Bon Voyage Terry Henson Kaymak as she embarks on her new life, as a new wife in Turkey with Barish.

No wonder I’m so sad today (even though I’m gonna hit a million readers on PCC today), I didn’t want to face it, but my friend Terry who went off and married herself a Turkish guy and is now moving to the big T to set up house. Terry and I were the traveling flunkies for our law firms.

She as an attorney me as a paralegal. When you are on projects across the country, as we were, it’s like being in the Big Brother House, you get to know each other in a very intense, wonderful way. Sometimes the projects last for days, weeks or like when I was in NYC for years. Oddly in the last 2 years Terry has only lived 2 blocks away, and I never really saw much of her cause I was creating all this – PhillyChitChat. I’ll miss her, but I’m so excited for her too as this is something she’s been talking about for years ever since she met Barish Kaymak. Last week a bunch of us gathered at the Irish Pub to bid adieu in a good way (Can u imagine how packed it’s gonna be today?) Terry with my co-worker/friend Elkan Katz. We all used to travel in and out of the City on document projects for various cases presented to us in the law field. Terry, Elkan and I spent many months in San Francisco working on a Silicon Valley case.
Her BFF’S Patricia Taggart, Terry, Holly and Collin Keefe. Colin and I are 1 degree from Jennie Hatton, as he used to work at Profile Pr.

Terry and Josh Snyder. Josh and I once worked on a project for 30 hrs straight. That was a memory I don’t hold dearly. For the past two years Terry has worked at the Boni & Zack firm. Terry worked for over 10 years at the Meridith Cohen firm which was located where the ballroom of the Kiptom’s Palamor Hotel currently resides. I spent a good deal of time at her law firm working on a case about sausages and learning that the description for the insides is called slurry, yum. Terry, Lee-Ann, Allyson and I spent a couple months in Tallahasse dealing with paper, then were joined by Gerri & Shirley to learn all about something else in Atlanta, thank god it slipped my mind. But Atlanta was nice.
Steve Asher, Terry, Rob Kitchenoff and Dan Allanoff. Rob and Steve used to work at my law firm years ago. My photos line the walls of their law office, and last year they used one of my photos as their holiday card.