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Before you head to the shore, and after you’ve read Philly Chit Chat, read my column in Philly Mag Online today about last nights party at Union Trust. Have a great weekend.

Last night Union Trust threw their 1 year anniversary party. On a much smaller scale than the grand opening and with a more intimate crowd who enjoyed cocktails and appetizers in The Mezz.
Greeting the guests were Rosalina Iannucci, Vera Masi and Pam Valentino

Julia Bart, with Ron Hansen and The Nouveau Image PR CEO Michelle Miller

François Pierre and Hacina Saadi were inseparable for the evening.

Peter Klier, Michelle Sergio and Scott Stein. Michelle

Michelle A. Smiley, Property Manager at The Murano and Michael Narciso, Analyst at Hill International Real Estate Partners, LP

Andi Pesacov and Tina Wilson.
Kerri Smith and Garrett MillerRobert Mendelson and Tracy Allen
Marlena Schaefer and Staci Hagenbough wrap up the filming on the Bradley Cooper/Robert De Niro filming today. They recognized me as one of the paparazzi that were getting shots of the filming. They, like I hope you will call the Gov, and legislative houses to urge the film tax Credit program continues.
Christy Adams, Nicole Gerson, Meredith Seigle and Dana Spain
Janice Lin and Heather Seok

Jessica Concannon and Chad Boonswang. Chad always has some beautiful blond on his arm.
The Twinns: A beaming Stacey Kracher and Anne Nikolaus. Last Friday we were all at Union Trust celebrating Stacey’s bday. Good times.
The place was packed with lots of regulars, a few investors and friends.

Bersiana Kuri, David Bond, Heather Seitz and Robin Stellwagen were enjoying a lot of laughs.
Kristie Bergey, Garrett Miller (partner in Union Trust) and Audrey Julienne

Business partners in PR Scott Stein and Peter Breslow
Kerri Smith, Hacina Saadi, Janice Lim, Courtney Grant and Jessica Concannon



Tuesday night I joined the Philadelphia Eagles Wives at Del Frisco’s for a Sex in the City celebration hosted by Renee Reese of Jada Renee Style (as I first reported in my PhillyMag Column yesterday along with Flyers goalie Michael Leighton having dinner with Eagles assistant coach Marty Mornhinweg and Drexel surgeon William Myers with a pix)

Kijafa Frink,, Tammy Reid, Lindsay Mornhinweg, Loretta Runyan, Kristel Demps, Julie Dorenbos, Renee Reese, Susie Celek, Suzanne Bianca, Simona Douglas, Melissa Young, Eicka Areh, G-N Kang, Julie Brayer, and Christen Goldestein. (thanks to their Renee’s photographer Mark Lewis for this creative shot)
OK I am biased to Tammy Reid as she really got Carried Away with the theme of the night. As I stated in my Philly Mag Column she had never seen Sex in the City, because I’m a Mormon ya know. But even though she’s never seen the show she has the essence of the show and not because of the clothes she wears, but because of the kinship shared experience with the other players wives, especially her BFF Lindsay Mornhinweg, who she has known for over 20 years. Together they have raised 9 kids together, they shop, the gossip and they have a bond that transcends any differences they may have. And that’s exactly what Sex and the City is about. Friendships, loyalty, share experiences and support.

Like the one share by some of the women I photographed last night where over 400 women got together at two different theaters to catch a sneak preview of SATC2. First it was over to Swanky Bubbles in Old City to check out the Wired 96.5 pre-party

It was packed with single ladies, married ladies, sisters and BFF’s. The shoes, cocktails and fashion were the star of this party.

ashley heller and gina schrader excited to see the movie

Megan O’Marra is heading to the beach this weekend, while friend Gen Haney is attending a wedding. They said the movie was “Funtaneous”.
Cherrymae Pangaldi, Katrina Musa and Amanda Evans

Nicole Roche left her 3 boys, all under the age of 10, home with their dad when her BFF Michelle Redmond won tickets off of Wired 96.5 for the screening. She got all gussied up, put on her best Carrie Bradshaw pump, left her mommy hood at home and escaped for a few hours.

