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777 Broad Street Opens and looking to hit the Jackpot with Tenants

Some would say that Philadelphia’s building boom has gone belly up, well almost, although one such project conceived under the tax abatement program, has been completed. 777 Broad Street officially opened in March 2010 as predicted many years ago by Developer Carl Dranoff and his team. (I guess if you own the whole 701 block you can create any address you want)
According to an article in the Philadelpia Inquirer 10/4/09: The project, the start of Dranoff’s effort to push the border of Center City farther south, sits less than a quarter-mile from Dranoff’s 31-story, $130 million Symphony House condo tower.Rents will range from $1,900 for one bedroom to $2,600 for two. Currently, the average rent in the region is $1,361, up 6 percent from 2008, according to the apartment search engine (Where the heck is that and is that for a 1 bedroom, really?). I don’t fault the rents being that high, because this is a high end, super luxury apartment building.
Carl Dranoff addresses the crowd, as Councilman DiCicco and Judge Marjorie Rendell look on. Judge Rendell has really spearheaded the Avenue of the Arts project for over 10 years. My boss who has since passed away, Harold Kohn, was also one of the early supporters.
There were nearly 500 people from all walks of life attending, including dignitaries, politicians, the movers and shakers and good for him for inviting the maintenance staff, construction workers, people who work in his office and new residents. In this shot from left in the grey suit Sen Larry Farnese, Carol Tinari, and Bill Green Jr. who looks just like his dad.

Ruben and Sandra Krisztal. Ruben J. Krisztal, Esq., came to the United States from Argentina in 1967. He has been practicing law for over twenty years and has been litigating nursing home cases for more than fifteen years. He received his B.A. and J.D. from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. He and his wife have a full time home in their native Kansas, but spend a good amount of time here in Philly as Ruben is working on a few very important cases. They are the 1st tenants to sign a lease at 777 and are excited to move in at the end of April. They love the amentities, and the fact that it’s a GREEN building.
Rollin Ward, David Riley and Eugene Radcliff enjoy the party. The event was held in the future spot of a restaurant that Carl Dranoff would not disclose to me. The space was about 20,000 square feet.
But the residents of 777 do have The Fitzwater Pub (At first I thought nice Irish name for their “clubhouse” pub, but then I remembered a bordering street is Fitzwater. It’s probably a play on both words.) The room is so much more than this picture, but I liked the pool table.

Jen Abrams, Joe Petrusky and lovely in green Roberta Dranoff
Carl Dranoff challenged the interior design students at Drexel to turn 777’s hospitality suite into a luxurious, eco-conscious living space. During the challenge, groups of students in Professor Debra Ruben’s Competition Studio class competed against one another to design a space that meet standards in sustainability, function, and budget. Ruben is a LEED AP and head of Drexel’s Interiors Program sustainability curriculum. The winning team was “The Three C’s” Chrstine Murray, Candace Spence and Courtney Robinson, in their winning apartment.
Mark Segal, excited to announce that beau Jason is returning from the Far East after a year long study. Annie Carl, Gov Rendell’s office and Robert Metzer
Philadelphia Style Magazine’s publisher John Colabelli, with Nina Stanley and newly promoted Associate Publisher at Philadelphia Style Magazine / Niche Media LLC Noah Stein.
Avenue of the Arts
Annie Carl, Terry Gillian, RDA and Karen Lewis, Executive Director of The Avenue of the Arts
The largest two-bedroom units, at the corners with the best views, will go for $3,800 a month.
The 5th floor corner unit where Carl Dranoff is posing with his daughter, mother in law and her BFF
For a great read on the progress of 777 Broad Street, check out the Sky-scrapper blog



READ MY LETTER TO DARK FIELDS actress ABBIE CORNISH (PIX I took of her Monday there too)

As mentioned in Michael Klein’s column last week, Bradley Cooper & Renee Zellweger, in town for his movie Dark Fields, did a screen test, a make-up test and photo shoot at Philly’s newest film studio Philadelphia Soundstages

According to an article in FlimSlate:

Philadelphia has long been a destination for filmmakers. The gritty exteriors, the iconic landmarks and the everyday people of the city that often find their way into productions make for great location shooting. But at Philadelphia Soundstages, the goal is to do more, to turn the city into a place where not only homegrown filmmaking talent, but productions from all over, have a facility to accommodate modest budgets. And now, as most states, including Pennsylvania, have passed some sort of tax incentives for the film business, it makes Philly as likely as any other major city to become a filmmaking center. The studio, founded by real estate developer and businessman David Sabag, is in a former warehouse that Sabag found lying dormant and in foreclosure on North 5th Street, but saw something in to spark his business interests. Sabag has international connections, but first and foremost he believes in promoting Philadelphia. He also has a knack for finding people with complimentary talents. Being the visionary, but having never been in the film industry, being surrounded by people with backgrounds in the business is key.

