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RONNIE & SAMMI the JERSEY SHORE Love Birds BROKEN UP DOING IT FOR GOOD PUBLICITY ala Jessica & Nick, Sonny & Cher, Jake & Reese??

Completing a week of crazy reality stars who visited the Philadelphia area, last Friday I went to a
KID ROCCO PROMOTIONS presents Half Way To The Jersey Shore at McFadden’s w/Kid Rocco, and blond cutie Deanndra Fichthorn & friend (sorry my note pad was ripped out of my hand by the crazed fans which you will read about shortly)Was off the hook out of control
the event was supposed to start about 9PM, but the love birds were behind about 2 hrs. During that time Lohan rolled in
No not the train wreck Lindsay, but her father the train wreck born again christian that constantly tells LL she needs to get her act together. Well just 1 degree of separation was enuf for “fans” to nuzzle up to him for a photo shoot.
He brought a few of his friends, 2 r 1 degree of Jon Gosselin so you know how they were rolling Hailey Glassman and Kate Major r former flings with JG, and for the past couple months Kate Major, to ML’s right has been his squeeze. Free T-Shirts
Babes fans of Jersey Shore.
Two of the 1500 people that showed up. Lauren Beley Marketing Manager for TicketLeap and her friend from Manyunk who was sweet, but then again notebook savagely taken by Jersey Shore wananbe.
Sha la la la i’m in love with a jersey girl

You know she thrills me with all her charms
When i’m wrapped up in my baby’s arms
My little girl gives me everything
I know that some day she’ll wear my ring
So don’t bother me man i ain’t got no time
I’m on my way to see that girl of mine
`cause down the shore everything’s all right
You and your baby on a saturday night
Nothing matters in this whole wide world
When you’re in love with a jersey girl
Snooki lover with blond hair

Fist pumpin’
You know she thrills me with all her charms
When i’m wrapped up in my baby’s arms
My little girl gives me everything
I know that some day she’ll wear my ring
The situation was represented
with blue hair & a snazzy belt buckle.
Then the couple arrived. Even Hailey Glassman was thrilled trying to snap a pix of happiness. The crowd was off the hook rude, like I twittered they probably have never seen a real celebrity and a crush was had with fights. Mostly guys who wanted to fist pump with Ronnie. The security at McFadden’s did an outstanding job protecting the duo.
The manager welcomes them
Cutest picture of the night

cause for the rest of the time they just spent it counting the money they were earning. There is no way these two are together. They are like gay for pay, doing it for the $$. For most of the show they were Ronnie & Sami, and that’s how their fan base was built. So until they get on board with the new season of MTV’s Jersey Shore and break up next season, they are stuck together in order to ask for top $$$.
cause I think Sami Sweetheart has someone else on her mind. This shot might have been clearer had the crazy fans not pushed me and/or torn my clothes and threw beers on me so they could get closer to their role models. I left shortly after this, but the crowd remained fist pumping, partying and having a great time.
What are your thoughts? Is it just a SHOWMANCE or the real thing?


“Jersey Shore” reality star Snooki Polizzi Last Week Car Dealer next Week WING BOWL, she’s moving up in the world

Thanks to the reader who sent this:

“Jersey Shore” reality star Snooki Polizzi appears at Star Used Cars and Trucks in Easton/Allentown PA on Saturday, January 23. As you know I was shooting Pam Anderson on the Mainline 2PM, but heard the previous night that Snookie would be appearing 90 minutes away in Easton, Pa. Thankfully my paparazzi friend was down for Pam and she was up for the adventure and we took off on the adventure that would snag us a Snooki. (I needed to be back in Philly by 7PM to shoot Pam at the Parx Casino’s new club opening, 360/Three Sixty, but it was a chance I had to take since Jersey Shore, especially Snooki is so hot right now). Nearly 3000 fans showed up for the 2PM til 4PM signing. Snooki was late arriving about 3PMFans received an autograph and also donated to the Red Cross for Haiti. Here she is flanked by Ronnie’s mom and brother. Ronnie’s bro has a sign pinned to his shirt that says “I’m Ronnie’s Brother”
Many fans brought gifts, including pickles because on the show Snooki states that she loves to suck them dry (stay classy babe)
I mentioned to Snooki that I had just come from the Pam Anderson signing and there were only 500 people there. She stated “Who’s Pam Anderson and what has she ever done!” Damn I wish I had my camera running for that TMZ moment. (Perez Hilton Yesterday)
So basically Snooki thinks she’s better than Jerry Springer and bigger than Pam Anderson!!!
Fans of “Jersey Shore” reality star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi donated a total of $1,254.35 to Haiti earthquake relief during Polizzi’s appearance Saturday at Star Used Car Center in Lower Nazareth Township, according to the American Red Cross. For a $20 donation they got a pix taken with the pint size personality.
There was no girl on girl kiss her, but tThis girl got an autograph on her lower back that she was later going to get tattooed. No doubt it’s gonna last longer than Snooki’s 15 minutes, can I be a fly on the wall when her grandchildren ask why mom-mom got snoopy to sign her ass?

