After the 2nd event I attended I decided to make my way over to Strongbox but decided to stop at a few of the clubs along the way to see what interesting things were going on. The first stop was The Franklin, which was packed. Spoke to the doorman who told me that a lot of folks came from both The Chestnut and The Boyd Party. Then it was on to Rouge to see who was occupying the outside tables on this warm night. I ran into Aly again who told me I needed to meet someone. Priscilla Bardonaro told me she was one of PCC’s biggest fans. Having moved to Cincinnati with her husband Frank a few years ago, she told me she likes to keep up with all things people Philly by reading the blog. Sweet, thanks. In this pix is Aly Green, Frank and Priscilla Bardonaro, the newly wed Tal Jacobsen, Beth Ann Rosenbluth and Danielle Krupa

then it was on to Strongbox & the Cashman/Boyd Afterparty. The place was jumping, the colors were splashed, the music was jumping, and folks were grooving. I guess it’s still foreign to me to see people dance in place, then stop and continue their talking. The first time I saw this was in San Francisco a few years back. If you’ve ever seen me dance, I need some room, but I guess I let loose cause I’m follow that mantra “Dance like no one is looking.”The triumphant Cashman team relax together. How could they not be ecstatic after such an amazing, successful party.
Drew Coblitz and Sabella Sparano, a Philadelphia based modern and ballet dancer and Martin Joya, an actor and model both based in the Philadelphia area.
Nigel, Anthony Sembello, Uri Jacobsen and Ron Hansen
Tiffany Young and Christopher Nork. Not only is Christopher a new uncle as his sister Carrie Nork Minelli gave birth to a pretty baby girl recently, but he’s now the new GM of Denin. He tells me there are a few exciting things coming up and I should be on the look up for some progressive, aggressive news shortly. Sounds good, even Madonna goes thru a transformation every couple years.
Lot’s of catching up went on at Strongbox, even tho the music was pumping, conversation can still be had. Nicole Cashman (who I get to spend another weekend in AC with at Dusk celebrating Nicky Hilton’s bday), Michelle Mallin (who just a week ago celebrated a birthday), Anthony Sembello and Lauren BeloffWhen I left around midnite the party was still kicking at Strongbox.