client Reid Rosenthal of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” in “Where Magazine.” It looks great. Special thanks to Where’s publisher Laura Burkhardt and its editor Karen Gross!Photographer Christopher Gabello setting up a shot. Les Schwartzberg of Les Richards men’s shop at the Shops at Liberty Place provided all the clothes for the shoot.
September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. This cause is very dear to my heart as my sister is fighting the good fight. Ovarian cancer is overlook and could use your support.
Next week I will replace this photo with one without the Ovarian logo, but since it’s a before I’m supposed to release it so I thought why not support a great cause in case this photo ends up on websites around the world.



The other night brought out the who’s who of Philly’s stylish people to one of the most fashionable streets in Philadelphia, Walnut Street and Joan Shepp’s boutique. Punchmedia Pr James Zeleniak and Rittenhouse’s GlossPR Maven Corie Moskow

One of Philly’s most stylish couples GPFO Sharon Pinkenson and Joseph Weiss, chairman, Electronic Ink. Check out Lesley van Arsdale’s piece on CBS3 re: Pa Tax Film credits and my interview about the celebs in town: Smith and Kristie Bergey; as I mentioned last night, Kristie along with a bunch of others is working on the Philadelphia Fashion Week in October; Philadelphia will be the newest city to get its own fashion week this fall. A three-day event that will take place October 8-10, 2009 at the 23rd Street Armory (23rd Street between Market and Chestnut streets),
The very stylish peeps Where Magazine Publisher Laura Burkhardt and Director of Marketing for the Mural Arts, Ryan Derfler. I just recently participating in an awesome Mural Arts tour sponsored by Where Magazine and given by Ryan Derfler, photos to come shortly. Great tour. You really must take a Mural Arts tour before the season is over.Celebrate the Murals
Take a free guided Mural Tour courtesy of Bank of America. To reserve a spot on Sat 9/26– call
215-685-0754 For weekly guided mural tours $$ ( Every Wed, Sat and Sunday ) Call 215-
389-8687 for more details or Also pick up the Center City Guide to Philadelphia, Fall Edition, which is published and edited by Where Magazine. Really informative and current;
We’ve arrived. Y-3 is now calls Joan Shepp home. describes it as “This much-loved, bi-level store elegantly presents an eclectic, extra-chic mix of Chloe bags, antique jewelry, Wolford hosiery, Miu Miu pumps, and especially clothing. Among the Yohji Yamamotos, Marnis, Dries Van Notens, and Junya Watanabes, you’ll occasionally find spectacular bargains. On Wednesday, dressmaker Irina Sigal stops by to work her seam-changing magic. You can’t miss everybody’s favorite salesperson, Tuesday, the best-dressed person in Philadelphia.
Y-3 has it’s own little space on the 2nd floor mezzanine, which includes a dressing roomHere’s long time Joan Shepp Tuesday Gordon manager and buyer for the store at 1600 Walnut St. with designer Walish Gooshe Walish’s shirt is wearing a custom design shirt he just whipped up
MJ Richardson, Emil DeJohn, director of fashion at the Art Institute, and Denise Fike; You’ll recall the last time we chatted with Dr. DeJohn it was when Andre Leon Talley visited to speak to his students. The good doctor said to be on the look out from Mr. Talley again, along with his friend Ralph Lauren who recently sent down material for his students to use in a design of a piece which will then be judge for the best design using this material.
Zama, a Japanese restaurant from Pod founding chef Hiroyuki “Zama” Tanaka (left); it’s expected to open this fall, Michael Klein reports.
Philadelphia Inquirer Fashion Writer Elizabeth Wellington
The next generation of fashion designers Stefan Robinson, Aristotle Brittingham and Arby Cohen
Evan Solomon and fiance Lynsie Fineberg are passionate about Friends of American Cancer Society Event on Sunday Evening October 25, 2009 at the Simeone Car Museum ( This year’s efforts will focus on Lung Cancer and The Hope Lodge. We have raised over 2.5 million over the past 9 years and over 500K just last year.
I’ve always been of fan of Perry Milou and his pop art style; After years of showing his work in his galleries, he packed up shop and moved south to a sunnier climate, but thankfully for us he returned. Hopefully he will see Philly in a new lite and be inspired to capture everything that is new and refreshing about the City.
11/18/05 – The Triangle newspaper states:

