This week concludes the Be a Ten in Ten weeks program with NBC10 & Fusion Cross Training. It was hard as hell, my body constantly ached, but 10 weeks later I dropped 17lbs and I feel awesome. For the most part the challenge was just showing up, secondly no matter how much you work out if you don’t track your food AND eat healthy, all those workouts aren’t going to matter too much, finally you have to want it, and trust me when you start losing those first few pounds you do get much more motivated. So please do it for yourself, you don’t have to go to a gym, you could go for a walk, climb some stairs and begin to eat healthier and you will see results.
Last week we had the wrap up party for the “10 in 10 Challege” at Valanni’s on Spruce Street. Lauren Albert, Kirsty Halliday & Chip Capelli; Chip lost over 35lbs in boot camp over the past 10 weeks, 17lbs just on vacation when he was in Provincetown – WOW (Ok bedtime for me its 2AM, I will fill this in more tomorrow. Thanks for tuning in)
Justin Pizzi & the sweet Aditi Roy.
Me. I lost 17lbs and I feel great. Thanks everyone for your support. I will be continuing the program and write bi-weekly updates. This week, I took off the entire 7 days. This morning I will be returning to the gym
George Waldron, Nicole Michalik today says [I’m so] bruised from the gym, I feel like I’m back in Biggest Loser world! No pain, no gain?, Justin & the great videographer Brad Berner
Part of the “Rack Pack” Megan Smith of Brownstone PR, with Brad Berner & Justin Pizzi.
Michael Short, Nicole and Joseph Matthews,
Sara Finne & Christine Stern
We finished and it was great….Check out the final stats HERE Plus the final video that is airing this week on TV. (I don’t know what measuring tape they are using, but I do not have a 55 inch waist, at least that’s not what my dress pants tag says. [although it does say we give you an extra secret inch]) Thanks a lot to all the Fusion Coaches, to the NBC !0 gang, Gavin McKay, Justin Pizzi and Brad Berner for an awesome editing job week after week, it’s not his fault the camera added 100 lbs. Scroll down for more scoop…
On a side not a lot of credit needs to go to Justin Pizzi for coming up with this idea. After gaining a few pounds he started going to Fusion Cross Training and started seeing results and thought maybe he could inspire people to take their fitness and health more seriously.

Yesterday I randomly ran into him on the street after he had left one of the coaching classes at Fusion. I think he’s achieved his fitness goals.