Philadelphia Fashion Week Day 3 Closing Night

Philadelphia Fashion Week concludes on a high note. As someone who has covered NYC’s Fashion Week for the past five season, I can tell you that Philadelphia’s version came pretty damn close as far as scale, unique designs, beautiful model’s and execution. Thursday’s crowd was missing, but it was Thursday after all. If it was held in one of the venue’s where all the past fashion shows were held, they would have been turning people away. Friday and Saturday PFW was in full swing and packed with people, people watchers, and fashion. I love that they were ambitious enough to have the show in the Armory, everyone’s favorite Marc Jacobs’ holds his in an Armory in NYC. CMK Entertainment founded Philadelphia Fashion Week consists of Michael Anderer, Kristie Bergey and Charlie Smith.
Arriving Saturday around 5:30PM, the party was in full swing. I wanted to shoot a bit differently tonight, but set out to see who was in the Philadelphia Inquirer VIP “I” area. Let me first mention it was OPEN BAR so I may have a few names screwed up because some people were a little tipsy and had problems writing their names on my pad.

ABC6’s Kristie Gonzales, who’s been doing spots all week from PFW (I tried to use that as a moniker on Twitter, but it also stood for Paris Fashion Week. I just used PhilaFW). With Kristie was her good friend Monica Devlin. Monica used to intern with Kristie at ABC6 and has now gone into the consulting biz.Mel & Michael. Mel is ULTRAMEL and the website designer for Philadelphia Fashion Week. The site is really great, is an easy read and navigable site. I noted it because I am in the thought process of thinking of changing the design of my site, but of course am nervous to tinker with it.