More reminiscent of a Parisian couture house or a modern museum of art than a 16th and Walnut Street shop, Shepp’s store has received national recognition as a primary establishment in the finer field of fashion. It is both a breeding ground and a designer-label haven to a style-conscious crowd. What’s more, Shepp started it all on a mere $100 budget; the store is amongst the top 20 in the country with Vogue Magazine listing it in 2002 among its “top 8” in the U.S.
Joan Shepp with friends – Affordable, exceptional luxury fashion. Carries one of a kind, up-to-the-minute selection of favorites like Stella McCartney, Christian Louboutin and Junya Watanabe and unique accessories by hard-to-find brands such as Johnny Farah, Sissi Rossi and John Wind. Says
ABAKINS Crew – Ky Cao, Judy Wong, Rick Cav, Jackson Wong, and Jenny Lei
Fashionable Krista and photographer Chris Gabello
Susan Glickman, Susan Shepp and Kevin Glickman of Philly’s Invincible Pictures.
Angela Duross and Karen Gross. Karen is singer, songwriter and cabaret performer; she has an upcoming show at the Tin Angel 10/23; and on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 (2-4 pm)- Karen comes home for the DOYLESTOWN ARTS FESTIVAL!
The Visitor Center Concierge, and Philly expert Albert Lee with Tom, he serves as the pastry chef of MorimotoTymbre Arnstead, Khard Mateen from Elevator Fight, and Khandian Sanderson
A stylish bunch
Zuma Tanaka, Raquel Kay, Sana Kavee, Tuesday Gordon, Ellen Shepp, Irina Sigal, Tanya, and Rosalyn A Bentley
Lulu on Yelp states: Joan Shepp,aside from being one of the most stylish ladies in Philadelphia, has a very fashion forward boutique. You’ll find labels like Marni, Yohji Yamamoto, Charles Chang-Lima, YSL, Christian Louboutin, and of course Balenciaga.
Stop on by….1616 Walnut St



Over the years, John Atwater has traveled the globe — and he always had his camera with him, a Minolta camera his dad had given him. For the past month Atwater has shared his favorite photos from far-away places, displaying them in handmade frames the TV anchor makes from salvaged antique parts. (John Atwater joined FOX 29 in October, 2005, as a general assignment reporter. He currently anchors “Fox 29 News at 6” and “Fox 29 News at 10” with Joyce Evans on the weekends.)The month-long exhibit is the first in a new series showcasing local artists at JimmyStyle at 1820 E. Passyunk Ave in Philadelphia, Pa L-R The Mayor of East Passyunk Ave Jimmy Contreras ( Yesterday JimmyStyle assisted Inquirer’s I Magazine photo shoot for an upcoming story on all the great things happening on East Passyunk Ave.) and Photographer John Atwater Fellow photographers Charlie Kirkwood and Paul Soroka
Mike Toub (He’s been making the scene a lot lately), Steve Knepper, David Mariscotti and Steve Fabiani

