Last week I was invited to photograph “Behind the Scene” of a Where Magazine Cover Shoot of the Bacon Brothers, Bunny Sigler and a Mummer to further the campaign of the “Save The Mummers” Campaign (WOW on Where, they have been getting some really nice cover shots lately). The shot was done at Christopher Gabello’s Center City Studio. Chris is one of the nicest, most professional photographers around. He has a lot of fun projects going on like the “Varga Calendar” project he is doing for Varga Bar. I was in his studio a few weeks back to do the “Behind the Scenes” shot with Monique Crawford.
And here’s an outtake that I don’t think will be in the calendar. OK back to Bacon and company.

The Bacon brothers and Bunny Sigler & Polish String Band Mummer Jim Werner are doing a great thing… They ‘re helping to raise money for the Mummers, to save the Mummers to make up for the funds that were cut in the budget.
They’re playing a concert at the Electric Factory DECEMBER 5, 2009 with all the proceeds going to save the mummers. Read all about it here.

Kevin Bacon reported back that he appreciated Christopher Gabello’s professionalism and proficiency. He said that he is “rarely involved in photo shoots that run so smooth and are actually enjoyable”.

& that’s so true. I did the whole shoot on my lunch hour, it was so prepared and shot so quickly. Hilda Bacon with attorney Christopher Cabello. It was here I got to apologize to Hilda for botching her name in the Inquirer earlier this year at a shoot that occurred at a WXPN event. I accidentally spelled her name Hilga Bacon. She ribbed me a bit on that one.
All those involved in the shoot that day – The Talent, Producers, Ettore’s Hairsalon and the entourage. Lloyd Zane Remick, Chris Cabott, Where Magazine’s Laura Burkhardt and Karen Gross; Ettore ,
Bunny Sigler, Kevin Bacon, Michael Bacon and Hilda Bacon, Polish American Stringband Mummer Jim Werner, Christopher Gabello and friends.

It’s odd the annotations don’t show up on this clip. Kevin Bacon, Bunny Sigler, Mummer Jim Werner and Michael Bacon