Nicole Roche, Stephanie Burrows, Linda Burrows and Michelle Redmond

Well that little night paid off big as Nicole Roche later won the raffle prize of Jimmy Choo shoes. Here she is with Wired 96.5’s Chio in the Morning co-host G-N Kang and Michelle Miller, The Nouveau Image.
And we all headed over to the Ritz Theater to catch some SATC2. Spoiler Alert: SATC2 is a wonderful night out with the girls. It’s a celebration of love, heartaches, bonding, jealousy, exuberance, life and most importantly enduring friendships. That’s one of the qualities I admire about the hostess’ of the Moët et ChandonSATC2 Party I attended after my 60 minutes of watching SATC2.

I could have stayed to see the whole show, but I’m no dummy, I know a hot party when I’m invited to one and when the name Moët et Chandon and Philly Style Magazine are attached, you’d better go or you will be missing out.

Nicole Cashman, Kristen Foote, Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne and Lauren O’Dorisio. Now I would like to know who picked out the name’s for the drinks that were named after them. Let’s see if you can guess who the Bombshell is, The Socialite, The Slut, er only kidding the Cosmopolitan, and the Fashionista? Thank you girls for wearing some hot, colorful dresses.
Rachel Sklar, Shaina Olitsky and Ali Becker dressed in their spring Charlotte outfits.
Hmm someone in this group may be a Samantha, someone is definitely Carrie and one is Miranda. What are your thoughts? Stacey Appelstein, Jil Jacobson and Kathy Jacobson.
All Carries in this group, well except one could be a Charlotte. Margaret Hughes, City rep Deputy, Erica Atwood, former City Rep Deputy, Melanie Johnson, City Rep Director, Gina Cusano and Anna Schneider of the Palomar Hotel’s Square 1682. I’m sure they are as sad as I am to hear that Peggy Trott is leaving in June to move to Missouri.
Candace Bushnell has nothing on these girls. A few of them could write the tale of Sex in the City, and the movie would be x-rated, with laughs and fun. But I’m not naming names. This town is small enough to figure out who embodies a little bit of Samantha and isn’t afraid to embrace it. Stephanie Rybczyk, Dara Gaddis Lazaroff, Sabrina Strickland, Danielle Poe, Jill Jacobson, guest, Brigitte Addimando
Renee Freeman and Mike Jerrick Biana DeMarco, Tamar Olitsky, and Kristen Foote
Karen Ini (who is involved with Taste of the Nation coming up on June 15), Tiffany Nork, Vicky Martinelli and Carrie Nork

Sharon Coia and Donna Massanova looking fabulous. Where’s my Carol?

A man with a lot of style, Philly Magazine’s John Colabelli surrounding by a lot of beautiful women including Danielle Poe, Kristen Foote, Kaci Mintz, Lindsay Kravitz and his main squeeze Lauren O’DorsioI’d watch Jared Lazaroff read a phone book, here’s he’s doing an impression of Michael Jackson in one of his videos. Can you guess which one?

A few of the sexiest in the City
Elaine Grabar, Marrela Valencia, Patricia and Christopher George
Elaine Grabar, David Ciurlino, Jill “Va Va Voom” Rizen, Michelle Ranier and Ellana Raggio
Lauren Nelson and friends in no particular order: Maise Han, Adeline Addesaken, Brittany Burkeitt, and Nicole Brigati
Jared and Dara Lazaroff, with BFF’s Jill and Tal Jacobson who are all spending the weekend at the beach this memorial day, so jealous am i.

Shannon Garrier Andrea Karabetsos, Ebony Simons, and Tina Fellner

Happy Birthday Kristen. May all your wishes come true!!
At the end of the week, Saturday, I will upload all the pictures taken this week and put them in a folder for youse to purchase for $5 a download. Pretty reasonable I think. And it makes it so much easier for me as I spend so much time email pixs to people. Thanks Hughe


Frog Commissary Steve Poses Comes Out

Last night I walked by the Franklin Institute
and saw that the tent was up next to the giant airplane outside the Franklin Institute: Caterer and pioneering restaurateur Steve Poses is getting ready for Saturday’s soft-opening of Frog Burger, serving burgers, fries, crab cakes and shakes. The reason I say coming out is for the past 20 years he’s been the caterer for the Franklin Institute. Now he’s ready to step back into a public foray of selling his wares outside the Institution. The new eatery is located smack dab on the Franklin Museum’s front lawn. I guess regulations are against actually buildings being built along the parkway, historic area, art commission approval, red tape?
As of last night there was no sidewalk in place to reach the tented burger place, so leave your Jimmy Choos at home. The closing time of the burger palace is 8PM. Officially opening day is Flag Day, June 14. I love the idea and look forward to burgers for dinner as it’s on the route home for me. UPDATE: I’ve eaten here 3x’s. The burgers which come with lettuce, tomato and onions, are delish, about $6.50 with cheese. Free pickles though, and the good kind.
Check out Michael Klein’s column for more details and the Menu