NBC10’s Justin Pizzi told me he was excited about John’s exhibit, especially since he had been with him on a couple occasions where John would stop the car, get out and trash pick a potential frame.Alden Thomas, Lisa Kunz and Jimmy
NBC10 Make-up Artist Carie Brescia is launching her own line of makeup in September. She’s with friend Eden Blair. Equally delicious looking were the cupcakes from the newly launched Buttercream Cupcake Truck Look for the Buttercream truck to visit Love Park on Friday @ 1PM
The turnout was nothing but a success with lots of friends, family and admirers in attendance
even cousin Jess was there with her friend Lizelle Arellano
as well as friends Nicole Linehan and Rob Saxon. Rob is out in Chicago this week celebrating a milestone birthday with mom. Nicole loved the Buttercream Cupcakes, and also recommends the newly launched Caketopia here in Philadelphia. In Bed with Butch” Butch Cordora, who just found out that I’m getting the Sept/Oct cover of “Diversity Rules Magazine”! It’s an awesome new LGBTQ mag serving the Binghamton/Syracuse area. With him is Erica Atwood, who I enjoyed a delicious Butcher & Singer burger voted Phila Mag Best and is celebrating with a sale $5.95 with fries & famed reporter from Philadelphia Tribune Bobbie Booker. Erica tells me that their are exciting things coming up in the City like the debut of M. Butterfly at the Academy of Music which might include an outdoor simulcast of opening night if a sponsor is found. Also this year for the Philadelphia Marathon they will be honoring a local athlete that has used their celebrity in a positive way to effect a charitable change.
This entire crew worked together at one time somewhere, I can’t recall. Lauren Richman, NBC10’s Justin Pizzi, FOX29’s John Atwater, Colleen Lundy, Kevin Shupp and Comcast SportsNet West Steve Weissman
Peggy M Trott, Peggy is the Kimpton’s Hotel Palomar’s GM. Hotel Palomar now occupies the historic Architects Building. Built in 1929, it is a striking example of Art Deco architecture. I know the building well as my chiropractor was located there on the 4th floor, the AIA was on the 2nd floor, and a lawfirm I worked on a project at on the 25th floor. Peggy tells me that the 25th Floor will now be a magnificent ballroom. They have restored the crown molding and she can’t wait to show me the other amazing details that were either preserved or restored. She went on to tell me that the 2nd floor is the seating section of the bar/restaurant, plus there will be a private dining room, offices and the board room. I asked about the elevators and the beautiful tiled murals which were in each one. All four of them were decorated with intricate mosaics of circa-30s Philly scenes: City Hall, Swann Fountain, the old skyline, the Ben Franklin Bridge. They were carefully removed and are intact and GUESS WHAT THE KIMPTON IS WILLING TO DONATE THEM TO A WORTHY ORGANIZATION THAT WOULD LIKE TO MAINTAIN THEM AND DISPLAY THEM. Friend them on Facebook to win an overnight stay, tell them PhillyChitChat sent you probably won’t help but what the heck – LOL (Matt Ray & Manna’s Marketing Director Meg Rider)

Where Magazine publisher, Laura Burkhardt with John Atwater. On Monday look for the Reid Rosenthal cover shot of the monthly Where Magazine to his tourist racks throughout the Philadelphia area.

Vlahos PR’s newest member Robert Johnson and friend Arianna Neromiliotis, a greek girl who does NOT like greek coffee

You still have a few days to catch the John Atwater photo exhibit which ends 9/4/09. At that time a new exhibit will be installed. Vincent McLaughlin has a moving exhibition of photos from 9/11 which will be displayed throughout the month of September. An opening reception will be held on September 9 atJimmyStyle.

Come December I hope to have my exhibit up there. I just have to find the time. If you’ve been on PhillyChitChat you might find yourself as part of my exhibit. No doubt the “It Girls” will be a subject. JimmyStyle 1820 E Passyunk Ave Philadelphia, PA 19148-2128 (267) 239-0598 (When you’re finished reading today’s entry, check out an earlier entry about Reese Witherspoon and friends



UPDATE: 12/2010 the latest entry for Top Chef Jennifer All Star Show.

(UPDATE: The Latest Top Chef Jennifer Carroll entry 11/17/09: )

Last Wednesday, I attended the Top Chef Viewing Party at 10 Arts with Jennifer Carroll who is a contestant on the show. The soiree was held at Jen’s restaurant, 10 Arts by Eric Ripert in the Ritz-Carlton on Broad Street, and was co-hosted by Eric himself, as well as GM Michael Walsh and Philadelphia Style Magazine’s John Colabelli.

