Last night Strongbox threw a dope party for two of Philly’s most popular cool cat’s on the Scene “The Mayor” and Shortie No Mass rapper from De La Soul, and friends of PhillyChitChat.


The Party was thrown by two cool kidz Jacky Wright & Reggie Berry with them is Carrie, Drew Carballo aka The Mayor & Chadai.
Kathryn Epps, Terressa Thompson aka Shortie No Mas and Angela carterJordan Hadawar, Ebonie Dukes and Jaihra Davis
Uncle Joey, Drew and Chrisopher Nork. Tells me that Denim has undergone a renovation, it now has a designated dance floor, and is opened late night for those of you who don’t want the night to end.
Meesha Miller and Josh DeMarco. Meesha was out celebrating her own birthday where earlier in the night her friends surprised her with a party at Swanky Bubbles. On Friday night there will be an even bigger party at Recess which Philly Chit Chat will be attending. Arthur Kade also made the scene last night.
Sara Ann Kelly & Patricia Gilbert make the scene. It was nice to finally meet Sara Ann as we are Twitter fans of each other. “I believe the hype…we live the hype! @STRONGBOXLounge is gonna b bananas for @The_Mayor & @ShortieNoMas b day celebrations! Be thr or b sq”

These two are turning into my new “It Girls” as they seem to be everywhere and always find themselves in front of my camera are Stacey Kracher and Anne Nikolaus. These two are just bad news, ask them how they got into the Eagles game last Sunday. They don’t believe in using the normal entrance for us peons.Amy Perrel and Voh Taylor
Dancing broke out
cavorting was on
Keith Burke, Chris Sheeran, Chris Napoli, and The Mayor.

Life is merely a dream – and not worth living unless you’re living beyond your means. Well beyond your means.
Drew SAYS @madnuggie @lisasissorhands @faboosh_sara_k @iphillychitchat @pinkytash @djroyale @ THE WORLD, dware, chicago, NY, bmore, CA all here in the houseThe place was packed when I made my exit at midnight with DJ Tommy Diz spinning high above the crowd. Join the Cool Kids every Tuesday night for their party at Strongbox. 9PM – 2AM at 2029 Walnut Street….Be there, all the other cool kids will……Last Week was DOPE and its only getting better says the Twins.