Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Guidice middle name is DRAMA

I wish I had seen the over the top clip before I went to the book signing cause this is the worse acting I have ever seen. You can take the girl out of the trailer and placed in a hocked to the max McMansion, but well take a look:

I would have really quizzed her fans on why they love this low brow chick so much.
but these folks can relate to her for some reason. Please people enlighten me, what am I missing. Nearly 200 women and eight guys (mostly gay) waited in line in the somewhat stuffy Center City Borders as the air-con was on the blink. (as I wrote in Philly Mag column yesterday) Some arrived nearly three hours before the start of her signing. Teresa arrived 2 hrs after her schedule arrival time. She said her driver took the back roads: I guess that was simpler from Franklin Lakes than Rt287 then Rt 95 then Broad Street? (she arrived with her hairdress) a five-hour drive for mother-daughter duo Angela and Brittany Elliott from Bridgeport, WV.

Omg Omg Omg, I don’t care if you were late, you’re here now, OMG OMG?

Maybe Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was busy screaming at one of her neighbors, as she was nearly two hours late for the signing of her new book Skinny Italian at Borders Center City. But that didn’t bother her fans; a devoted bunch, they didn’t even want to talk about their idol’s newly filed bankruptcy claim stating she is $9 million in debt

First in line, Noelle Ciara, mom Ann Marie and friend Bobby Howard. They came from Baltimore and arrived at 3 p.m. The trio gathers each week to watch the reality show. Noelle is a huge fan of the Hanson’s too and will me mmmbopping up here in a few weeks.

Fans from as far as Bridgeport, WV—a five-hour drive for mother-daughter duo Angela and Brittany Elliott. They also spent the day and night in Philly visiting the historic district, and was planning dinner at Parc, my suggestion.
Reports state: Real Housewives of New Jersey Star, Teresa Giudice along with Hubby Joe has filed for bankruptcy. The couple filed for bankruptcy last October. According to court documents, the couple owes more than 10 million to creditors and 2.6 million in mortgages, who knows how much more. Teresa claims she only spends 400 a month on clothes, yeah on clothes… how much more is spent on shoes, bags, hair, nails? The list can go on and on. Now, Teresa and Joe have 4 girls, I know that can be expensive, according to Teresa she and her husband ONLY make 79,000 a year between the both of them
I know she’d better hide this jewelery cause the costume stuff will be the first thing that gets snapped up by fans in the bankruptcy sale.
Danielle Damore and Kim McDermott
Brian Snodgrass loves his Teresa Guidice warts and all, and she loves her fans as she air kissed almost all of them. It was a lovefest. Tomorrow check out Alex McCord as she comes to Borders Center City to sign her book with Hubby Simon at 12:30PM.