Scott Kuhn, Director of Corporate Development and Government Affairs of the Soundstage, with Renee Zellweger.
The studio, founded by real estate developer and businessman David Sabag, is in a former warehouse that Sabag found lying dormant and in foreclosure on North 5th Street, but saw something in to spark his business interests.

Enter Thomas Ashley, CEO of Invincible Pictures and Director at Philadelphia Soundstages, and Scott Kuhn, Director of Corporate Development and Government Affairs. Ashley is the filmmaker of the group operating out of the studio, and he speaks the language to other filmmakers and brings in projects with his industry connections. As Kuhn says, he “does the actual work.” To read the rest of the article go HERE:
You’ll recall we met Tom Ashley over the summer when I shot the behind the scene’s filming of Azziz’s new video at Chelsea Hotel “Let’s Go” for
Thanks to Philadelphia Soundstage for providing these photos.



(There are three entries today, yesterday 3 entries. If you haven’t yet, check out the flowers at the Macy’s Center City Flower Show. It will brighten your day. I wrote about it Sunday.)

I’ve been getting a lot of tips this week about a few Hollywood celebs visiting Philly, plus been getting a lot of questions like this today? What Movie Is Filming in Philadelphia this Week?

Jimmy Smits is currently filming a new pilot in Philadelphia. The series, entitled Garza (formerly Justice) is being produced by Conan O’Brien’s production company for NBC.
On Location Vacation: the best source for filming locations, celebrity sightings and events in the world, and one I contribute too. (But if you see a celebrity, I would appreciate the tip first so I can try and photograph them. If you give me the tip, and I get a shot, I promise to send you a picture of them too.)
Other folks in town this week: Actress Kathleen Turner playing at the Suzanne Roberts Theater in The Red Hot Patriot: The Kick Ass Wit of Molly Ivins. (I took this shot last Friday night after I got out of my sick bed. KT is not one that like’s getting her photo taken [I’ve seen her in NYC, more than once], so when the opportunity presented itself I took it.) (I do it because I love doing it, it’s my hobby and it cost a few dollars and time but I love it, and I love bringing the pictures & stories to you. I mean WOW on this picture, it’s the authors of the play, who are identical twins and it’s Kathleen Turner the star of the play. It’s just the perfect picture; and Kathleen is laughing and you can almost hear that haughty laugh that’s had too much smoke coursing through it over the years.)
For the past two weeks I’ve been getting a lot of tips on Miss Turner hanging out on Rittenhouse Row and it wasn’t about shopping either, rather it was visiting the watering holes and reading her book. First she was going to Rouge, but now she seems to have settled into Owen Wilson’s favorite spot, Parc.

And this guy on Twitter, who is hysterical proves my theory:

UnckleJason Kathy Turner is at Parc again. She lives here. I love it. And she is drinking a greyhound at 10 in the morning. Amazing. via mobile web

Sunday: Kathleen Turner and Jimmy Smits at Parc today. If this was 1994, people would give a shit. 1 day ago from Mobile Web

(Actually Had I been around and read that, I would have shot that. So Classic, one of a kind shot, maybe it doesn’t have money value, but i don’t do this for the money.)

Also in town: Bradley Cooper & Renee Zellweger:

Last August a tipster told me they were at a Starbucks on Walnut Street. Us Magazine contacted me when they saw a Tweet I did, cause a lot of my pictures from my agency is published in that magazine I guess cause they asked me to run down with my camera and get a few shots and ask some questions. Everything was handled by my agency and they paid me about $50 for the story, which was later picked up without pay by People Magazine, shown below.

For the past 3 weeks Bradley Cooper & Renee Zellweger have been spending their days in Center City. He’s getting ready to shoot a film with Robert Deniro & Abbe Cornish called “Dark Fields”. So while Bradley’s been getting his make-up tested, his costumes chosen and doing photo shoots at Girard College, Renee has been hanging out at Walnut Street Starbucks, as well as the one at Macy’s twice last week.