Nicole Polizzi, Snooki may portray white trash at it’s finest, but doesn’t look like Snooki was raised in a double wide, look at this straight white teeth. Certainly not a sign of neglect.
Hilarious quote from Newsweek’s Daniel Lyons’s on the iPad: “I haven’t been this disappointed since Snooki hooked up with The Situation.” I think it’s a put on like Howard Stern, unfortunately they’ve found an audience that thinks this behavior is the norm.

And before you know it it was time for Snooki to leave, but as a nice gesture to her fans the folks at Star Pontiac hoisted her up to give a wave to the 500+ who didn’t get a chance to meet her in person.
They plaved her on the bed of a pick up truck along with Ronnie’s mom & brother.As we Snooki was leaving one of her people tipped us off that Snook’s was running to the local mall to buy a change of clothing for the P Diddy Party she was going to that evening. They didn’t know which store she was going to but as luck would have it these three fans overheard the conversation and decided to follow us to the location. I spotted them in my rear view mirror and when we got to the mall I got out and told them the situation. We decided to split the mall in half and cover it, who ever spotted them first then we would call the other and get the shots. We got the call it was at B something. So we went to Bebe, these three went to the other b store then ran over to Bebe and got similar shots.

Katie Carruthers, Smatt Glose and Rachel Folger.
Darn that ring flash screwed up this photo, but I did get a few good shots out, just not this one.
Make me want more of Snooki, she cleans up nice. Look for the little nugget to be in Philadelphia next week:
Wing Bowl: Now more than just a place to watch dangerously obese men stuff their faces with chicken. Michael Klein reports that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi from MTV’s Jersey Shore will appear at this year’s Wing Bowl, the venerable annual mass eating competition that will take place at the Wachovia Center on Feb. 5. I might just have to take Delilah’s up on their offer to attend, but 4AM why 4AM that’s like waking up to see the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil.
Later this week I will write about Ronnie & Sami who I photographed last Friday night at McFadden’s. It was an EPIC mess. Jersey Shore is on fire.


“Top Dogs on the Cat Walk” PAWS presents a night of fashion, fun and fundraising

Last Thursday evening Philadelphia’s Animal Welfare organization threw a party in support of animals in Philly. The evening consisted of Cocktails, Hors D’Ourvres & Dancing including Celebrity Fashion Show to raise funds (For only $50 ticket price to support the awareness for PAWS and its Wellness Clinic) When Dana Spain throws a party, you want to be on that list as those attending inlcude some of the beautiful, the rich, the movers and shakers of Philadelphia. And why wouldn’t they be if you knew Dana Spain. Besides being an astute business women, Spain, works tirelessly as an advocate for the puppies and cats in the Philadelphia area, with a heart as big as hers it’s no wonder she has a minagerie of them herself, but doesn’t move out to the country to adopt a whole bunch more. Here she is addressesing the crowd with opening remarks and thanking them for their support,.
MC for the night FOX29’s Mike Jerrick, BIG Thanks to Donna Coghlan who helped put the whole thing together and invited me to cover it.
FOX29’s weather guy John Bolaris predicts that this weekends storm is gonna go south, but we’re not outta the woods yet! Not the marrying kind yet.Marriage has done her good, she is glowing and happy Kerri-Lee Halket, anchorwomen of Fox 29. Sweet, always says hi to PhillyChitChat
Adam Spivak from Elictric Factory. Adam tells me his squeeze Karen is prepping to open her own salon in Manyunk.
Ettore, Ettore Salon and Spa, did everyone’s make up. In fact he does half of Center City’s make up and hair do’s. Wish I had some hair so I can get the Ettore touch. Also in the audience tonight could be found Tony Piazza, Carol Tamburino, Steve Thorne and Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne, Dara Lazeroff, Michelle Romano, among others.
Lindsay Kravitz and Kaci Metz work the runway. These girls solidified their BFF status while living across the hall from each other in a center city condo complex. Philly Gossip columnist Dan Gross and his wife Holly Maher, who sits on the PAWS Board.
PAWS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to saving Philadelphia�s homeless, abandoned, and unwanted animals. PAWS is Philadelphia’s largest rescue organization and only no-kill shelter, and is working to make Philadelphia a city in which every healthy and treatable pet is guaranteed a home.

