The “Prince of Darkness” is coming to Center City Borders next Tuesday to sign his new book “I Am Ozzy.”Official Rules of Engagement:

1) You must purchase at least one copy of his book from the Center City Borders store and show proof of receipt when you are in line. If you pre-purchased your book you must prove it at the front door and they will give you a sticker. (What they really mean: No Shop Lifting Allowed)

2) You must pick up a free wristband at the front door. No one allowed in the signing line without a wristband. Then listen to overhead announcement for your wristband letter to get in line. (Get there first thing in the morning or your shit out of luck. Borders opens at 8AM)
3) Ozzy will only sign 3 books, but you can buy as many as you want. (Buy as many books as you can, then get your kids and borrow the neighbors kids to get three more books signed each. Sell a couple on EBay and buy the kids ice cream.)

4) Ozzy is only signing his new book so don’t bring memorabilia. (Wait outside his hotel like the autograph seekers do)

5) Ozzy won’t pose for pixs, you have to shoot candidly. (Call out Sharon’s name he will look up. Better yet tell him how great Kelly was on Dancing with the Stars. He’s a proud papa.)
(I photographed her at Christie’s Auction house Sept 08)6) Ozzy hopes to meet everyone, but if something unforeseeable happens he might not be able to sign everyone’s book. (Get here early sounds like he might have a short attention span, but we already knew that as we’ve seen his TV show.)

7) Don’t memorize these rules they could change. (Ozzy may just say screw it, pose for photos and sign your T-Shirt, depends on if he’s sober.)