THE GAYS INVADE THE PIAZZA FOR Equality Forum ie Faux Hawks r still in??

LGBT Philadelphians, tourists and allies swarmed the Northern Liberties locale, entering the Piazza and paying the first-time admissions fee to crowd the myriad of events at the stage, or walk around the festival and check out the vendors, which included but was not limited to the Human Rights Campaign, Linda Creed Breast Cancer and the Please Touch Museum, located in the family section of the festival. (Don’t assume everyone is GLBT in the following pixs)

I thought faux hawks were out, I was wrong

Peek-A-Boo Revue
another faux hawk

Malcolm Lazin founder of Equality Forum
Passional Fashion Show

Do those things come out, and why do people do that to their ears? What does a 50 year old look like with ears like that? Does it go well with a suit or doctor scrubs? Just curious.
These two guys participated in the commitment ceremony, I think they are in sync

Amy Winehouse sighting
This was my view for most of the day as I hung out with Jamyra, Melony, Mike, Mark & his friend. Great table at Swift Half. Great chopped salad.

Jonathan Vendrick at a house party.
Anthony Rapp singing “Seasons of Love”

Friends – Matt, Jason, Casey and Dan. Jason volunteered at the University of Penn medical testing tent all day. They did blood pressure checks, HIV Tests and Syphilis, which he says is on the rise.
North Bowl
I love the nerve of this chick walking her bike thru the congested sidewalk tables
Northern Liberties bench