While I was at the Nicole Miller event last week, I came across a very interesting story after photographing two people who were attending.It’s a love story of sorts. A chocolate love story.
Dr. Jennifer Shin, Bruce Goldberg and Rachel Goldberg. Bruce and his wife Kathy began the Teuscher stores 30 years ago in Philadelphia. At one time they had a store on Walnut Street, where Town Home is now located, but they decided to concentrate their operations inside the Bellevue. Recently daughter Rachel moved back from LA (welcome to Snowadelphia!!) to help run the operations as business picks up after the economy. Oh back to the love story…
Dr. Shin, in the Fellows Oncology program under one of the most prestigious doctors at the University of Penn is from heck I can’t remember, but one day she came into Teuscher’s to buy some chocolates for the office. She reminisced with Bruce her desire that if she hadn’t become a doctor that she would have loved to work in a store just like his. One thing lead to another and her dream of working in a chocolate store will come true as she helps man the store during the upcoming busy Valentine’s Day Weekend.
So stop by Teuscher’s this weekend, say hello to the good doctor, Bruce & Rachel. Tell them PhillyChitChat says hello from sunny Florida or I would have stopped by too. The hours are extended this weekend Friday & Saturday 10AM – 8PM & Sunday 10AM – 6PM
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