Peregrine Falcon Staying at the Ritz-Carlton in Center City

Hey I don’t want to be a downer, but after I left the Utley’s SPCA event at Boyd’s and before I went to the Philly Mag Cocktail Party then the Q Kitchen (Formerly Bump), I received some bad news about my sister Judy. Her Ovarian Cancer has spread throughout her liver (they still have the next phase of treatment for her, so there’s still hope for something, I hope). So I was no longer in the party mood. Sorry I didn’t attend those functions, and sorry this is an abbreviated entry. I do have two entries for Friday, just not the ones I had planned. I don’t do them ahead of time, I really do each one every day.

No need for emails or comments, I know your thoughts and prayers are with my family.

Peregrine Falcon hanging out on the 24th floor of the Ritz-Carlton across from where I work as a paralegal.
Hmm maybe the Ritz-Carlton should have that cracked checked?