From 2005 through 2008, PAWS raised the �save rate� at the city shelter � which took in approximately 30,000 animals each year � from 11% to 60%. PAWS remains dedicated to saving the city�s most vulnerable animals. Through its adoption locations, special events, and foster care network, PAWS finds loving homes for thousands of animals each year. Support for PAWS funds lifesaving initiatives including adoption and foster care programs, spay/neuter surgeries, low-cost vaccinations, and other efforts, all of which help reduce and will ultimately eliminate the unnecessary killing of Philadelphia’s animals. Donations to PAWS are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Darn that Monique Crawford is off the market (I had someone lined up) but here she debuts her boyfriend Matt, no last name please. Which says a lot of things to me, but of course Facebook has his last name and he doesn’t seem to be wanted for anything.
Molly Napolitano, Husband Frank, Jeff Plourde, Debbie Salkin and Dana Spain. Have fun in Amsterdam Molly & Frank. Dana tells me the next big event for PAWS is the Chefs’ Dinner for PAWS is Monday June 28th at The Union League. I will keep you posted.
Janine Slater and Jamie Coyle, both wearing Carmelita Couture
April Ramirez and Michael Spain-Smith
The Distante
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(Selected Merchandise)

ALSO, our NEW website just went LIVE…

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All The Best,

Team Distante

Baba Renfrow and Charles Morrotta of Distante 1510 Sansom Street
Susan Kroungold, Sam Lasoff and Cheryl Shapiro. Susan and Cheryl are working for Jonathan Maxx Designs, a unique jewelery store who did a brisk biz at the Paws event.
Dana Persia and Frank Staves. Dana Persia is the owner of DP ImageConsulting, a company specializing in individual and group image consulting. Happy Birthday tomorrow Dana.
Molly Durkin, Ashley Blaire Cook, Phlare Magazine (who just bought a Jonathan Maxx Designs jewelery combo), and Laurie Durkin, Joshua Catering, who looked to have delicious chocolate chip muffins. Ashley recently took over Phlare Magazine and is looking to revamp it after Brett Silver had branded it Phlare Mag, a great concept, but not a memorable name that’s very descriptive. Good Luck Ashley.
Pileggi’s in the house. All the clothes that the women models wore tonight were from Andrea Chila’s Pileggi. The men’s clothes were from Distante. Kellan Kredatus and Andrea Chila pack up at the end of the night.
Did I mention the party was at the newly rebranded F.U.E.L. now known as Trust, but will always be known as the Philadelphia MTV Real House. I had never been upstairs before, but here is the infamous bathroom you may remember from the popular TV show.
Look Ma I’m a media sponsor (blue sign to top left) which means I promoted the happening, plus I donated my photos to the event after wards, oh and I did this write up too. Thanks to all the sponsors.

Check out this great video of the event.
Food and Liquor Sponsors: Nestle Waters (Panna and San Pellegrino) Cuba Libre / 32 degrees Table 31 SWIG
Entertainment and Media Sponsors: Pileggi Boutique Distante Clothing Fox 29 KYW Radio



As I wrote last week Pam Anderson was coming to town to promote her new perfume “Malibu”, which was inspired by her favorite house in the town of the same name. First stop was the Narberth, PA Rite-Aid in a section known as the Mainline. Some of you may think Rite-Aid how low brow for this big time, BIG NAMED actress, but the shops she decided to do her promo in were ironically in the high brow towns of Philadelphia (Plus come on who doesn’t shop at Rite-Aid, Philly’s home turf drugstore). Pammy knows what she’s doing, these Rite Aid’s are in the land of the Pews, Simons, Terrence Howard, Dr J, Katherine Hepburn went to Bryn Mawr which is located on the Mainline. Their Rite-Aids are cute and adorable with manicured lawns. So just who are her fans? A NYC snapper came down from NYC to shoot the gigs with me. We arrived at the store very early about 9:30AM for the 11AM shoot. These fans were in line by 5:30AM. The guys in the front even made a unique display for their signed boxes, but they didn’t want it on the internet at the time I took this shot, surprisingly when they gave it to Pamela Anderson the paps hosed it down cause it was a great photo op. So that photo is floating around the internet via 10 photographers, I will honor their wishes here, but guys next time you don’t want something photographed tell the paps once they have all assembled and stand in front of your gift not to the side. (But seriously, you didn’t invent the Lionel Flatbed Train, and it’s always meant to hold items. It’s an awesome display, but I don’t think anyone is going to mass produce your uniquness.)Usually for a Pam shoot there would be a huge amount of photographers, because no matter how you slice it Pam is still a hot women, and every man’s slut fantasy. I was surprised that there wasn’t a whole bunch of us and it’s probably because she demanded that we all buy or rent Ring Flashes, you’ll recall how I stressed over it last week.
My friend from NYC bought one too after verifying via the PR company that it was needed. (She’s a real NYC paparazzi and doesn’t want her face showing)But I do have to say the photos came out great as show here when Pam Anderson arrives on time.For some reason Pam forgot her duties which are to pose for the obligatory “fashion shot”. After some coaxing from my NYC snapper friend Pam reluctantly agreed to the shot, but complained she didn’t look fashionable. Pam you’re in a black silky top and a form fitting black skirt, and in a Rite-Aid to boot, you are fashionable, especially for 11AM on a Saturday.
The killer is the $.99 cent sale over your left shoulder. I have no doubt that this picture is going to sell, sell, sell a lot.
Now let’s see who your fans are. Starting them off young to the beauty of life is this fine chap and his boy. Now normally when the press release and news stories say that the guest is only signing her perfume, well that is usually the case. Pam being the sweetheart she is allowed all kinds of things to be signed. This girl brought her fancy pumps to be signed.
This guy had his shoulder signed right above the tattoo of the bear breasted Pam that he had done years earlier before she reduced her bust line.
This young chap brought every single Playboy he had hidden under his mattress. Pam Anderson not only signed them, she smiled and leafed thru each one as if to remember the moment they were shot.
Joe Bongiovanni, brought his sons Michael and Quinn (pictured here) to meet Pam. The Bongiovanni’s were on their way to church and a baptism. Pam told Quinn that she had boys just around their ages. It was sweet how she wanted to connect with them. Meeting her would be like meeting Marilyn Monroe to their father, an icon of sex and beauty. There’s no doubt she’s a beauty.
Pam spent a few minutes with each of her fans. A big movie star doesn’t always make a stop in these neck of the woods so it brought out a lot of folks
like Aaron Muderick, wife Elizabeth and daughter Rebbecca. Aaron is the VP of Narberth Boro Council. Interesting tidbits: This is Pam’s only Northeast Coast signing. She’s doing the Ritchie Rich Fashion Show during NYC Fashion Week, but no mention of a perfume signing. Also when her peeps scheduled these signings, they also sent out word to the various PR agencies that she would be available that evening for hire for an appearance. PARX Casino had recently opened, and they wanted to make a big splash with their new club 360 Three Sixty. So things came together and that evening I covered that event, which is yesterday’s entry on
