Does Chase Utley live in Haddonfield NJ is a question that arrives on my blog daily.

Philly Inquirer 1/26/10

What is an offseason like in the life of a guy like Utley? A couple trips to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. A move from Southern California, where he was born and raised, to San Francisco, where is wife is from and where they live in the off season. A quick trip to the Cayman Islands for teammate Jimmy Rollins’ wedding.Many people believe it is this house that Chase and Jennifer Utley live in. IT’S NOT, they do not live in NJ. During the baseball season they live in Philadelphia, Pa specifically Center City. BUT The people in this house do thank you for all the Phillies hats, memorabilia, cards and letters, as I know who lives in this house and they have been on PhillyChitChat. Please do not try and sneak in their house for a glimpse of Chase Utley, he doesn’t live here. Lucky for the one fan girl the owner wasn’t armed when they caught her in the garage rumaging thru “Chase Utley’s trash”. So remember no matter how many of your neighbors, friends or relatives tell you that this is Chase Utley’s house or that he lives in Haddonfield he doesn’t.

But feel free to brag about these famous Haddonfield residents or tidbits.
World’s First Dinosaur Skeleton discovered here. Other tidbits: In the movie When Harry Met Sally… (directed by Rob Reiner), Billy Crystal’s character, Harry, is from Haddonfield.[18] ; Although the movies in the Halloween franchise are set in Haddonfield, Illinois, Haddonfield, N.J. is in fact the inspiration for the town. Debra Hill, the co-writer of the movie, grew up in Haddonfield, New Jersey.[19] (Also the high school in the movie is a replica of the one in Haddonfield); A scene in the movie AI takes place in Haddonfield, NJ and captures a shot of a house on Kings Highway. This is the location of the Flesh Fair, a rally of anti-robot activists.[20]; Photographer Frank Stefanko took two famous album covers for Bruce Springsteen in Haddonfield, Darkness on the Edge of Town (1978) and The River (1980).

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