Matthew Vlahos, Kristie Bergey and Jimmy Contreras, who is styling it tonight with a scarf from designer Paula Bianco (from Pileggi Boutique) who’s been tying a few on with John Mayer last week according to a pix in People Mag.I always enjoy running into fans of Philly Chit Chat, and here’s a stylish chica with a button pocketbook. Pat Marin and Melanie Thomas
Monica Thomas and Leha Goodley want to thank Amtrak for their comp tickets to this great event. I think they’re pretty stylish too, check out the boots they are a step into the right direction as high boots are all the rage this season.
Donih O’Brien, Judge & Owner of Beautiful Blooms, Alison Campbell and Susanna Whitehill
Toni Crawford and designer Kristin Haskins of “Strange Fruit”
Stacey Kracher and Anne Nikolaus. Two wild and single girls. Yes that’s right sad news, Stacey is now single after a 3 year courtship. I told her she should take a few months off, enjoy the single life then maybe if someone right comes along. How do you mend a broken heart? In the crowd on Saturday night including Phila Eagles Stewart Bradley, who I ran into the night before at G Lounge.
Volunteer Luba Patlakh of Posh Review, Advisory Board Member KristenInsalaco, Executive Director Kristy Bergey & Volunteer Alina Reznik (missing Advisory Board Members Brian Goldthorp and Audrey Julianne)
Arthur Kade, who looked well rested after his reality show filming kicked off the night before at G Lounge, but shessh it’s such a big secret no one is supposed to know.
Mike Sheridan and Jim Werner out and about. Sunday they were at Outfest which had a nice turnout despite the thousands of GLBT folks marching on Washington DC (I went for a 19 mile bike ride that was 9 miles too long)
Brand, clothier, fashionista, store owner Matthew Izzo and the hot tattooed model. Although he would not comment, look for Matthew Izzo to be the next reality TV star to come out of Philly as there is something in the works with the Style Channel, I hear. (now I have broken this story, if you pick it up it would be nice if you credit PhillyChitChat. Thanks you know who you are)
Lori Wilson and KristenInsalaco. Lori, along with Gary Steuer, handed out the Best Student Designer Award, which went to Phila University.
As with the NY Fashion Tents, there were boutiques on the premises offering their wares, included Danielle Tobin, Marina Makaron Moscow, Sandra Baquero, S. Love, I Pearl, Cristina V., Mesa Enterprises, Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, Matthew Izzo Lifestyle & Home, Duke & Winston (who’s bulldog mascot Duke came out to visit!), K. Lousie Designs, and House of Mohr.
I love how this shop owners hair reflects the style of the coat.
While the shows were going on upstairs, here’s the mess that was going on below
Dressers for the models, Phila University students Diana Saeng, Jamaila Cuentas, Saniyyah Bilal, and Stacey Robinson
I love the model’s reflection in the mirror but the legs are not hers
Marina Makaron Moscow/ Philadelphia Examinar Michelle Conron was able to get an exclusive interview with the designer herself before her Philadelphia Fashion Week debut to ask her my most burning questions about her lust worthy designs. Marina assisting a model with her dress as her hair is being done by Kevin Gatto, of Verde Salon, (Best of Philly 2008) who directed the hair for Philadelphia Fashion Week. He was the key player to the style and look of the shows and all saw him working like crazy on the models downstairs, and then doing last minute primping right before they went on. Marina Makaron Moscow
The only complaint I heard was where were the bathrooms, and then I heard OMG a porta potty. Let me tell you at Bryant Park, if you have to pee even Anna Wintour has to use the porta potties. It’s a park with a tent, and this is a warehouse with bathrooms downstairs where the military lived, and were currently used for the models.
According to Elizabeth Wellington’s article in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Saturday about Fashion Week, Marina Makaron Moscow, a Russian-born designer and a graduate of Drexel University, whose silk scarves are sold at Bloomingdale’s trunk shows. Moscow – who also has a pop-up boutique at Fashion Week – wants to be picked up by the department store and will be debuting her dress collection this evening.
“Great write up. It was such a pleasure to work on this show. My team was quite proud of the roles they played with hair and makeup. Kevin Gatto and Susana Isabel Claro were amazing team leaders (Hair and Makeup). We can’t wait for the next project!” -André Richard SalonPhiladelphia Fashion Week runways included Kill City a clothing line launched in 2006 out of Melrose, Calif., and sold at Matthew Izzo’s store in Old City. Among Moore College of Art & Design creations, left, were a long green dress by Alana Bakunas and a wedding gown by Olivia Bialas. Both students are seniors. Palmieri Jeans, third from top, designed by Joe Palmieri, has a store in Mount Airy.
He’s getting his tan onMost of these shots were done without a flash and were hand held so they are a tad sunshine esq in color via the florescent bulbs

the poor ozone layerSAVA 1700 Sansom Street, 215-587-0004
fashion entrepreneur Sarah Van Aken just opened her new store SAVA at 1700 Sansom Street, 215-587-0004. Sarah checks out the hair styles being created for the models who are just about to do the catwalk in her clothes.
Sarah Van Aken discusses logistics with Michael and assistant on how the show should run all the way down to the strut of the models.

Sarah back stage with dressers checking out the lineup. Great interview with Hadas Kuznits on KYW
Photo by house photographer Christopher Gabello

Sarah after the show
Parke & Ronan Photo by house photographer Christopher Gabello
Melanie von Alexandria collection
Melanie von Alexandria gives a pep talk to the girls.
The last fashion show is over
Melanie von Alexandria is thrilled. I love this shot, my ears are still ringing.Celebrate good times, come on. A job well done. Charlie Smith, Kristie Bergey and Michael Anderer with Kevin Gatto .
An amazing feat pulled off to put Philadelphia on the map in fashion. Since covering the Philly Social Scene I have seen several people try and create a “Fashion Week” here, and for what ever reason it just didn’t fly. CMK did a fantastic job, seemless in appearance, pulled together some amazing folks to put on a great show for everyone and brought Philadelphia a long way along the fashion front. A tip of my hat to youse.
Please Visit Philadelphia Fashion Week and support everyone that participated.