A week back I saw the Center City District team switch out the Philly Auto Banner’s for the Philadelphia Flower Show Banner’s. The Flower Show brings spring just a little closer beginning on 2/27/10 with their Black Tie Gala, which I love attending. Then the following day the Flower Show begins for an entire week. Before I attended via the Black Tie Gala, I thought the best nights to go were definitely Monday and Tuesday nights to beat the crowd.
BTW those banners, well not those or every banner, but a few of those banners are now being recycled and turned into tote bags. Earlier this month I had dinner with Laura Burkhardt and James Zeleniak at Seafood Unlimited, and Laura had one of the bags.

These fun bags are recycled from banners that hung high above Philadelphia streets. In a wonderful program developed by the Center City District of Philadelphia, each unique bag is crafted from part of a colorful, weather-resistant banner. The banners are first laundered by Philacor, a vocational program in the Philadelphia Department of Corrections. Another non-profit vocational program, Baker Industries based in North Philadelphia, makes the clean banners into totes. The 17″ x 17″ bag has two inside pockets and two 12″ straps. Each bag is different, so be sure to order the exact bag you like. No 2 are alike, they are between $16 – $20 at select stores. and can be bought at PAFA or Pretty cool I think.