Neither time have I seen her, bummer. My goal really is to get them both. I only care to get once really, then I can cross it off my bucket list. I’ve photographed them both before and they are super nice. The heat from these two is so hot that my serious paparazzi friends from NYC will be down here shooting them as soon as the film starts in mid-April. SO READERS ARE WE GOING TO LET A NYC PAPARAZZI GET THE SHOT BEFORE THE PHILADELPHIA PAPARAZZI, I hope not. Tip Me Off Please, I promise gift bags, a shot of the celeb & perhaps a ticket to one of the hot events happening in the City.)

Buzz @ Philly Chit Chat dot Com

Also this week, Thursday at Williams – Sonoma
Giada De Laurentiis @ Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma King of Prussia
Thursday, April 1, 2010 at 1:00pm

160 North Gulph Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406
(610) 265-5970 Williams-Sonoma The Bellevue
Thursday, April 1, 2010 at 5:00pm
200 South Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 545-7392


URBAN PROMISE benefits the kids of Camden NJ

A celebrity photographer, Jerritt Clark, not a paparazzi like me, that I follow on Twitter was promoting a party in NYC that benefits kids in Camden, NJ. So I wrote him and asked him about it.

I went on a 3day trip with a gentleman by the name of Tony Campolo who recommended the program to me as something I may want to get involved in. Tony is the founder of the EAPE and was religious advisor to the Clinton family during his presidency. I got involved in the summer of 2004 when I stayed in Camden and worked with Urban Promise for 13 weeks. I have stayed close with the kids in Camden and the program itself and I try to help out when possible. NYC is my home but Camden will always have a part of my soul and heart because being there has changed my life in so many ways.

Attached is the information and invite to the fundraiser I am doing April 1st at The Eldridge to send 15 poverty stricken youth to DisneyLand in California. We are looking to raise as much of the $13,000 needed to fund this trip as possible. If you have any items you would like to donate for auction or if you or anyone you know has a way to offset some of the costs of this amazing trip (i.e. park entry tickets etc) let me know. The children range in age from 11-14 years old and will be accompanied by 7 young adult staff members at UrbanPromise some of whom have grown up though the program and have returned to ensure that those younger than them can see that it is possible to succeed even in America’s most negative environment. I would love it if you were able to stop by and help show support. This charity and these kids mean a lot to me and I’ve worked closely with them for 6 years now. I look forward to seeing you April 1st. My contact info is below should you have any questions or to coordinate on donations.


When: Thursday, April 1st 2010
8:00pm -11:00 pm (Open Bar 8-9pm)

Music By: DJ Cassidy

Where: The Eldridge
247 Eldridge St
New York, NY

Cost: $20 Donation at the door.

So even if you can’t attend the party on April 1, perhaps check out UrbanPromise and see if you can help them reach their goal of going to Disneyland.
(And for some celebrity drama follow jerritt clark jerrittclark

on Twitter.)


SWEETTOOTH Philadelphia – A Great Place to hit Your Sweet Spot for Easter –

Need help filling your Easter basket?
SweetTooth now occupies a former sweet spot familiar to many Philadelphian’s, The Pink Rose Pastry Shop
According to an article by Drew Lazor of MealTicket at the City Paper:
Philly dessert fanatics lamented the January loss of the venerable Pink Rose (630 S. Fourth St.), but it didn’t take very long for the corner space to snag a new operator. Scott Lean, whose family owned the business from roughly 1998 to 2005. Philly’s Sweettooth is the city’s best source to soothe your cravings. With over 250 candies, chocolates, nuts and dried fruits we have something for everyone. All the Pink Rose’s signature kitsch-enware (Where’s the sign. do you know McGillin’s bar takes in those iconic old signs and hangs them on their wall, HINT HINT!) is gone to make room for a big selection of around 250 treats sold by the quarter pound (price isn’t finalized, but it’ll be less than $3): dried fruits, nuts, 10 varieties of malt balls, Pez, gummis, sour stuff, all manner of chocolate, licorice, sugar-free choices and so forth. Why such a dentist-damning concept? “I love sugar,” laughs Lean, who holds a tech job down in Old City full-time.
Scott say that SweetTooth has something for everyone, and I would agree like this Crystal Rock candy (remember making this in high school?) , malt balls and soon pop rocks and vintage candy.
SweetTooth has all your Easter Basket needs, and is opened on Easter for the last minute baskets. Parking can be a little tough in the area, I’m gonna suggest Scott take phone order & run my next package of candy out to my car parked by the fire hydrant. But you really should go in the store to get the full flavored colorful atmosphere. Also Scott hopes to at some time add a couple tables so you can be surrounded by all the sweet stuff as you enjoy your treasures. Here are a few of Scott friend’s who have stopped by for a treat.
phone: 215.923.8800
address: 630 S. 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147



