As I wrote last week Pam Anderson was coming to town to promote her new perfume “Malibu”, which was inspired by her favorite house in the town of the same name. First stop was the Narberth, PA Rite-Aid in a section known as the Mainline. Some of you may think Rite-Aid how low brow for this big time, BIG NAMED actress, but the shops she decided to do her promo in were ironically in the high brow towns of Philadelphia (Plus come on who doesn’t shop at Rite-Aid, Philly’s home turf drugstore). Pammy knows what she’s doing, these Rite Aid’s are in the land of the Pews, Simons, Terrence Howard, Dr J, Katherine Hepburn went to Bryn Mawr which is located on the Mainline. Their Rite-Aids are cute and adorable with manicured lawns. So just who are her fans? A NYC snapper came down from NYC to shoot the gigs with me. We arrived at the store very early about 9:30AM for the 11AM shoot. These fans were in line by 5:30AM. The guys in the front even made a unique display for their signed boxes, but they didn’t want it on the internet at the time I took this shot, surprisingly when they gave it to Pamela Anderson the paps hosed it down cause it was a great photo op. So that photo is floating around the internet via 10 photographers, I will honor their wishes here, but guys next time you don’t want something photographed tell the paps once they have all assembled and stand in front of your gift not to the side. (But seriously, you didn’t invent the Lionel Flatbed Train, and it’s always meant to hold items. It’s an awesome display, but I don’t think anyone is going to mass produce your uniquness.)Usually for a Pam shoot there would be a huge amount of photographers, because no matter how you slice it Pam is still a hot women, and every man’s slut fantasy. I was surprised that there wasn’t a whole bunch of us and it’s probably because she demanded that we all buy or rent Ring Flashes, you’ll recall how I stressed over it last week.
My friend from NYC bought one too after verifying via the PR company that it was needed. (She’s a real NYC paparazzi and doesn’t want her face showing)But I do have to say the photos came out great as show here when Pam Anderson arrives on time.For some reason Pam forgot her duties which are to pose for the obligatory “fashion shot”. After some coaxing from my NYC snapper friend Pam reluctantly agreed to the shot, but complained she didn’t look fashionable. Pam you’re in a black silky top and a form fitting black skirt, and in a Rite-Aid to boot, you are fashionable, especially for 11AM on a Saturday.
The killer is the $.99 cent sale over your left shoulder. I have no doubt that this picture is going to sell, sell, sell a lot.
Now let’s see who your fans are. Starting them off young to the beauty of life is this fine chap and his boy. Now normally when the press release and news stories say that the guest is only signing her perfume, well that is usually the case. Pam being the sweetheart she is allowed all kinds of things to be signed. This girl brought her fancy pumps to be signed.
This guy had his shoulder signed right above the tattoo of the bear breasted Pam that he had done years earlier before she reduced her bust line.
This young chap brought every single Playboy he had hidden under his mattress. Pam Anderson not only signed them, she smiled and leafed thru each one as if to remember the moment they were shot.
Joe Bongiovanni, brought his sons Michael and Quinn (pictured here) to meet Pam. The Bongiovanni’s were on their way to church and a baptism. Pam told Quinn that she had boys just around their ages. It was sweet how she wanted to connect with them. Meeting her would be like meeting Marilyn Monroe to their father, an icon of sex and beauty. There’s no doubt she’s a beauty.