Philadelphia’s FlixFling and Invincible Production at the Cannes Film Festival

With so many new avenues for filmmakers to get their projects in front of viewers, most industry people find themselves caught between the old way of doing things and the emerging new media markets. One of the companies at the forefront of the next revolution in the industry is FlixFling, co-founded by Brad Heffler and Tom Ashley of Invincible Production and Distribution Company. After investing in a few individual movie deals, Heffler, a successful business entrepreneur, became interested in investing in cutting-edge new media technologies and changing the way people access and view films. (Source)

Independent Film Quarterly Magazine’s party in a penthouse on the 8th floor. Tom and Carrie Ashley with friends and biz partners Andrea and Brad Heffler

The next night, Michael Douglas and Shia Laboeuf were being interviewed right under Brad and Andrea Heffler’s balcony at the Palais Stephanie a few hours before their World Premier of Wall Street 2. After the screening, we got together with Jackie “the jokeman” Martling to discuss some business and of course hear a few of his latest and greatest jokes. The picture shows Jackie between Tom and Brad.

On Saturday night, Brad and Andrea attended the Vanity Fair/Gucci party at the magnificent Hotel Du Cap. Attached are pictures of Andrea Heffler with Jennifer Lopez, Kate Beckinsale and Tim Burton. They also met Martin Scorsese, Meg Ryan, Diane Lane, Mark Anthony, Ellen Barkin and Cuba Gooding Jr.
At the end of the 1930s, shocked by the interference of the fascist governments of Italy and Germany in the selection of films for the Mostra del cinema di Venezia,[7] Jean Zay, the French Minister of National Education, decided to create an international cinematographic festival in France,[8] on the proposal of Philippe Erlanger and the support of the British and Americans. Many towns were proposed as candidates, as Vichy, Biarritz or Algiers, although finally Cannes was the chosen one; thus, Le Festival International de Cannes was born.
Brad Heffler and Martin at Vanity Fair.


HOT CONDO FOR SALE IN OLD CITY – Perfect for the Stanley Cup Bound Philadelphia Flyers

These days there are a lot of hot properties on the market that aren’t getting the exposure they need, but some folks have been solving that problem by having hot parties to show them off. One such party was held a few weeks ago at a condo at 3rd & Chestnut. The condo was more like a party palace as the first floor had a full-size bar, fireplace, huge sitting area and a swimming pool, too. It’s more likely to appear on MTV Cribs than in Metropolitan Home.

Affectionately known as “The Grotto” you get your own indoor swimming pool. (Girls not included.)
Flyers Mike Richards (maybe he’ll pick it up after winning the Stanley Cup), guest, Michelle Miller, CEO The Nouveau Image, Ryan Dorsey, owner of Recess
The house features a full bar, game area and lounge off of the swimming pool on the first floor. Opposite of the bar is a door that leads to the pool, and then it’s up the stairs or a push of a button for the elevator
On the 2nd floor there’s an outside concrete deck area which overlooks 3rd Street
Master Bedroom off of the deck area on the 2nd floor. New Orleans Saints football player Jahri Evans and his agent and local Voorhees, NJ guy Jerrold Colton flanked by some friends. Jahri ended up renting the space for a few months.

