This is not Arthur Kade’s Strongbox anymore. Strongbox has morphed into a relaxed, comfortable, easy on the eyes nightclub where anyone is welcome to join the party and the no douche bag sign is on the door. I think when Strongbox opened before the principles were going for a crowd that was on it’s way out. I think they had a great concept for their club but in their haste to open the place they missed a few details that would make it the potential success they were striving for. When they closed last June I wasn’t surprised, I was surprised that they opened again, and even more surprised when I saw the place last night and how they put a little more money into it which made a huge difference. They also hired GM Tim Quinn to run the daily operations. He’s got ideas, and they are all inclusive. No more DO you have to be a VIP to walk through these doors, he’s looking for the everyday person who wants to relax, converse and have a good time.
Sure they still have bottle service (note recession reduced prices), and

comfy table service if that’s what’s on your menu tonight, but you and your friends can also find a place to relax even if your night just includes drinks a la carte and they serve VODKA. (Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler’s favorite drinks)

The most noticeable jazzy elements that really make a difference from the cold, sterile looking Strongbox of last season are the accents, the plasma tv’s, the lighting, the candles, the ambiance. I’m not knocking the decor or design, but what I am saying is these added elements made the club a little less intimidating, and a lot less douchebag. It’s not as much about attracting a certain clientale, although Hutch at the door does make sure folks are dress properly, but now the focus is on the space, and making sure everyone has a good time.
One of the elements that creates the atmosphere are the hidden colored lights that creates hues of purple, red, blue, green and splashes them across the room.Andrew Rosenthal and Elise Gilbert
Reggie Barry & Jackiem ‘Jacky’ Wright; These two are your hosts for “Tuesdays @ Strongbox”. The goal is to create a mixed crowd atmosphere. We will keep the crowd entertained and for those that know us, you never know what special guest (athlete or entertainer) may appear. Hopefully these two will bring down some of the new friends they met on the red carpet at the VMA’s this past weekend.Adam Rotwitt and Donna Coghlan
Troy Vlahos, Ashley tester and Erik Ringoen
Kristin Dudley & Lauren Nelson

Sabrina Tamburino and two of her bridesmaids, Nicole Cashman & Lauren D’Orisio
Ashley’s been working out

Boys night out.
Stop by and see Stef, but don’t worry
there’s no need for a designated dance floor, when the mood strikes you just boogie in place

Jill Rizen, Michael Spain-Smith and
Nicole Cashman, who’s had a busy week traveling to NYC for fashion week, then onto the Toronto Film Festival with squeeze Justin Wineburgh for a film he reps “The Art of the Steal” – a documentary about the Barnes Foundation and the storm of controversy surrounding its move to a site along Philadelphia’s Museum Row, which was received very well. there’s a great article about it in the Inquirer, here.
Not afraid to bring the colors, which is great after shooting a week of “fashionable” people in NYC all wearing black, Gina Donaghy and Mike Treacy
Hal Greenblatt and Brooke Stroebele

The view from the Supa VIP Room. This time around they’ve added a TV to the room, candle accents, shelving, definitely a more softer look than the cold closet it represented earlier. Creepy as Andrew Rosenthal stated.
Fired up and ready to do some shots at StrongboxNicole Chatman, Lucky Strike’s Kristyn Aldrich, Nicole Cashman, Angela Gonzalez and Tanya Boaique
Keeping it classy Sabrina Tamburino, Jen Utley and Lauren D’Orisio
This time you may look to your left and see a musician, then to your right and see your a sports figure, in front of you could be Megan Fox, behind you a group of Villanova girls may be partying, you, you’re in the right spot ’cause there is a lot of people from all walks of life here and they are looking forward to meeting you.