Philadelphia Auto Show 2010 Black Tie Gala Party Photos Times, Location & Prices

I know more than a few dozen of you write me or leave me comments about Mike. “Where’s Mike?”, “You always leave Mike at home.” So excited I finally did an event that Mike was excited about and you will be too The 2010 Philadelphia Auto Show . Last Friday we went to the Black Tie 2010 Philadelphia Car Show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Mike did a little car shopping too, and that is definitely one of the great aspects of attending the show having all these fine cars under one roof. I told him I would have to accept ads on my blog to buy this baby.
(& fine people on the Black Tie Tailgate Party on Friday) Tony Piazza and Rachel Davidson. Tony knows a few things about cars as his family’s business The Piazza Auto Group.
“This is the 108th Philadelphia Auto Show and we are particularly thrilled with the caliber of this year’s event,” said Dominic M. Conicelli, chairman of the 2010 Philadelphia International Auto Show and president of Conicelli Autoplex. “It’s no secret that 2009 was a historic year for the automotive industry, and auto shows across the country were faced with new challenges. However, to our satisfaction and delight, we are ecstatic to deliver another world-class auto show to the city of Philadelphia. Nearly every manufacturer will be back on the display floor and new features will also be present!” DUB Magazine, the premier publication of the urban automotive lifestyle, will host a 35,000 square-foot display at this year’s Philadelphia International Auto Show where it will present DUB Live! Last year’s DUB exhibit was so popular with Auto Show attendees that show producers (the Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia) have doubled the scope and size of DUB Live! at this year’s event. Delicious food was served by Stephen Starr Events and Aramark. Can I just say the Aramark roast beef and edamame noodles were outstanding!!!
Sen Larry Farnesse and Anthony V. Mannino, Farnesse Chef of Staff.
Let’s go surfin’ now
Everybody’s learning how
Come on and safari with me
(Come on and safari with…)
Scott Boegly, Eddie Bernstein, Michael Hammond, Internet Marketing Manager at Conicelli Autoplex. Check out the blog that Michael writes here and Jonathan Hammond.
Jessica Brubaker and Nick Halbherr, Lincoln MKS
Paul Glanzmann, Margaret Glanzmann, Ray & Ada Glanzmann and Rose Marie Seddon, Glanzmann Subaru in Jenkintown, PA treats the needs of each individual customer with paramount concern. We know that you have high expectations, and as a car dealer we enjoy the challenge of meeting and exceeding those standards. Allow us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence! (215)885-8282. (FTC disclosure this is my auto dealer, so I’m not an idiot here’s some free advertising, lease is up in November, see you then – LOL)Another good looking family and so fun to talk to: Simran Ahluwalia, Shabani Ahluwalia, Jolly Ahluwalia, Gumeet Ahluwalia
Dave and Jennifer Dawson with Eric Cline and Mitch Reading
2010 SHOW DATES January 30 – February 7, 2010
SHOW HOURS Saturdays – 9 AM – 10 PM
Sunday 1/31 – 9 AM – 8 PM
Weekdays (Mon. – Fri.) – 12 NOON – 10 PM
Sunday 2/7 – 9 AM – 6 PM


The Pennsylvania Convention Center (PCC)
1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia PA 19107


One dollar of every ticket sold will be donated to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia through the Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation.
Steve Thorne and Collette Gaberiel
From 9 TO 11:30 PM guests were to Finish off the evening with a dessert and dancing party in the Grand Hall featuring luxury automobiles from Lexus and Mercedes-Benz and in the Ballroom with Audi of America. Entertainment By: Eddie Bruce Music and had the choice of walking to the Grand Hall or riding in a golf cart. Well I knew I would be having a few snacks so I walked. There in the center is Brian Tierney, CEO of the Philadelphia Media Holdings.
Your ticket purchase supports The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia through the Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation, and is partially tax-deductible. Proceeds support the Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation’s $2 million pledge for construction and maintenance of the Patient Welcome Center in the Pediatric Ambulatory Care Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. I love this shot of the kid in the drivers seat. (my apologies to the two girls in the Cube car. I thought about it and wasn’t comfortable posting your pixs as you were under 16 yrs old.)
Sorry I couldn’t fit every one’s photos on this entry, and I don’t send them out. I hope to see you at another event and promise the next time you will be on. read on…
Sean McDannell, Lena Corica and Ryan Trifiletti. Sean loved posing with Philebrities Adam Joseph and Karen Rogers, and thought Lena looked hot in her dress.
Chuck Peruto and’s Marnie Hall. Looking forward to Chuck’s interview on her show this week (Yikes heart on his sleve alert he announces on the Marnie Hall show that he is looking for a girlfriend, Marnie are you single?) Check out Marnie Hall’s piece on the Philly Car Show, she did far better in finding the celebs than I did. I lingered downstairs for too long among the average man’s car and she was up near the RR, Masaratti & Ferrarri’s where I guess the wealthy dogs hang.
Ahhh my new BFF’s who I just met at Hair O’ Dog couple weeks back, BTW I’ve been listening to the CD they give out and it is off the hook. Get a copy it’s worth the ticket price. L – R Melissa McGillen, Jillian Gonzales and Kelly Murry. Kelly is going to be my new work out partner at Fusion Cross Training, cause god knows I need the incentive. (You’ll recall Kelly was a daily reader of PCC. Now if only I was straight, single and 10 years younger it would be a match made in heaven. BTW Jill & Kelly single, I will be reviewing their applications and weeding out DB’s)
Another great guy. Robert Mendelson, long time photographer for the Philadelphia Tribune. I really admire his people skills, he’s a real person, very helpful when I was starting out.)
Grace Flannigan and Maureen Huber make the social scene.
US Army Thomas Smith and Denise Smith.
Dan Pittaro, Bethann Platt and Michaelann Millrood, assistant online editor at Philadelphia magazine (Oy PhillyChitChat is mentioned in Philly Mag this month. You finally get to know the truth, I do this blog as a hobby and love doing it. It generates no money, the only advertisement I ever had on it was a charity one, but some how doing the layout I deleted it accidentally a few months ago. I will disclose that I have been fed more than a couples times, a few gift cards and a piggy bank once, but most of all I get to experience all these amazing events and then share them with you.)
I was excited that a few people mentioned to me that they had read the blog entry I did last year on this even and it encouraged them to attend, in addition some people told me it gave them an idea of what to expect and you know that is one of the top ten reasons why I do this blog. It’s to take the mystery out of what happens at an event, what to wear etc and to give you the confidence to show up and support the worthy causes I write about.
The 2010 Black Tie Tailgate Auto ShowBlack Tie Tailgate benefits The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia through the Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation.