27th Annual Ball of the Friends of Rittenhouse Square 2010

The Rittenhouse Ball Chairs and Committee

The 27th Rittenhouse Ball on The Square, was held last night, Thursday, June 17, 2010. The prestigious evening of glamour is always held on the third Thursday in June where the proceeds raise funds to make significant capital improvements to Rittenhouse Square. The gala event is co-chaired this year by Nicole Cashman, Cashman & Associates and Brian Kappra, Evantine designs. Both of them thanked their committees for helping bring the event together.

Evantine Designs, food by Starr catering, who by the way I have confirmed that Stephen Starr and January are expecting a baby in October, Congratulations.
The Girls: Lauren D’Orisio (I finally have that spelling down without having to look it up – LOL), Carol Tamburino, bringing it back with the stylish gloves, Kristen Foote in summertime white, Sabrina Tamburino Thorne in sleek black, and Tempa Barish with the gams.
Seriously stylish John Colabelli, Publisher Philly Style Magazine. I have been getting inquires for months about the Hot List Party, I should have asked him.
R2L Chef/owner Daniel Stern and wife Jennifer. There were a couple notables missing from the Ball, like Kelly Boyd, who I hear has moved to the Main Line and was recently seen at the Old Guard House telling people that she’s writing a book on divorced moms and raising kids. But she still maintains her business on Rittenhouse Square and attends to her clients.
Sabs, Nicole and Nicole’s BFF from grade school Noel Bruno Noone
David Hall, Loews Food & Beverage Mgr, Creg Oosterhart, Ellen Rossbergand Brian Kappra

Nina Tinari
Jay Federman, Sylvia Beck, Alan Sandman and John Pesolar
No event is complete without an appearance of Sabrina Tamburino Thorne and Steve Thorne. Although they looked great on their wedding day 8 months ago, they have continued their healthy living and are more fit then ever.
Julie Campman and Denis Sheils (Denis and I work together at Kohn, Swift & Graf. [He’s one of my bosses.])
Kareem Thomas, Melissa Tagye, Chris Smith, Jalyce Gipson and Jim Higgins
Philly’s Suzanne Sommers, Nancy Glass

Dana Spain and Andi Pesacov, Make sure you have their PAWS event down on your calender. For info check the calendar at the top of this page, and look at June 28. Great event, great food, good cause.
Another super stylish couple who I love to photograph would be Sharon Pinkenson and Joe Weiss.

Nancy Alperin Regni and Jerry Regni.
CBS3’s Chris May and a very pregnant Susan Barnett (Did you know I took the very last public picture of Monica Malpass before she gave birth, so maybe) Nicole Cashman and Brian Kappra
Wendy Rosen speaks

10 Rittenhouse was one of tonights sponsors, here’s Robert Ambrosi Arc Properties with his squeeze.

Nicole Cashman thanks the sponsors

Sponsors Thomas and Cheryl George, with Deme Both graduates of University of Pennsylvania, their company does cosmetic surgery, dental work and psychiatric treatment. Talk about one stop shopping. (More than a few of their clients were walking around with “fresh faces” at the gala.)

Brian Kappra and his team at Evantine Design have done another magnificent job

Who’s that kissing in the back on the left?
Ellie Kosarek preparing the gift bags for the departing guests.
The Young Friends of Rittenhouse Square Party at the Prime Rib in the Warwick Hotel
Jt Christensen and Derek Freres
Shilpa Sood, R.J. Cacciutti, Molly DeNofa, Ashley Nikoo
Tina Tellado, Tiffani McDonough, Hayes Hunt, Carlyn Miluski, and Micah Knapp
Melissa Szymczak and Roger Levy
Then it was off to my 5th and last event of the night at 10:30PM. Crazy night. Happy Weekend, and please check out the Kimmel Center presents Summer Solstice starting at 3PM tomorrow.
I apologize if I did not get everyone on. I will be putting all the photos in an online album for you to purchase for $5. I won’t be sending pictures out anymore. It’s entirely too time consuming. Sorry. Also check out my for more on the Rittenhouse Ball, I have to confess I do that column first and a lot of good stuff goes there.