Delilah’s 2010 Entertainer of the Year Contest was held last week, and moi was a celebrity judge. I had a great time. This was the first time I had been in a strip club since I went to Minnie’s to see Tiny Tim’s ex-wife Miss Vicki dance to Tip-Toe thru the Tulips and other numbers.

Delilah’s, will award over $12,000 in cash and prizes at its annual Entertainer of the Year Competition,
Wednesday, March 24th 2010.
This highly anticipated event will deliver powerful performances from some of Delilah’s most dynamic dancers as they compete for the coveted title,
“Entertainer of the Year 2010”.
The evening begins at seven o’clock with select open bar sponsored in part by
Grey Goose Vodka and Corona Light Beer.
To seduce your palate, gourmet butlered hors d’oeuvres will be prepared by Delilah’s award winning culinary team.

Alycia Thomas, Buffy Morgan (Marketing Director) and Rae are your bottle girls at the club
I brought along my co-worker/friend Grayson and his girlfriend Nicky Manning. Nicky has a successful business called Bizarre Boudoir where she makes the hottest lingerie and corsets. So I know they would have an absolutely fabulous time attending the Entertainer of the Year event with me.
Upstairs in the VIP/Judges lounge I found my buddy in gossip Dan Gross, and his lovely wife Holly Maher. And their friend who I never saw again after this picture.
Amy Shantz, Jamie Reibenback, Jessica Scott and Alexis Small were in attendance. And I believe were all judges too. I love how Jamie is wearing color. Color is really all the rage this season girls.
VIP spread included shrimp and snow crab claws.
Gary Thorpe, Ted Adams, Marilyn and Jack Kellmer (who you will recall was recently in the Michael Klein’s column for providing jewelery to Mariah Carey when her’s broke right before she performed at a recent concert at the Tower. He got a few tickets for his trouble, but never got to meet the diva.), Alexis Small, Jessica Scott, Buffy Morgan
Buffy is giving the judges instructions. there were rules on judging. Appearance, Talent, Routine, something else, legs
No pictures could be taken during the contest, but some of the dancers had themed pieces. I twittered to my followers that it was like watching a drag show, there was lip singing, their was dance movements, dollar bills being thrown on to the stage, but in the end there was a whole lot less clothing on the real girls.
Although I did take this one of Julio Rosario was another judge and was very popular with the shot girls behind me who occasionally would drop a glove or some clothing material on my lap and ask me to buy them a shot.

3rd-Alyssa and her show GaGa Oh La La (altho I gave her 8’s & 10’s BECAUSE this girl could work a pole like no one’s business and she even did a zip line across the stage, how the heck did she loose?) she killed her chances when she basically stated as one of her dislikes:
Darling Politics and Poles do not mix, but for her efforts she brought home $2,000

One of the judges did get a souvenir from Alyssa Gaga

2nd Place went to Randi and her show Queen of the Revolution (Prince Themed Dance). Not too much of a pole dancer, I was really basing my vote on the pole. Although most of the judges and crowd enjoyed the Prince theme. Winning $3,000

The winner of $7,000 was hot sexy Gabriella and her show Carnival de Brazil. She was a beauty, her costume divine, but I don’t recall any pole action.