Malibu Day / Malibu Pink is a fruity floral with notes of wild berries, mandarin, honeysuckle, white florals, ambered sandalwood, caramel, vanilla and praline. Malibu Night / Malibu Blue is an oriental with pomegranate, chocolate persimmon, greens, black orchid, lotus, champaca, vanilla violet, mahogany wood, patchouli and amber. The Pamela Anderson Malibu fragrances will be available in 50 and 100 ml, concentration unknown, and will be sold at drug stores and discount chains. (quote via pamelaanderson, additional information via cosmeticnews, (The PR for the perfume company gave me a signed bottle of the perfume so I could donate it to any charity I’d like to. Next Saturday 2/6/10 at 1PM is the ChemoClothes Bowling event at Laurel Lanes in NJ. If they are having a silent auction it’s theirs. Please read up on this charity and support it)
I love how this guy is checking the heartbeat of his friend as they come within feet of Pam
The heartbeat guy gets his shirt signed
The Mainline Society Women make an appearance. The society writer and photographer from the local magazine was there.
Oh Canada. Pam Anderson holds a dual Citizenship from Canada and the USA.
No animals were killed for this faux fur. The women tells me that it’s made of vegetables and can be machine washed. You will recall a story I told last week about Pam hosting a party in NYC for the launch of TAB, again back in 2006. Angie Harmon from Law & Order fame pops in with her leopard coat, and Pam kicked her butt out of the party. I heard Pam tell her friends that at first she was nervous the fur was real and the women was going to attack her for being anti-fur or something. The next group of folks were from animal shelter across the street and they invited Pam over to see the dogs and cats. She declined because of time.
Then it was on to Ardmore for her 2PM signing. I asked her handlers if she was going to change her outfit between gigs. They said she was going to. DO YOU KNOW WHY THAT IS IMPORTANT, do you know how funny it is that she was reluctant to pose for a fashion shot in Narberth? Well let me tell you, if she were to wear the same outfit, 90% of the photographers would have skipped the 2nd shoot, what would the purpose be? She’s clever that Pam, and she knows to do that fashion shot, I have no idea why we had to beg her, probably likes it when people beg or something.
And darn it she was 20 minutes late. I was itching to go to my next event which was in Allentown, I will write about (Snooki at the Star auto dealership towards the end of the week. Tomorrow I am writing about a PAWS event I went to last week at TRUST, then another charity I am attending tonight the Henry A. Davidsen and Union Trust: Happy Hour Benefit for MenzFit 6PM, stop on by, bring a gently used suit for someone less fortunate.)Many of the shots from these signings were placed, not becuase of her ill fitting dress, but because she is Pam Anderson big time wealthy star, and she chose to sell her perfume at Rite-Aid instead of Macy’s or Saks Fifth Avenue down the street. I like Rite-Aid, I just wish they had more cashiers.
this guy was clever. He went to the 11AM signing, had a picture taken with Pam, printed it out and now has Pam signing it.I just like this shot. I have to hand it to Pamela Anderson, not every celebrity of her name would pose and sign items that wasn’t her perfume. The folks did have to buy the perfume, but she would sign them and other items. Most celebs tell you take the photo from the line before you get to the table even if they aren’t looking up. WED John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne is at Borders Center City at 6PM (see last weeks entry) and I guarantee you won’t get a posed pix and he will only sign his book.)What is Pam thinking? What’s Tommy Lee doing right now, and can I get back with him for the 70 millonth time? Pam just watch the film, enjoy the memories, there’s a reason you left him that many times. Recently I heard Pam told her sons about the mommy and daddy film since it was in the movie Borat and their friends would probably see it and tell them about it.
Speaking of Borat, he is still determined to marry her.
Pam Anderson supports PETA and had a nice sign on the table promoting it.