Party princess Hacina Saadi and Dana Rosen
Newly engaged Charles Pasquale and Donna Coghlan
Ritz-Carlton GM and co-host Michael Walsh, Kathy Walsh and Kayla Walsh
City Rep Melanie Johnson, Tom Muldoon, Pres. of PCVB and Karen A. Lewis Executive Director Avenue of the Arts Karen tells me that in a short time they will be fixing and replacing the planters that were destroyed along Broad Street in the Phillies celebration last year. Maybe they should wait until after baseball season.
Adam Spivak and Karen Sajda
Mary & Rhoda – Lindsay Kravitz and Kaci Mitz
Reuben “Big Rube” Harley gives a new twist to fashion. A viewpoint from a man’s man on how we like to see our ladies look & William Dumbar
Lily Conner, Erin Elmore
Kristine Lynch,Jessica Carroll and Patti Lynch,
Steve Gonzales (Owner of the new pizza/wine bar Zavino’s which I wrote about last Friday and featured a tiny glimpse of the interior), PR giant Peter Breslow and Thrillist Josh Valocchi
OMG I just watched the entire episode of Top Chef right before I wrote this entry. My sweet little Jen OMG has some gonads, is competitive and has made a few boys cry in the kitchen. Jen throws down this season, but is their a showmance in the making? I rarely have time to watch TV, have never seen Top Chef before, but I will be tuning in week after week.
I would like to hire the Chanin’s stylist cause this family can dress. Son David, Mom, daughter Susan with Dad Dr. Scott Chanin
EFFEN Vodka, I just love that name, Laura Cognata, Rachel Day and Lauren Calisti
Renee and Don Freeman of Freeman Interiors Their firm emphasizes Quality and Detail, along with Classic Sophistication, which is exactly what they exude.
Philadelphia Style Publisher John Colabelli and his squeeze Table 31‘s Lauren D’Orsio
“I think the battle of the sexes challenge is absolutely ridiculous,” Jennifer Carroll says in a preview at In fact you need to check out the previews to get a few more behind the scene quips and funnies.
Ritz-Carlton GM Michael Walsh, Chef Jennifer Carroll, Mayor Michael Nutter in the kitchen
Check out another episode of the highly popular series tonight on Bravo TV or stop by 10 Arts in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton hotel to enjoy the festivities every Wednesday night. (But they are open 7 days a week too)



Last week PhillyChitChat rolled up to the Chelsea Hotel in Atlantic City to cover the shooting of a video to be shown on MTV starring rapper Azizz (not spelled Az-Izz or Azz-iz as I misspelled it when he appeared at Octo a month ago) AZIZZ originally hails from Georgetown, Guyana. He came to America at 13 and spent his adolescent years in NJ. He relocated to Philadelphia as an adult, where he currently resides with his wife and 2 young boys, both aspiring artists, which he refers to as “The Levi Boys”.

The Chelsea in Atlantic City is that cool boutique hotel that I wrote about last month with the happening pool during the day, which is equally happening in the evening. Next week I will be doing a write about about my stay at the Chelsea and the kicking party on the 5th floor.

Music has always been prevalent in AZIZZ’s life. His passion for music evolved from being a young DJ to creating beats it’s Hip Hop that resonated with him the most. The lyrical style and delivery of Heavy D, KRS One, LL Cool J among others influenced and inspired him to be the artist he is today. This is evidenced in his first recorded album “Born In Sin and Shaped In Iniquity”. The integrity and versatility of themes showcased on this album range from joy, despair and pain along with political perspectives to provoke independent thinking, much like the revered, Bob Marley.
AZIZZ doesn’t just want to place a smile on ones face after listening to his music, but he hopes to leave a seed of thought in someone’s heart. His family came to America for a better life and that is exactly what he intends to do for his community. His first charter is to run events for local charities like the Center of Autism, along with fostering and developing some of the amazing local talent he has signed to his record label, Green Team Records.

