FRANKLIN SQUARE 2nd ANNUAL GALA & Governor’s Miniature Golf Cup – Design for New Supermarket 31st & Girard

If you have been reading me for awhile you know that one of my favorite parks in the City if Franklin Square. It’s a playground for kids and adults a like. Fun family entertainment and a beautiful park can be found in one of William Penn’s original five squares. Last year they started their fundraiser gala to support the park’s grounds and features.
This year they had the inaugural Governor’s Miniature Golf Cup, smartly titled since they probably wanted to name it after Gov Rendell, but this is his last year in office. This way next year who ever is in office next year hopefully will come down and support this event. I’m sure many of the folks that appeared at this event normally have relationships with Gov Rendell since he was mayor for 8 years before the 8 years he spent in Harrisburg.

For $150 a person you could participate in an 18 hole miniature golf game; and at hole 18 you get the chance to play 1 round with the Gov, plus get a picture taken. It was amazing how many people got holes in one, and it was announced on the PA System which was fun for everyone.
Here’s Where Magazine’s Laura Burkhardt with her golf partner Kathy Owens and the Gov. Both of them got holes in one’s during the course.
I thought this was a funny picture. Governor Rendell and Max Sablosky look on as Samantha Rubin takes gets a hole in 3. Love how the Gov is holding the bag. There’s a pix of her teeing off in my column on

I love this shot of Amy and her son Eli as Gov Rendell is teeing off on the 18th Hole that I took which was published in Michael Klein’s Inqlings column in the Inquirer.
The Gov. Amy Needle, President and CEO of Historic Philadelphia and Historic Philadelphia, Inc.’s Board Chairman Wayne Spilove. According to an article in the Phila Biz Journal 1/8/07, In 1998, then-Mayor Ed Rendell asked Needle to head up Millennium Philadelphia, an 18-month, $5 million celebration. In 2002, she worked with the staff of the National Constitution Center to plan a month-long series of events commemorating the center’s opening. In 2003, Gov. Rendell asked her to head up the Philadelphia Heritage Project, a $10 million, state-funded effort now known as Once Upon a Nation.

Jesse Amoroso with his 2nd place cup.

Around 7PM began the cocktail portion of the evening. Many of the heads of tourism companies were in attendance ie GPTMC, Independence Visitor Center, people who do business with the City and supporters attend a function like this.
Patrick Mullen and Bill Donahue with Laura B Burkhart.
I’ve seen a lot of this lately. Folks trying to move away from the standard black dress, and into summer black/white
Michael Williams and Christopher Arnold with Karen Daroff

Christina Chagin-Shellenberger, Ashley Burke, Kerry Sautner and Lauren Cristella
Jeff Templeton, Jill Davidson and Wendy Broomall; Just about the best part of going to these events is the stories you hear, the news of tomorrow. For the longest time North Philly has been trying to get a supermarket in their lower quadrant. When I met the next three people I was pretty excited, especially because they had the final design with them. (Also I met the guy that in a few short weeks is going to start a “Junk Food Tour” in Philly. You can read that in my PhillyMag column too.)
Herman Rollins (Farm Fresh Produce & Poultry), Eileen R. Della Volle (VP of business development at KSE Engineers), and Judith Rollins (Farm Fresh Produce & Poultry). This trio is working on the long-desired supermarket at 31st & Girard, which will be called Farm Fresh Produce & Poultry and located at the edge of the Westrum development that was built there a few years back in Brewerytown.
The neighborhood, sandwiched between Fairmount and North Philadelphia, hasn’t seen a supermarket in years, and the Ikea-inspired, 35,000-square-foot food market will certainly be welcome. Look for the groundbreaking of the LEED green building in the next 30-60 days, as the ink is drying on the loans and contracts now.
Phillies Team is right here, front end office Robert Brooks with his trademark hat with Deanna Sabec and Amy Domowitch. If you are looking for group sales to the Phillies, then you need to talk to Amy. Phillies spokesperson Deanna will give you the quote that you need for your write up.
Single and and ready to Mingle Tina Tellado hanging out with her BFF who’s not single Tiffani McDonough were there too.
Smarty Jones harness was up to $1025 when I took this picture about 10 minutes before bidding ended. What a great idea to auction off the 2004 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes harness. I did not make the connection between Chapman Ford and the owner of Smarty Jones being Pat Chapman and her husband, Roy “Chappy” Chapman until Wayne Spivlove told me about the generous donation.