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The Career Wardrobe, one of my favorite charities as my friend Abby Siegel-Greenberg co-founded about 15 years ago. So even though I had a hired job the same evening, I would never have normally done that but was confused with the dates when I was hired, anyway I ran over there (8 blocks south) and caught the last 30 minutes because it’s that important to me.

Sheri Cole, Executive Director of the Career Wardrobe, a nonprofit organization that provides free professional clothing and educational support to low-income women transitioning to work, addresses the crowd.

Council women Marian Tasco wants you to come out to the West Oak Lane Jazz Festival this weekend.

Sometimes God let’s you know in a very concrete way that He’s got you… So I’m in my car I stop at a red light and the guy behind me doesn’t at all and hits me… But I’m not hurt and the car wasn’t damaged isn’t God good?!??? Yes and I’m Thankful!!!! – Kharisma McIlwaine – CW’s On Air talent as tweeted today. With Phlare Magazine editor/owner Ashley Cook
Mayor Nutter’s Deputy Mayor of Public Safety, Everett Gillison poses for his close up. The Career Wardrobe is a nonprofit organization that serves thousands of women in transition by providing free professional clothing and educational opportunities in the Philadelphia region. Our services empower women by inspiring the confidence necessary to achieve self-sufficiency. Since 1995, The Career Wardrobe has assisted over 50,000 women.

Elana Chasan, Jamie Bennett and Paige Wolf who does the PR for Career Wardrobe
Every year some of Philly’s favorite anchorwomen participate in the fashion show. L-R Fox29’s Sue Serio, CBS3’s Nicole Brewer and Fox29’s Shanelle Jones , who looks fabulous after giving birth about a year ago.
Besides a fashion show the highlight of the evening is when they auction off viv pickle purses signed by celebrities. (So if you are a celebrity all they need is a signed index card, or even a piece of paper and they will either sew the signature into the purse, or present it in a frame and will include it with the purse. For example President Obama’s signature came in a frame with the purse. The purses are on inspection before the auction.) This purse was inspired by the TV Show Lost and is a Darhma bag signed by Hurly and Jin. Hurly’s winning numbers are sewn in the bag too.
One of the important elements of having a successful charity event is knowing your audience as well as having the correct venue. Over the years this event has moved from the tiny venue, to the World Cafe to the Bellevue for the past 2 years. And even though the economy has been tough, the generosity of the folks attending the event was astounding. Most bags went for $400, a few near a thousand. These people know it’s for charity, and it’s a novel idea that a celeb signed the bag. Thanks for your generosity. (Next week I will chat about another worthy organization in their first year, but they didn’t know their audience and it was a darn shame because this crowd would have loved a pair of Jimmy Choo’s signed by Ann and Nancy Wilson (Heart) for more than $75)
It’s on the tip of my tongue.
Joey Fortman from MYPHL17 taking in the sites. She has a fun blog too HERE:
Janet Zappala, Shanelle Jones, Nicole Brewer, Sue Serio,
The TV newsies and some of the clients of Career Wardrobe. Monique Braxton; Donations for The Career Wardrobe will be accepted at
The Wardrobe Boutique
1822 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia
Tuesday – Saturday: 11:30am – 5:30pm
Wednesdays: 12:00 – 6:30pm
Tuesday, June 22nd until Tuesday, July 6th
in order for us to get our location up and running.