Chef Al Paris is now with Public House and has tweaked the menu. I’ve eater there before having the standard burger and fries, in their dining area. A few weeks ago I was invited to tasting I thought, but with Chef Paris everything is always grand and on done in a big way. (These were cell phone pixs and a tad dark)
We started off with pulled pork sliders as an hors d’oeuvres; they were delicious.
Then moved onto the PHILADELPHIA CHEESESTEAK SPRING SPRINGROLLS, then we had crab, corn & chimay chowder, which was out of this world, but I highly recommend the LOADED NACHOS.
Dinner was this THICK-CUT GRILLED RIBEYE Hot Garlic Butter Baste, Potato-Spinach Toss,
Crumbed Blue Cheese, Fried Onion Rings. OMG so delicious. You don’t have to go to a steakhouse to enjoy a really good steak.
There were an array of desserts including these cheesecake popovers, which were delicious.
I was pleasantly surprised at the various menu changes the Chef Paris created, and it really opened my eyes that one shouldn’t assume that a popular bar hangout would only serve bar type foods like the ever popular burger & fries. Also I want to thank Public House for their generous donation to both the Linda Creed Annual Luncheon to Benefit local women with Breast Cancer and the Lisa Reed non-smoking Lung Cancer Silent Auctions. I mentioned it on my blog, and they generously offered.

Public House’s NYE party this year will be a VEGAS theme. Tickets cost $125 per person and include: 8pm-2am top shelf open bar, grand buffet, and champagne toast. There are also group discounts available. For tickets, contact: Shannon Kennedy at