Hurry no line at Geno’s or Pat’s, in fact there was no line for once at Cheesecake Factory in Cherry Hill, and that’s where I ate dinner with my friend Laura Burkhardt. These are shots I took after I dropped her off about 11PM
9th Street. I think some of these awnings will be down by the end of day.
When I first moved to Philly I lived in the building above Jay’s at 13th & Spruce Streets. I lived in a 600 sq ft studio and paid $400. Now it’s a dorm for the University of the Arts.
Meet me on South Street
These bikes are always parked at the same spot along the fence at Rittenhouse Square, even though there’s an empty bike rack about 10 feet away.
One Way
Union League. Bob Woodward gave a good speech here today. I was going to go photograph it, but I was swamped at work and didn’t take lunch.
An Institution: Dirty Franks
13th Street
Parking is only $14 for 12 hrs here on Rittenhouse Square, now that’s a bargain. I do love this photo. I think it’s one of my all time favorite of street life. It’s my James Dean walking through Times Square. Ironically that photographer, Dennis Stock, just passed away last week.
I like this one too
oh and this one with the Fireman’s mural on South Street
I’ve never eaten at Rouge, but I hear their burger’s are great. I just got an email ROUGE is open all day long with drink specials Grey Goose Martini $10, Makers Mark Hot Toddy $8 , and Corona $5
Yes that is a snowman in the middle of Broad Street. I drove by about three times to catch the light. In fact all these pixs were taken by me sitting in my car.