PAM ANDERSON PARX CASINO Hosting the Grand Opening of the club 360 THREE SIXTY

Saturday night brought a little glam sex kitten to our area as Actress Pamela Anderson arrive at Parx Casino, which opened last month at Philadelphia Park in Bensalem to rave reviews. Saturday night was the grand opening of 360, the lounge and nightclub located on the casino floor.Arriving fairly punctual at 9:10PM Pam spent a few minutes on the carpet before whisking off to the club. (I had a chance to use the ring flash I talked about all last week, one that she requested for the photographers. I have to say I love it and will be buying it instead of returning it as it was rented.)A destination itself, the upscale 360 lounge, a huge bar by day, that transfers into a nightclub at night, is situated right next to the property’s west entrance. Revelers can go to the club without ever passing a slot machine, but don’t worry inside the club there are about 8 machines if you choose to play them. Below is the entrance from the casino floor.
The club itself, with seating for 70 and a total capacity of 160, is a state-of-the-art facility with a 40-foot stage, a 40,000-watt sound system and three 108-inch LED TVs-and, of course, an LED lava-lit dance floor that pulsates to the beat of the music, whether it’s from the custom DJ booth (house DJ Maria Laina will be assisted by occasional visits from celebrity DJs) or a variety of live dance acts, tribute bands, cover bands and dance shows. (Thanks to Heather Yerrid for this shot, as I was busy uploading to the Philly Inquirer Pam shots for the paper the next day and missed the shots when the dance floor was empty)
There are booths for table service, which would be a great idea as the areas are roped off and spacious. (I like this article on the club and the casino.)
Christian Kassis and Lindsay FurmanLauren Shirvinsey, GM Delilah’s Alp Aktan, Hacina Saadi and Dan Gross. Check out Hacina’s vavavoom outfit, which is only appropriate as she’s a belly dancer.
The two Carolyn’s enjoy their evening at 360. Carolyn Sand and Carolyn Curci
Heather Yerrid and Sam Lassoff. I haven’t seen the busy attorney since last summer in AC, now twice in less than three days he’s out making the rounds.
One of the best Scotty Buck, hanging out with one of the nicest Kim Frick.
DJ extraordinaire Maria Laina, photographer extraordinaire Michael Spain-Smith and Victoria Gregoriadis Gervasi
The club in full swing. The raised VIP lounge, which can only be accessed by a guarded secret door. The semi circle bar was a popular hang out as well as the multi colored floor. It was crowded, but still manageble. John Bolaris and Playboy Playmate/Megan Heaton/Miss Howard Stern TV November Megan Heaton.
Diana and John Martinelli. John is the Director of Player Development and Player Services.
Hacina, John Bolaris, Darlene Monzo, VP of Marketing, Parx Casino and Jim Gabriele
Parx’s Public Relations & A Director, Carrie Nork Minelli and Dino Minelli
Smokin’ couple Kristie Gonzales, and Vatche Manoukian, VP/Parx CasinoJohn Colabelli unescorted for the night except for the Miss Parx Calendar. I completely forgot to bring mine home. JC’s squeeze is in Park City for Sundance, and operating the Philly Lounge along with the GPFO and Cashman & Associates.
Eric Ciarelli, Courtney Horvay and Bachelor contestant 2009 Reid Rosenthal in the VIP Room. Courtney is excited about working at the 360 lounge, and by all accounts after Saturday night business is gonna be good. Eric is single and ready to mingle girls. I have his deets. Hit me up.
Dana Schliep and Tim Lu
The Lithuanian in the house: Rita Morkunaite, Bruno, Rasa Karliseviciene, jurgita Valts, and Gimare Zubrute.
Is that Snooki down there?
Danielle Biondino, Kelly Pirrami, Crystal Hofmeister, Jamie Carey.
Delilah’s Steakhouse & Gentleman’s club table,with Buffy, John Harikidas. Buffy invited me to the Wings Competition next week, but you’all know there’s no way I’ll be waking up that early. Why can’t they have it at night?
B-Rock, Rico Brown and Pete Diddy. Part of the 700 Level Entertainment. Look for some exciting things happening with them.
Pam Anderson addresses the crowd as her friend designer Richie Rich looks on. Richie tells me that Pam will be walking in his show on 2/17/10 during NYC Fashion Week.Doreen and her stable. And the guys were all for it.
Kathy Smith & Sue Mejor
NYC Party promoter Andretti, Pam Anderson and Richie Rich enjoy their spot in the VIP Lounge. Occasionally Pam would get up and dance a bit, but for the most part she mingled with a few peeps, but mostly dished the dirt with Richie. Pam was looking rather refreshed considering we both had a grueling day, she promoting her new perfume a Malibu at 2 different locations in the area, and me photographing her. I was tuckered out and left at 1AM, she I heard stayed a little longer, then went to the Q Lounge in Center City, then to the Zee Lounge on Spring Garden Street. She still caught her plane by 10AM and was back to LA. You go girl. (The Insider had a nice update of my weekend here) Another Girl with Stamina…
the real show was House DJ Maria Lainia, who you don’t want to miss when she’s in the house. I will update this with that information. i was mesmerized as was the crowd. She’s beautiful, talented and can get the party started. Sweet did I mention SWEET. I was a little scared after seeing her in this outfit, but I was wrong, so sweet and humble too. Check out Maria Laina as she hosts parties at 360 from Thursday through Saturday nights. Jerry Blavet is there on Wednesday from 5 – 7PM
So whether you like to gamble or not, the 360 Club and Lounge has to be on your agenda, you can’t lose.



“Half way to the Jersey Shore” this Friday only at Mcfaddens 3rd street. Biggest Party in recent Philly History. Come early please. Jersey Shore Cast members in the House, Trip to the Shore giveaway, National Press, Fist pumping fun all night. Johnny Knockout will be transforming McFaddens into “THE JERSEY SHORE” McFaddens – 3rd Street, 461 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123
—-SPECIAL “fight the beat” set by EDDIE EDGE
—-Bikinis & Blowouts
—-Guidos & Guidettes
—-WIN A TRIP to the Jersey Shore for 4 people this Memorial Day
—-Tanning membership GIVE AWAYS
—-Gym Membership GIVE AWAYS
—-Jersey Shore T-shirt GIVE AWAYS

Following Celebs or Media types will be at Mcfaddens Friday. Celebrity guests that will be in attendance include Michael Lohan (Lindsy Lohan’s Father) who is Friends with cast member Nichole “Snookie” Polizzi, and paparazzi queen Hailey Glassman …plus Mike Manning from Real World DC and Derick Mcintosh from One Tree Hill and Entourage.
Must be 21+ and present Valid Photo ID to Enter


Address: 121 S. 19th St
City, State: Philadelphia, PA
Zip: 19195
Telephone: 215-563-1038


Last month I was invited by Where Magazine to cover a reception with co-hosts Philadelphia Hospitality at the penthouse home of famed Philadelphia jeweler to the stars Craig and Tania Drake who welcomed Philadelphia Hospitality Executive Director Bill Mifflin (left) and his wife Sally and guest.