Director Tom Ashley’s (Invincible Pictures a full service film production and distribution Philadelphia Film Market.) vision that day was simple, using a minimal amount of a set-up, focusing on Azizz and the lyrics. I was amazed at the beauty of this scene and the convenience of the mirrored walls which allowed him to not only capture the full bodied women, but their reflections also.

In this shot Rob P, Janna Rachelle, Director Ashley, Aly Green and Azizz
My Call Sheet for the shoot, I only made it to the Chelsea Hotel, plus I abbreviated the schedule.
MUSIC VIDEO BREAKDOWN ARTIST: AZIZZ TRACK: LETS GO LETS GO LENGTH: 3:31:00 CAMERA: 35MM Full Sensor DSLR, Shot a 1080p COLOR PALET: Rich super saturated, summer blockbuster
SCHEDULE: Friday8/14/2009: 12:00 PM Cargo Van Arrives-Pick up Gear. Saturday8/15/2009: 4:00 Am-Crew Call at boat location. Saturday8/15/2009: 1:00 PM-Arrive at Chelsea Location. Saturday8/15/2009: 2:00 PM-Shoot Performance Interiors (Azizz rapping by himself). Saturday8/15/2009: 5:30 PM-Extras Call Time for Interior Controlled Party Shots (Break for Dinner) -need Desean Jackson there as well Saturday8/15/2009: 6:30 PM-Shoot Interior Party Scenes. ((3) Cars Arrive on Location: Lambo, Phantom, Shelby) Saturday8/15/2009: 8:30 PM-Set up for Chelsea Exterior Car Arrival Scene. Saturday8/15/2009: 10:30 PM-Shoot AC Driving Shots. Sunday8/16/2009: 12:30 AM-Wrap Crew, Tom, Azziz, Jared shoot late night Party Scenes Hand Held. Sunday8/16/2009: 2:00 Am- Wrap.Sunday8/16/2009: 1:00 PM-Crew Call at Union Trust.Sunday8/16/2009: 7:00 PM Move to Penthouse-Break for Dinner The pool table sequence is gonna be big. It was really interesting to watch how a video is shot, and yes they do play the music and Azizz sings along. So I got to know his “Let’s Go” song well, and it’s really good. The lyrics are about life and making the right choices. He done Bill Cosby, Russell Simmons and Obama good getting the education message out there.

After a long day of shooting, we moved into a long night of shooting. A friend brought down his Lamborghini and Rolls for the nightime shoot.Then it was into the club for the party scene (Philly model Michelle Greenberg is in the black shorts.)
That’s a wrap about 2AM with Jared Poe (Raven Management, LLC.), Azizz and Rob P; Check out Azizz’ tune on his Myspace Page
Invincible Pictures is an established film production and distribution company based in Philadelphia, PA. Invincible is committed to creating cutting-edge family, youth, horror, drama, thriller and music-oriented films for both the theatrical and DVD markets. Additionally, Invincible has entered into exclusive multi year, multi film distribution agreements with leading independent and studio distribution companies. Invincible also houses a commercial and music video production division that works closely with PowerHouse Media.




