Jose Garces The Iron Chef 2009 Viewing Party at Distrito – Add another Philadelphian to the Celebrity Chef Roster

Last night 2009 The Iron Chef held a viewing party at his Philadelphia Mexian Restaurant Distrito for about 300 fans and visiting chefs including Marc Vetri, former Top Chef Contestant Seamus Mullins and Silk City’s Mark Bee. (as well as every foodie blogger Drew Lazor. City Paper’s Meal Ticket, Ashley Primis, Phila Magazine, Philly Grub’s Kirstin Henri, Collin Flatts, Phoodie, Michael Klein and Dan Gross in the City, and we were all Twittering the night away)
Dave Maser and his lovely sister Debbie. Dave is off to the Pennsylvania Society in a few weeks. The Pennsylvania Society is an annual weekend retreat for Pennsylvania’s politicians and business leaders held in New York City. It began during the Gilded Age as a meeting of Pennsylvanians living in New York City who gathered annually beginning in 1899 to discuss events in their home state.
Drew Lazor, City Paper’s Meal Ticket, with Kirsten Henri of NY Magazine’s GrubStreetPhiladelphia

The night was electrifying and everytime Garces name was mentioned on the show, the crowd would erupt with delight. Lots of Mexican Beer was served along with delishes chips, salsa, Giacomo and five-ceviche sampler, scallops, and mini tortilla’s.
Collin Flatt, Phoodie, Iron Chef Jose Garces, and Chef Seamus Mullen (who was voted off Iron Chef last week, and was a fan favorite.)

From Wikepedia: Jose Garces (born c. 1974) is an Ecuadorian American chef restaurant owner and newly-designated Iron Chef. He was born in Chicago to Ecuadorian parents. He owns five restaurants in Philadelphia: Amada, Tinto, Distrito, Chifa, and Village Whiskey. He also owns one restaurant in Chicago, called Mercat a la Planxa. For his work at these restaurants, he was named best chef, Mid-Atlantic region by the James Beard Foundation.[1] Garces has been a challenger on Iron Chef America, defeating Bobby Flay in a 2008 episode featuring melon.[2] He also competed in the second season of The Next Iron Chef and was selected the sixth Iron Chef after defeating opponent chef Jehangir Mehta on November 22, 2009.[3] Garces will debut as an Iron Chef on January 17, 2010, when he squares off against Seattle chef Rachel Yang.[4]
Drew Lazor with the Askley Primis of Philadelphia Magazines The Restaurant Club
Ivonne Dege, Chef Garces and Karin Arthur, who flew in from Seattle to attend the party last night. She makes all his receipes for the boys at the fire station down the street.
Mike Kates and Karen Ini join the party
Which was packed. I love this color scheme. Is it me or are the two best Mexican restaurants in the City very colorful with similar schemes?
Christine Luning, Laurea Gillespie and Laura Lee Swan
Cristin Cassidy, Erin DeCrulio, Jenna Minges and Joshusia Wise (hmm either they drank tooo much or I did cause I had some problems reading their writing. BTW I don’t drink)

Did you know you can eat dinner in a car inside Distrito?
Christopher Scoville and Stacy Franks. A recent new uncle, Christoher works in communications/PR/development, enjoys opera, classical and wine states his twitter. Oh and unique glasses.
Attorney Albert K Marmero and his wife Melissa Castro-Marmero, Director of Outreach for Sounthern New Jersey.
Robert, Beth, Jack & Joe enjoy the festivities, and feast. Good for them getting a seat right near one of the big screen tv’s too.
Beatriz Garces and Top Chef Jose Garces with ex Top Chef contestant Chef Seamus Mullins and Yoonmi Lee enjoying a private party in the Karoake room with his close friends and family. (I snuck in knowing this would be the place to be to get a couple good shots.) Chef Garces grimaces and bites his knuckle in anticipation for the announcement. (Like he didn’t know – LOL)

World Fucking Champion screams Collin Flatt
as wife Beatriz Garces grabs her man for a congratulary kiss with Seamus Mullins and girlfriend Yoonmi Lee looks on…
Jose dances his way thru the crowd and up the stairs. Hughe exit stage right, I have things to do in the morning and then it’s off to the shore for the week. But don’t worry I will have an entry everyday to catch up, as well as three new events this week to slip in. Thanks so much to my
readers, especially the Marriott, Field House, Albert Lee at the Visitor Center, Ryan Defler at Mural Arts, Vlahos PR and Kimberly’s Boutique for the generous donation to the Lisa Reed Cancer Event on Saturday. I didn’t go as it was too difficult for me. I just got news about my sister Judy and she only has weeks left to live and not months like I thought. No need to write me again, I do appreicate your prayers.