What is Philadelphia Hospitality, it’s a private, non-profit organization that since 1982 has been providing unique and distinctive cultural programs for special groups visiting Philadelphia. Our clients include museum and horticultural groups, historical societies, professional associations and corporate groups from throughout the nation and the world. We also plan one or two programs per year for individuals.
Laura Burkhardt and Adam Travia, Director of Marketing at Philadelphia Hospitality
Philadelphia Hospitality opens the doors of private Philadelphia – providing visitors entrée to our city’s elegant private clubs, beautiful homes, exquisite gardens and antique and art collections. During their visits, our guests are warmly welcomed by dedicated volunteer hosts. The Drakes beautiful Hacienda built on top of a Center City Apartment building is one of the beautiful homes that visitors could enjoy. Although their house is on top of an apartment building, it is deeded and can be bought and sold. Fascinating!!
Laura Burkhardt, Where Magazine Publisher makes the welcoming remarks as Jeweler Craig Drake and Philadelphia Hospitality Executive Director Bill Mifflin look on. Philadelphia Hospitality Executive Director Bill Mifflin addresses the crowd.
I remember years ago reading an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about the collections that the Drakes had and was so excited to see them for myself.
and the beautiful view of the skyline
Ryan Derfler, Tour Manager at City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, of Philadelphia Mural Arts. Now who wouldn’t want to take the Valentine Day Love Letters tour with him?
Sarah Finman, guest and Lee Payne
Highlights of your group’s personalized program could include the following:

  • Behind the scenes tours, special curatorial tours
  • Entrée to private homes for lunch or afternoon tea
  • Entrée to private gardens
  • Entrée to private clubs for receptions, lunch and dinner
  • Receptions in well respected art and antique galleries
  • All arrangements, reservations and admissions at chosen sites and cultural performances
  • Early-morning tours before the doors open to the public
  • Speakers
  • Special gifts related to the tour
  • Hotel and meal arrangements
  • Guide and coach services
  • All gratuities and taxes

At the Philadelphia Museum of Arts Craft Show in December, I met a group of women from San Francisco who were in the midst of their Philadelphia Hospitality tour. The cornerstone of the trip was the show, and the PH group filled in the blanks with other interesting things to see that would interest the art patrons ie Wheaton Village, PAFA etc
Zelinda O’Hara and James Zeleniak enjoy the expansive terrace at the Drakes.
And their eastern view. Thanks to Laura & Where magazine to introducing PhillyChitChat to some of the most unique attractions in Philadelphia. Who knew such an organization like this existed here in Philly. Now that we do we’re going on a little adventure to see what visitors to our City get to see thru Philadelphia Hospitality. Stay tuned…Have A Good Weekend. Hughe



The “Prince of Darkness” is coming to Center City Borders next Tuesday to sign his new book “I Am Ozzy.”Official Rules of Engagement:

1) You must purchase at least one copy of his book from the Center City Borders store and show proof of receipt when you are in line. If you pre-purchased your book you must prove it at the front door and they will give you a sticker. (What they really mean: No Shop Lifting Allowed)

2) You must pick up a free wristband at the front door. No one allowed in the signing line without a wristband. Then listen to overhead announcement for your wristband letter to get in line. (Get there first thing in the morning or your shit out of luck. Borders opens at 8AM)
3) Ozzy will only sign 3 books, but you can buy as many as you want. (Buy as many books as you can, then get your kids and borrow the neighbors kids to get three more books signed each. Sell a couple on EBay and buy the kids ice cream.)

4) Ozzy is only signing his new book so don’t bring memorabilia. (Wait outside his hotel like the autograph seekers do)

5) Ozzy won’t pose for pixs, you have to shoot candidly. (Call out Sharon’s name he will look up. Better yet tell him how great Kelly was on Dancing with the Stars. He’s a proud papa.)
(I photographed her at Christie’s Auction house Sept 08)6) Ozzy hopes to meet everyone, but if something unforeseeable happens he might not be able to sign everyone’s book. (Get here early sounds like he might have a short attention span, but we already knew that as we’ve seen his TV show.)

7) Don’t memorize these rules they could change. (Ozzy may just say screw it, pose for photos and sign your T-Shirt, depends on if he’s sober.)