The city’s top chefs, including esteemed honorary co-chairs Jose Garces of Garces Restaurant Group and Marc Vetri of Vetri, Osteria, & The Vetri Foundation For Children, along with a myriad of culinary pros, caem together to take a bite out of childhood hunger last Monday, August 17, when Taste of the Nation returned to Philadelphia’s Loews.Thanks to these folks who are on the board of Taste of Philly that worked all year long on to make the 2009 Taste of the Nation as successful as it was… Thomas Allen, James Zeleniak, Kelly Morrison, Carol Anne Casey, Erin McCloskey, Keren Ini, Mike Kates, Morgan Obidowski Adoff, Brian Adoff, Aaron Matzkin.
BJ Collins, Stacey Ciotti and Ed & Donna Stankovich
Internationally, Taste of the Nation has raised 85% of the more than $10.3 million Share Our Strength has granted to organizations. We focus our efforts in four priority countries, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Haiti and Mexico, that are working toward sustainable solutions to underdevelopment, poverty and hunger.
Bill Adoff, Barbra Adoff, Morgan Obidowski and Brian Adoff; Although this was the first time I met Mr. & Mrs. Brian Adoff I had already Facebook met them as my friend had photographed their wedding and I had seen the festive day.
Darren DeBlasis & Cindy Brad hanging out at the Taste of the Nation and discussing life’s possibilities.
Twenty Manning’s – Abby Feiner and Chef Kiong Banh
Dallyn Pavey – Dish Public Relations with Executive Chef, Andrew Masciangelo of Savona
The World’s Sexiest Couple Sandy Sanchez says of she and guy Roland Bui, who I caught lip locked a few seconds before I took this picture. (I’m always trying to get those candid’s but people catch me) Check out Roland’s Blog, but I warn you you’ll be hungry afterwards sexy couple with 3 kids stealing a night out are Alicia Crawford-Zeleniak and James Zeleniak, Punch Media
Luke Elrath, and Kirsten Henri; Acting all Craig LeBan because who knows she could be visiting your restaurant in the near future to write something for her new gig Grub Street
I always enjoy running into Arthur Etchells – Foobooz, with Maryann Martino, and Omar Rosa
Union Trust in the house with Master Shucker Gordon Weldon, Vera Masi – Marketing Dir, and Chef Quincy Logan
Jennifer Andrews and Bobby Andrews, Director of Marketing at Phila Trolley Works
One of my favorite tour companies in the City. They have it all the trolley tours, and my favorite the Big Bus Tours, which go right thru the winter now that they have the weatherproof caps. You can be a tourist in your own City, I’ve taken the trolley tours about a half dozen times in my life, I’m due for another. The Big Bus Tour is awesome too hitting all the historic sites as well as going thru parts of Fairmount Park.
Eclectic, imaginative, modern seafood in a comfortable, hip environment celebrates three years in Philadelphian June 2006. SoleFood Restaurant, located in the historic landmark PSFS Building at 12th and Market Streets offers seafood with a unique flair. Yet, it is not just for seafood lovers, but for anyone that enjoys fine dining in a chic, upscale casual atmosphere.
R. Evan Turney and his girlfriend volunteered for the night dishing out Varga Bar’s delicious Mac & Cheese
Kristin Insalaco, Kristie Bergey and Meredith Lindemon – Daily Candy; Kristin & Kristie are working hard on the upcoming Philadelphia Fashion Week in October; Philadelphia will be the newest city to get its own fashion week this fall. A three-day event that will take place October 8-10, 2009 at the 23rd Street Armory (23rd Street between Market and Chestnut streets), The turnout was outrageously successful and the organizers really appreciate your support
Philebrity sighting of the night NBC10 Weatherman Bill Henly
Steve Thorne, Mike Sheridan – GPTMC, Jim Werner – GPTMC (Jim & Mike will be working double, triple time to work off the bill that will be coming in after scoring about 4 auction items tonight), The It Girl makes an appearance, she’s been incognito down the shore as well as preparing for her upcoming nuptials Sabrina Tamburino, Sabrina Strickland lucky girl is on her way to NYC on Wednesday to see Britney Spears at MSG.
A few of the peeps representing the beneficiaries of tonight’s event David Kleima, Philabundence, Emily Rhodes & Diana Oviedo, Greater Phila Coalition against Hunger
Taste of the Nation Volunteers: Emily Booth, Emily Huegner, Philip Goyette
Laura Price, PR Director Quaker City Mercantile and Nam Lee; Happy Birthday Nam, she hope’s to see some of you a the Alfa Tasting Dinner’s which is just $35 a head; check out the full menu, with drink pairings, at:

