“Jersey Shore” reality star Snooki Polizzi Last Week Car Dealer next Week WING BOWL, she’s moving up in the world

Thanks to the reader who sent this:

“Jersey Shore” reality star Snooki Polizzi appears at Star Used Cars and Trucks in Easton/Allentown PA on Saturday, January 23. As you know I was shooting Pam Anderson on the Mainline 2PM, but heard the previous night that Snookie would be appearing 90 minutes away in Easton, Pa. Thankfully my paparazzi friend was down for Pam and she was up for the adventure and we took off on the adventure that would snag us a Snooki. (I needed to be back in Philly by 7PM to shoot Pam at the Parx Casino’s new club opening, 360/Three Sixty, but it was a chance I had to take since Jersey Shore, especially Snooki is so hot right now). Nearly 3000 fans showed up for the 2PM til 4PM signing. Snooki was late arriving about 3PMFans received an autograph and also donated to the Red Cross for Haiti. Here she is flanked by Ronnie’s mom and brother. Ronnie’s bro has a sign pinned to his shirt that says “I’m Ronnie’s Brother”
Many fans brought gifts, including pickles because on the show Snooki states that she loves to suck them dry (stay classy babe)
I mentioned to Snooki that I had just come from the Pam Anderson signing and there were only 500 people there. She stated “Who’s Pam Anderson and what has she ever done!” Damn I wish I had my camera running for that TMZ moment. (Perez Hilton Yesterday)
So basically Snooki thinks she’s better than Jerry Springer and bigger than Pam Anderson!!!
Fans of “Jersey Shore” reality star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi donated a total of $1,254.35 to Haiti earthquake relief during Polizzi’s appearance Saturday at Star Used Car Center in Lower Nazareth Township, according to the American Red Cross. For a $20 donation they got a pix taken with the pint size personality.
There was no girl on girl kiss her, but tThis girl got an autograph on her lower back that she was later going to get tattooed. No doubt it’s gonna last longer than Snooki’s 15 minutes, can I be a fly on the wall when her grandchildren ask why mom-mom got snoopy to sign her ass?

Nicole Polizzi, Snooki may portray white trash at it’s finest, but doesn’t look like Snooki was raised in a double wide, look at this straight white teeth. Certainly not a sign of neglect.
Hilarious quote from Newsweek’s Daniel Lyons’s on the iPad: “I haven’t been this disappointed since Snooki hooked up with The Situation.” I think it’s a put on like Howard Stern, unfortunately they’ve found an audience that thinks this behavior is the norm.

And before you know it it was time for Snooki to leave, but as a nice gesture to her fans the folks at Star Pontiac hoisted her up to give a wave to the 500+ who didn’t get a chance to meet her in person.
They plaved her on the bed of a pick up truck along with Ronnie’s mom & brother.As we Snooki was leaving one of her people tipped us off that Snook’s was running to the local mall to buy a change of clothing for the P Diddy Party she was going to that evening. They didn’t know which store she was going to but as luck would have it these three fans overheard the conversation and decided to follow us to the location. I spotted them in my rear view mirror and when we got to the mall I got out and told them the situation. We decided to split the mall in half and cover it, who ever spotted them first then we would call the other and get the shots. We got the call it was at B something. So we went to Bebe, these three went to the other b store then ran over to Bebe and got similar shots.

Katie Carruthers, Smatt Glose and Rachel Folger.
Darn that ring flash screwed up this photo, but I did get a few good shots out, just not this one.
Make me want more of Snooki, she cleans up nice. Look for the little nugget to be in Philadelphia next week:
Wing Bowl: Now more than just a place to watch dangerously obese men stuff their faces with chicken. Michael Klein reports that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi from MTV’s Jersey Shore will appear at this year’s Wing Bowl, the venerable annual mass eating competition that will take place at the Wachovia Center on Feb. 5. I might just have to take Delilah’s up on their offer to attend, but 4AM why 4AM that’s like waking up to see the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil.
Later this week I will write about Ronnie & Sami who I photographed last Friday night at McFadden’s. It was an EPIC mess. Jersey Shore is on fire.