The Spot moved from Juniper to make room for a parking garage and is now located at 12th & Chestnut. It’s just opened for breakfast and lunch. It’s quick, I wish they would clean their windows a little more, but it’s a great place to sit and people watch especially… and now he has company

Zack’s is opening right next door with a similar menu; brand spanking new tables & chairs with a lot more room to maneuver.
The Oceanaire Menu is still up at 7th & Walnut, will the Cheesecake Factory Menu replace it? I know it’s just a rumor, but now that 3 people have told me does it make it fact? In Michael Klein’s column this week, he says the CF folks say they are not coming into the City as there is not enough parking. I guess now that no longer exists they haven’t read the “their are too many parking garage complaint message board.”
STOGIES ON EAST PASSYUNK LOOKS LIKE A HOLE IN THE WALL. I hear those are the best places to eat. I didn’t get real close as I was running late to attend a function at Jimmy Style, but do they have electricity or do you eat by the sunlight? I loved how their chalkboard sign was about 5 feet from the curb into the street.Michelle Obama came to town last week. Someone had told me beforehand, but couldn’t tell me the itinerary and I forgot to follow up with questions later in the week. Witness’ say the motorcade was impressive and the last car had machine guns out of the trunk. Is that true? After stopping at The Betsy Ross House, Isaiah Zagar Mosaic Garden the trio stopped by Capogiro (she too was sworn to secrecy as the secret service stopped by about 30 minutes before the First Lady) for something refreshing. Michelle enjoyed a Chocolate Banana with Dark Chocolate Gelato, which is now the flavor of the week.
Across the street I’m waiting for Zavino’s to begin their construction. I’ve seen the renderings and they are impressive, very woodsy, a very long bar, windows that open out on 13th street, similar scale as my fav place Varga Bar, outdoor seating that is inviting, glass awnings, swanky, classy, upscale with surprisingly a lot of seating inside too. I was surprised the Check Cashing place vacated as I had heard they had a loooonnnngggg term lease. Glad to see them go. They left a souvenir

and it’s on the side of the building in case you want it for your dorm room.The new IHop @ Juniper & Walnut Streets. Please IHop can’t you open before I go back on my restricted diet. Originally scheduled to open on August 15, IHop is now scheduled to open in 2 weeks on Friday 8/28, but will begin serving on August 25. In the theater world we call that the preview. OPENED ON 8/21
Have a safe great weekend.