The dancers gave the judges gifts. I of course loved the cupcake from the entertainer who did the “Desperate Housewife” Skit, she also was terrific on the pole, but lacked energy to remain a contender. The cupcake was good though.
Foxy would love for you guys to visit her M – Fr 11AM – 7PM; Also in the crowd that night, Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne, Steve Thorne, Lauren O’Dorisio, John Collabelli, Kristin Foote, Hacina Saadi, several Eagles players, and a few more notables. This was a major night not only for the contestants but also for the social set of Philadelphia, as I had heard it was in years past.
Richard Brian Penn and Glenn Zieve

Monique Crawford, Tal Jacobsen, Jill Jacobsen and Stephanie Rybczyk
All in all I had a wonderful time at Delilah’s. It wasn’t at all like I envisioned as it looked like one of those night clubs from years gone by. There was a nice VIP and table section where I saw plenty of couples enjoying the shows, as well as a couple who were enjoying massages from some of the girls working there. The guests that enter the doors are consenting adults and it is all about fantasy. Delilah’s 100 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123-3134
(215) 625-2800


MISS PHILADELPHIA 2010 ANDREA HELFRICH – MY friend won the Miss Philadelphia Contest

My friend Andrea Helfrich, from Richboro, Pa and a student at West Chester University, was crowned Miss Philadelphia 2010 Saturday night her mom texted me this morning. (Ok I’m actually closer friends with her mom)

Here with her mom Susan Helfich in 2007. You can see where Andrea gets her good looks from.Andre, was last year’s first runner up and named Miss Keystone 2009 (who knew there was one>), wins a $10,000 scholarship in this years contest. (Who knew you could run again and again til you captured the crown/title?) Here she is with her mom at the charity event “Let Them Eat Cake”. I think this was the photo that ran in Michael Klein’s column last year.
Megan Smith, Brownstone Pr (Megan’s co-founded Dancing with the Philadelphia Stars which is Sunday 4/18/10 at the Penns Landing Hyatt) and Andrea Helfrich, who will be making one of her first public appearances at the Donor’s are Hero’s event – The Party on Friday 4/16 at the Bellevue. Please support both these events as I am personally involved with both of them.
Thanks to my friend freelance photographer Robert Mendelson for the following photo. Robert covered a lot of events on Saturday night, including Holly Robinson Pete at the Please Touch Museum’s event: Children with Autism and the Miss Philadelphia contest.
Miss Philadelphia 2010 Andrea Helfrich


MACY’S PHILADELPHIA FLOWER SHOW 2010 – Patti LaBelle Cuts the Ribbon

Spring Is In The Air as the Flower Show returns to Macy’s Center City! The show is staged in the Grand Court, the site of Wanamaker’s Flower Shows from the 1930s through the early 1970s. Center City will be transformed into a wonderland of spectacular gardens, where magic reaches new heights and floral fantasies take flight!

This year’s show features different varieties of exotic trees, flowering plants and brilliant color as far as the eye can see! Take a guided tour or stroll through our enchanting gardens at your own pace. And, don’t miss our hot air balloon centerpiece, overflowing with lush spring flowers that will make your spirits soar! The Macy’s show will be staged in the Grand Court and will feature varieties of exotic trees, flowering plants, and a hot-air balloon centerpiece. The show will include special in-store events, sweepstakes, cooking demonstrations and seminars. Sunday at 2pm Philly’s own Patty LaBelle cut the ribbon to open the show in the Center Court near the Eagle “Meet Me At The Eagle.” She arrived appropriately on at Philadelphia trolley to the red carpet, wearing a Michael Kor’s beautiful springtime outfit with of course Loubotin pumps. (I would walk on fire hot coals to see Patti LaBelle, I am a huge fan. I’ve seen her in concert more than a dozen times.) The second annual Macy’s Flower Show, “Spring Is in the Air,” from March 28 to April 11 at the Center City Philadelphia store, Market and Juniper Streets.
Go to the Main Floor during the show to enter for a chance to win* a cruise to the Bahamas & Florida aboard Norwegian Jewel ? Macy’s Philadelphia GM Jim Kenny, with Miss Patti and WDAS Radio DJ Mimi Brown as our MC of the day. a cruise vacation where the options are endless! Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line, this 7-day cruise for four with oceanview stateroom accommodations will set sail from New York. While on board, your schedule is completely up to you! Norwegian’s signature Freestyle Cruising® is al l about giving you the freedom and flexibility to have your style of vacation.

To experience Macy’s Flower Show to its fullest, take advantage of our 15-minute specially guided tours! Tours leave from The Eagle on the Main Floor at 10:30am, 11:30am and 12:30pm. During the tour, you’ll learn all about this year’s flowers and plants, plus we’ll give you an insider’s look on The Eagle and the Wanamaker Organ. Tours are complimentary.Pick up a brochure to see all the events that are going on FOR FREE at Macy’s.