Meredith Fertig, Tim Derstein, Kate Nunsessa and Dave Yike find a cozy seat in the breakfast nook
one of the kitchens
a bedroom with French doors and balcony which over looks
the living room.
Even though it was a Saturday night, at 3rd & Chestnut, I was surprised how little street noise could be heard even though we were in the heart of Old City.
Master Bath has a French balcony
Each bathroom comes with a jacuzzi
It’s a playground for adults.
Chris Werley, Jamie Lugo, Emily Ford, Brian Ruht and Ralph Juchheim
Michelle Miller and Josh DeMarco.
Also at the party was Phillies Jimmy and Johari Rollins, music producer Duvell Bottoms, movie producer David Bond (Alfa Dog and The Notebook), and Recess’s co-owner Ryan Dorsey
I love this space. There’s a mini bar to the right. Beautiful floors. Later in the night the living room became a dance floor
Here’s the outdoor area which overlooks 3rd Street and is hidden from Chestnut Street. There are doors that lead to the kitchen as well as the family room.
Another shot of the bar area downstairs near the pool
Talk about a VIP VIP hideout downtown Philadelphia.
A bit of a speakeasy, as it’s hard to find the “front door” to the place
The condo is for sale—a steal at $1.9 million says our host/OCF Realty agent Joshua Villwock.



These are just a few shots of Mia Tinari’s wedding to Dave Fisher on Saturday May 22, 2010 at the Basilica of Sts. Peter & Paul that I took for this blog PhillyChitChat and for my online column in Philadelphia Magazine. After you check out these shots head on over to my column at , surprises and a few great shots. (Make sure you click on the smiley face(far left) too if you like what you see.)

These shots are mostly of guests who attended

and this cute one
I love this shot of Mia smiling at her friends
Maid of Honor – Nina Tinari
Jen Borski, Megan Adams, Margarite Showers, Ashley Wimberly, Jen McCarthy Romo, Cathy Lee
Jr. Bridesmaid: Olivia Tinari
Flower Girl: Talyor Shore
Ring Bearer: Jackson Tinari

Best Man –Brian Pendleton
John Lovallo, Robert Fisher, Ross Litkenhous, Tim Burton, Mark Ajamian, Roberto Campitelli
As Carol and Nino made their way back down the aisle, they whole kindheartedly greeted the guests.
Wait til you see the reception hall, it was the most beautiful I ever saw in my life.
The reception was at the Curtis Atrium and catered by Cescaphe Ballroom’s by Joe Volpe, one of my favorites.
Norman and Peggy Burnett-Tymes and Rose Gamble
Victoria Russo, Judge Dan Anders, Joseph Russo, Andy Cosena, Kim Pecca

Florist: Il Fiore
Caterer: Cescaphe by Joe Volpe
Make Up: Carrie Brescia
Hair: Giovannia and Pileggi

Jimmy Contreras, Diane Johnson and Matthew Vlahos

Holly Kinser and A.J. Marsico
so fun this picture
Dave and his mom

Joe Kortkamp, Lori Lortkamp, April Nitkin and Brian Foley

Wayne Spilove and Holly Kinser. Enjoyed chatting with Wayne about the Dream Garden, which he helped save from going to Steve Wynn’s Belagio Casino in Las Vegas
Carol Tinari and long time friends
Nina Tinari, Carla and Chris Tinari and Keith Lephart
The caterer gave Mia and Dave a tour of the dessert tables. It was a nice gesture.
YOU KNOW YOU MAKE ME WANNA SHOUT! to check out the photos that the professional photographer took check out in 2 – 3 weeks to find see the shots. Email them for info on the password. The End
Oh wait check out for my column on Mia & Dave’s Wedding.



This is the last week for you to see him. He works out at the Sporting Club and lives on Rittenhouse Square

Get out to the countryside, it’s so beautiful. This is Providence Road in Malvern.

Next week my Philly Mag Column online will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
The window at Danny’s on 13th Street. Lot’s of folks are getting an eyeful when they go inside to inquire about purchasing these items. Danny’s doesn’t sell them, it was just for display, he sells porn. It’s an adult bookstore.
Happy Birthday Stacey Kracher
Martin Scorsee in NYC

Pick up this month’s Where Magazine as it has the Phlash Guide in it with the route. I love Phlash. Only $2 a ride, plus they have an all day pass, and they take your Septa Passes, although not tokens yet.

Two good paparazzi friends in NYC I haven’t seen in almost a year
Rachel Zoe Eat Something
My favorite picture of her that I took.

Eastern State Penitentiary stop by for a visit.

Tree outside Round HouseCity Sports has a running club.

The End



THIS WEEK I TRIED TO DO 5 DAYS ON PHILLY MAG, that was the tipping point. Next week I will post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I think those days will work well.

Here’s today’s post: Sex and the City Parties in Philly, & a fundraiser

and yesterday’s

Walnut Street Theater Gala, and a shot of Jimmy Smits filming in Philly