Last month Second City and WYSP’s Danny Bonaduce held a contest at the Shops of Liberty Place in the Rotunda to find the person with the best punchline. The winner would get a walk on improv role during the production of “Nutterly Love” which was playing at the Suzanne Roberts Theater. It’s closed now, bummer, but I heard it had a good run.
One of the contestants was a Sharon Geller. She’s been on SNL and in a few movies. Her piece was beyond x-rated describing how she didn’t like the x-rated words in porno movies and then described each act. Little kids were lead away with their ears covered.
Danny Bonaduce posing with a fan
James Zeleniak sizes up the crowd. His Firm Punch Media does the PR for The Liberty Shops.Danny Bonaduce’s show on WYSP probably has more of an edge than ever these days, he’s quitting smoking. To prove it he’s showing the audience he’s on the patch.
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And the winner is… oy I had to leave b4 it was announced, the program was 2hrs long. When things like this happen I usually contact the PR or have MK contact them if the shot is going in the paper.