For more info click here.
And by all means support our Macy’s, I know it’s a difficult economy but we are lucky to finally have this great department store in Center City in this historic building, and I don’t want to lose it. Now if they carried big and tall sizes I would definitely shop there more, but nowadays I can only buy socks and cologne. UPCOMING EVENTS: Family Fun Day 4/10 2PM Afternoon of fun presented by the Academy of Natural Sciences, The Insectarium and the Please Touch Museum with Face Painting and Balloon Art (sounds fun, I’ll be there.) Then 4/10 3PM Princess Party for little girls to brush up on their etiquette. 3rd Floor Kids Dept.



Octopus Alert…. Octopus Alert…. Octopus Alert…. Tinto, chef Jose Garces’ wine bar and restaurant just procured a 35 lb octopus from Alaska (see picture.) The giant cephalopod has been out of frigid waters for only 48 hours. Starting this evening at 5 pm, it will be available served Basque style.
Chef de cuisine Dave Conn will create a traditional Spanish Pulpo Gallego dish. The octopus will be poached in red wine vinegar, lemon and various aromatic spices, then sauteed and served with potato confit, smoked paprika and fiddlehead ferns (the first of the season).
Pictured L to R – Chefs Andrew Sabin, Dave Conn and Anthony Scuderi at Tinto If there is any left over, you can look for a cured octopus dish starting Monday.
Tinto is located at 114 S. 20th Street – 215-665-9150 –


Radisson-Plaza Warwick Hotel Updates It’s Look & Style

Philadelphian’s fancy themselves a welcoming bunch and no matter how many new hotels open in the City, none compare to the history and majestic address at 1701 Locust Street Philadelphia, Pa. the Radisson-Plaza Warwick Hotel . Last week I attended their grand reopening of the 2nd floor cocktail room and hallway in which they updated the decor to a much more modern current style. I am very familiar with these rooms, as well as the food and grand ballroom as my sister was married at the Warwick a little over 4 years ago and I have attended more than a few parties in this storied hotel.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Plaza Warwick Hotel was originally constructed in 1926. This is what the hallway looked like before the renovation. (Shots from the day my sister signed her contract for the wedding reception 2005)and it’s new updated look. (I’m standing in almost the same place but shooting to the right)With 301 handsomely appointed rooms, this historic yet modern downtown Philadelphia hotel is located just off the world-renowned Rittenhouse Square, the city’s most prestigious residential, commercial and business district.

Dena Robbins and Julia Robbins
gone are the dark colors of the room, and mirrors. I can see what the Radisson-Warwick did was bring the room into the light. Although it is still magnificent and rich with history, it’s not your grandmother’s debutante dated room anymore.
April Ostach, Samantha Boyle, Angie Costa and Amy Murray
Sae-Hee – When I asked what restaurant he worked for, as the sushi was so good, he said the Radisson-Warwick. Sometimes I’m so clueless.
The GPTMC Crowd – Missy Logan, Katie Regenye, Eric Smith and Meredith Endlow. Note the new carpeting, less dizzying then the darker color from before. I’ve partied in this room before during more than a few victourious election parties my first one being Bill Clinton’s win for president, Mayor Nutter, Sen. Larry Farnese and recently President Obama’s win. And one losing campaign Sam Katz for Mayor. I remember when the Sam Katz campaign was so excited that they booked the Warwick before the Democrats. It was a big thing as the Warwick is considered lucky. Unfortunately for Sam that year it wasn’t.
Grand Staircase with it’s old chandelierand the new chandelier and updated staircase. Much more modern, colorful, current.Lynn and Bill Armstead
Rachel Branson, Simone McBean, Jasmin Senior, Sheila Corbett
Patricia Glancy, Jim Caouette, Gwendolyn Grey and Michael Glancy.
Joanne Cunningham, Director of Sales and Marketing and her team.
Cori Moskow, Gloss PR and her team

Lori Frankel, Gina Sole and Jim Riker
Ellie Friedman, Israeli Consul and Bob Kohn
Beginning Monday Tavern 17 will begin a New Happy Hour (you’ll recall that when Gerard Butler was in town filming Law Abiding Citizen, he stopped into Tavern 17 three times to eat):
$1.00 slider; $2.00 Draft $3.00 Spring Fling $4.00 Wine $5.00 pound of Peel and Eat Shrimp7 days a week – these five items from 5pm – 7pm
Five items priced from $1 – $5 each 7days a week nightly