Pam spent a few minutes with each of her fans. A big movie star doesn’t always make a stop in these neck of the woods so it brought out a lot of folks
like Aaron Muderick, wife Elizabeth and daughter Rebbecca. Aaron is the VP of Narberth Boro Council. Interesting tidbits: This is Pam’s only Northeast Coast signing. She’s doing the Ritchie Rich Fashion Show during NYC Fashion Week, but no mention of a perfume signing. Also when her peeps scheduled these signings, they also sent out word to the various PR agencies that she would be available that evening for hire for an appearance. PARX Casino had recently opened, and they wanted to make a big splash with their new club 360 Three Sixty. So things came together and that evening I covered that event, which is yesterday’s entry on
Malibu Day / Malibu Pink is a fruity floral with notes of wild berries, mandarin, honeysuckle, white florals, ambered sandalwood, caramel, vanilla and praline. Malibu Night / Malibu Blue is an oriental with pomegranate, chocolate persimmon, greens, black orchid, lotus, champaca, vanilla violet, mahogany wood, patchouli and amber. The Pamela Anderson Malibu fragrances will be available in 50 and 100 ml, concentration unknown, and will be sold at drug stores and discount chains. (quote via pamelaanderson, additional information via cosmeticnews, (The PR for the perfume company gave me a signed bottle of the perfume so I could donate it to any charity I’d like to. Next Saturday 2/6/10 at 1PM is the ChemoClothes Bowling event at Laurel Lanes in NJ. If they are having a silent auction it’s theirs. Please read up on this charity and support it)
I love how this guy is checking the heartbeat of his friend as they come within feet of Pam
The heartbeat guy gets his shirt signed
The Mainline Society Women make an appearance. The society writer and photographer from the local magazine was there.
Oh Canada. Pam Anderson holds a dual Citizenship from Canada and the USA.
No animals were killed for this faux fur. The women tells me that it’s made of vegetables and can be machine washed. You will recall a story I told last week about Pam hosting a party in NYC for the launch of TAB, again back in 2006. Angie Harmon from Law & Order fame pops in with her leopard coat, and Pam kicked her butt out of the party. I heard Pam tell her friends that at first she was nervous the fur was real and the women was going to attack her for being anti-fur or something. The next group of folks were from animal shelter across the street and they invited Pam over to see the dogs and cats. She declined because of time.
Then it was on to Ardmore for her 2PM signing. I asked her handlers if she was going to change her outfit between gigs. They said she was going to. DO YOU KNOW WHY THAT IS IMPORTANT, do you know how funny it is that she was reluctant to pose for a fashion shot in Narberth? Well let me tell you, if she were to wear the same outfit, 90% of the photographers would have skipped the 2nd shoot, what would the purpose be? She’s clever that Pam, and she knows to do that fashion shot, I have no idea why we had to beg her, probably likes it when people beg or something.
And darn it she was 20 minutes late. I was itching to go to my next event which was in Allentown, I will write about (Snooki at the Star auto dealership towards the end of the week. Tomorrow I am writing about a PAWS event I went to last week at TRUST, then another charity I am attending tonight the Henry A. Davidsen and Union Trust: Happy Hour Benefit for MenzFit 6PM, stop on by, bring a gently used suit for someone less fortunate.)Many of the shots from these signings were placed, not becuase of her ill fitting dress, but because she is Pam Anderson big time wealthy star, and she chose to sell her perfume at Rite-Aid instead of Macy’s or Saks Fifth Avenue down the street. I like Rite-Aid, I just wish they had more cashiers.
this guy was clever. He went to the 11AM signing, had a picture taken with Pam, printed it out and now has Pam signing it.I just like this shot. I have to hand it to Pamela Anderson, not every celebrity of her name would pose and sign items that wasn’t her perfume. The folks did have to buy the perfume, but she would sign them and other items. Most celebs tell you take the photo from the line before you get to the table even if they aren’t looking up. WED John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne is at Borders Center City at 6PM (see last weeks entry) and I guarantee you won’t get a posed pix and he will only sign his book.)What is Pam thinking? What’s Tommy Lee doing right now, and can I get back with him for the 70 millonth time? Pam just watch the film, enjoy the memories, there’s a reason you left him that many times. Recently I heard Pam told her sons about the mommy and daddy film since it was in the movie Borat and their friends would probably see it and tell them about it.
Speaking of Borat, he is still determined to marry her.
Pam Anderson supports PETA and had a nice sign on the table promoting it.