Thanks to the participating restaurants:



Last Friday during my restaurant Tidbits & Rumors I mentioned the new pizza-wine bar, Zavino’s under construction in the former check-cashing agency on the northwest corner of 13th and Sansom. (I think the Check Cashing sign is still there that I mentioned.)
I mentioned that I had seen the drawings and how impressive the design was (This is how it the outside looked last Thursday).
From the press release: In October, Chef-partner Steve Gonzalez will debut Zavino (112 South 13th Street, 215-732-2400), an Italian pizza kitchen and wine bar. Featuring a seasonal menu, classic cocktails, an approachable selection of wine and beer and the area’s best late-night menu, Zavino is sure to become a neighborhood favorite in the city’s trendy Midtown Village.This morning Michael Klein wrote a few more tidbits on the place including what they’re serving as well as a price range in his Insider column. As you can see the glass awnings are depicted. What I like most about this idea is it will allow ample light in as there is a rather large building across the street. It makes the place very light and airy.I was so excited when I got permission to release one of the sketchings, because this design is something to get excited about. I really love the woodsy, strong feel of the place with a very long bar. In another former life I used to be a volunteer architectural tour guide so I have an interest in buildings, design and layouts. I also love the exposed brick, I can never get enough of exposed brick and raised ceilings. I was perplexed at how they were going to create an inviting, comfortable place. I think they achieved it (Looking from 13th Street entrance): Update On Zavinos Click Here

Zavino will be open from 5 p.m. until 2 a.m. daily. No reservations. Take out available. For more information, please call (215) 732-2400 or visit
Above the restaurant will be a few apartments where several tenants with shops on this stretch of 13th Street will reside. I’m so excited to see the 13th Street vision come to realization with all this new life.



Recently I re-connected with a high school friend on Facebook (gotta love that instead of going to reunions), Sandee Clark. Sandee and I met when we both performed in the high school play, Bye Bye Birdie, which is currently on Broadway right now with John Stamos. Did I ever mention I got an “A” in drama in college? Anywho Sandee was always the star and now is front and center at her salon Profomance Cuts, a race car themed salon at 193 S. Rt 73 (at Tauton Rd), West Berlin, NJ 08091 (856) 767-7004‎ Co-Owners Sandee Bengel and Marty Kulesza

Sunday Proformance Cuts is partnering with Bridgeport Speedway, Bridgeport, NJ in bringing a Race Car show in our salon lot August 23, 2009 . Come see the race cars, meet the drivers and mascot, Bandit from Bridgeport Speedway. Proformance Cuts is now the proud sponsor of the outlaw street stock cars at the speedway. This event is open to the public.

All Haircuts include a Hot Lather Neck Shave for the Men. (Which I love)
Now offering Facial Waxing
We are an American Sign Language- friendly salon
Keep checking our group site for added updates
Bring your wristband from Bridgeport speedway and receive $2.00 off any haircut service at Proformance Cuts,
the Bridgeport Speedway mascot, Bandit ( a raccoon) will be making an appearance at the Salon open house as well as a few racing cars and drivers. We are having a show for the public, gift basket raffles to sponsor the Outlaw Stocks at Bridgeport Speedway cuz they don’t get a lot of funds. Proformance Cuts is their main sponsor, but we would like to help these guys get more sponsors for all of their hard work.


WHAT SOME PEOPLE DO ON A HOT NIGHT IN PHILADELPHIA, or Geez what’s worse Skateboarders in Love Park or Swimmers in Swann Fountain?

Why do we have police hanging out in Love Park preventing skateboarders from doing their thing, when I think it’s far more dangerous/destructive to have a person get injured via impalement or cracked head swimming in Swann Fountain?

Pit bulls in the fountainI guess he’s done lunges

I never knew there was a wading pool at the top of the fountain
A nice cool spot for a little shut eye
Hard Head

If you must swim in Swann Fountain, please don’t jump or dive?