Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, but the Teplitzky’s will make you think she does

Stephen Starr used to be affiliated with two restaurants at the Chelsea. I covered the Chelsea Prime in an earlier posting this month, and this past weekend I checked out his other place
Teplitzky’s, which was the name of the original owners of the Coffee Shop. Which is located in the Chelsea Annex section of the complex. It’s a reasonably priced, delicious diner capturing an era gone by. The Chelsea Annex rooms are of a similar era with it’s original pink and yellow tiled bathrooms, and rooms that are less posh than the main building. The beds are still as comfortable as ever, and I will be buying a Serta in the coming months.

Yesterday I read on Philly Grub Street that Stephen Starr is no longer affiliated with these two restaurants. According to the Atlantic City Press, who broke the story, [the] Starr Restaurant Organization will no longer oversee the two restaurants they created for The Chelsea when the hotel opened in August of last year. However, both restaurants (Chelsea Prime and Teplitzky’s) will remain open and will now be overseen by the hotel’s food and beverage operations.
My review is based on two meals I had their Saturday one at 4AM, which is closing time and may I add a dumb move since the 5th Floor closes at 4AM you would think they would just run 24hrs a day and catch the drunkards and hungry leaving their club upstairs. The late night menu was very reasonable. I had hot cakes and hash browns for $11. They were delicious. Nicole hash browns, eggs, pancakes, sausage and I bet a damn good workout the next day ’cause she’s so in shape, but is not afraid of eating a good meal. The other two guys had eggs and really enjoyed them. Then Mike and I had dinner here. I had a Hanger Steak Salad he had a steak. Both were delicious.
Then then next day we had breakfast, again delicious. What I really love about the place is the decor. Very kitschy, capturing the era. The inside diner area reminds me of an upscale Arnold’s from Happy Days, and the outside reminds me of Laurie Petri’s living room except it overlooks a patio and pool. No doubt the waitress’ will remind you of the sassy Flo “Kiss My Grits” TV Show Alice.