Last week I was invited out to the Mainline and the home of the residence of Michele and Eric Seidman to cover and event by the Philadelphia Do-Gooders, which is a grass-roots organization providing support and financial aid to wide variety of individuals and groups in an effort to make our city a better place. I was pretty excited as PhillyChitChat has not traveled outside the City limits too many times, and well we want to so that PCC may be a comprehensive social diary of Philly.
The Philly Do-Gooders organization is an eclectic group of dynamic women from many different backgrounds and professions, whom reside in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Pictured here are Jamie Joffe, Bonnie Young and Michele Seidman (who I found out all read my blog and realized this would be something I might be interested in covering, thanks)
Often the Do-Gooders find charitable causes by reading about them in the paper, or from friends. Recently they assisted a child that was left homeless and parentless after his father killed their mother and burned their house down.
Nik & Jody Greenblatt are big supports of the Do-Gooders. On this night they were glad to get out and visit friends as they are usually at home doting on their two boys, who are under the age of 5. Nik runs the very graphic charged 2one5 ad agency.
Elaine Grabar and Vinita Khanna Rochelle and Michael Steinberg. Michael is President co-founded Premiere Sports and Entertainment, a Philly marketing company with Chief Executive Officer Justin. Look for the opening of their new and exciting club in the coming year. Currently they are throwing kicking parties down at Chelsea in Atlantic City. I’m thinking of heading there this weekend.
Bonnie Young, Barbara Kattelman, and Lorraine Wasserman
Katy Krause, Barry Eichner, Jamie Joffe, jimmy DeLaurentis and Alan Gold
“Last year we assisted Dancing Classrooms Philadelphia Dancing classrooms provides ballroom dance lessons, to 5th and 6th graders, teaching them not only to dance but allowing these impressionable children to learn, respect, politeness and appropriate touch. All invaluable life lessons.
Maureen Ferguson of Du jour Restaurant (very popular of late with Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal sightings), and Phila Inquirer’s fashion columnist Elizabeth Wellington
Hmmm hmm chocolate. I think these did me in this week as I had about 4 of them. Chocolate, the Main Line and me, might be too much for me to resist. paparazzi Davey Beavers, Marie Rodriguez and Lea Coyle
Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time as the party continued into the night. I love that for the most part people left the black at home and wore their summer brightest and best.

Peter Dissin and Bonnie Young.

Dana, owner of Town Home, currently at 126 S 19th St, shows Elizabeth a few of her pieces. Dana tells me the ink is almost dry on her new “Town Home”, which is moving to Rittenhouse Row. (I was the first to know she said. I will be calling her today with the precise location, she didn’t want to jinx it)
The Do-Gooders are always looking for assistence, either financially, or in volunteer hours. Anyone interested in helping can reach me Bonnie Young@ or at 610-668-9877 ,
610-617-9179. Thanks for inviting me out for the night.