Strongbox Lounge has done fairly well for itself since it came back online in September, especially the Tuesday Nights for the Cool Kids Party hosted by Jackiem Wright (left) and Reggie Barry. The Guestlist is extremely enforced and the party is so popular you have to know someone to get on the list, and you never know when an A-List Hollywood Celebrity is hanging out like Jamie Fox or Gerard Butler, sports stars Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, or national players like
The Sacramento Kings’ Jason Thompson (center), raised in Mount Laurel, joins friends Jackiem Wright (left) and Reggie Barry at the Strongbox club in Center City. Thompson was there on the eve of Friday’s loss to the 76er for his Welcome Home Party.
TERRESSA OF EXPERIENCEMM AND NIKKI AND LISS OF SEVEN MP ARE TEAMING UP TO BRING YOU AN EXCLUSIVE EVENT AT PHILADELPHIA HOTTEST SPOT ON SUNDAY NIGHTS. There is no cover, but again you need to RSVP to be put on the Guest List, and you don’t need to know anyone. (That’s one way to get your foot in the door for the Tuesday night list)

Jackiem and Reggie bookend party girl Hacina Saadi. Every month Hacina has a “Ladies who Dine” night out. Friend her on Facebook for details.
I can’t wait to go back to R2L, enjoy dinner and the view. Check out FooBooz comprehensive write up. HERE
Monica Malpass as you all know announced that she’s pregnant last week on the air. At R2L she may have been trying to throw us off by her pink jacket, but I have it confirmed by two sources that say she’s having TWIN BOYS due in June. So buy blue. (I guess boys run in her family). Congrats Mo!! (This shot I took was in Michael Klein’s Column Sunday INQLINGS)
After R2L a few of us ran over to 10 Arts for our own after party… we all took turns trying on Miss B’s fur hat…but I’m saving them for blackmail leverage againstDan Gross, Chris Gabello, Sarah van Aiken, Laura Burkhart and Top Chef Jen Carroll. I will be going to 10 Arts for Restaurant week on 11/28 for the new on the menu Salmon, plus the rabbit is on the menu. Delicious I hear. Prayers for Joan Carroll still please.
What will tonight bring after the Philly Style Mag party in conjunction with the Bellevue’s 21st Party and the PAWS event at TRUST. Check out the pixs from one of those events tomorrow.






THIS blog entry is about her coming to Philly for the appearances.

Pamela Anderson besides signing bottles of her perfume at Rite Aid this Saturday Jan. 23. Pam will make an appearance in the evening hosting the grand opening of 360, the lounge and nightclub at Parx Casino, which opened last month at Philadelphia Park in Bensalem. Pam Anderson is due in the house about 10 p.m. The club has a 40-foot stage, three nine-foot LED TVs, a 40,000-watt sound system, and an LED-lit lava dance floor.
The invite only VIP Party is 8PM – 11PM, then open to the public at 11PM
(I first photographed Pam at the launch of the new Tab softdrink 2/06. It was at this party that I had a lot of firsts, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Stewart and Angie Harmon. Poor Angie showed up in a fur, as it was during the winter fashion week. Pam kicked her butt out of the party, which Pam was hosting. So don’t wear fur to any of her appearances.)

PAMELA ANDERSON TO MAKE SPECIAL APPEARANCES AT RITE AID STORES IN ARDMORE AND NARBERTH, PA TO PROMOTE LAUNCH OF NEW FRAGRANCE, MALIBU Famed beauty icon will sign autographs of her new fragrance for Fans in the Philadelphia market on Saturday, Jan. 23rd

Fans of the legendary beauty icon can meet Anderson in person and purchase the fragrance to receive autographs from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Rite Aid store located at 640 Montgomery Avenue in Narberth,

and from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Rite Aid store located at 195 West Lancaster Avenue in Ardmore.

Pam told People Stylewatch “I am a drugstore whore. I worship drugstores. You have to pull me out of them.” Hence the reason she choose a drug store to carry her new perfume.
Both Malibu (Blue) and Malibu Night (Pink) were inspired by natural fragrances that embody the free spirit, playful and passionate side of Anderson, and are sure to evoke the same traits in its customers.

(Last April I photographed Pam opening a strip club in NYC. Pam was a rare visitor to NYC, and whenever she came she always drew a huge crowd of shooters. I expect the same on Saturday)
Personal autographs will be limited to the time frame of the appearance while supplies last. For Rite Aid store information and directions, visit For more information about ‘Malibu by Pamela Anderson’ visit