Mike and I went to Atlantic City for a party to celebrate the one year anniversary of Dusk. Dusk as you know is a club inside of Caesar’s Casino where I went a lot last summer shooting celebs and friends. Mike and I made a weekend out of it and did some of our favorite things, like people and bird watched.
Steel Pier – as some of you know I bought a new camera last week. It’s my first pocket digital in about 5 years. Usually I carry the big guy everyday, but I am not always going to do that anymore unless I go to an event, and then sometimes not even then. I will just have to look unprofessional on occasion, especially in clubs as hopefully enough people will know who I am and just pose for me.

Geese – Cape May – some of these shots were taken with my new Panosomic Lumix. Can you guess which ones? Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge – Near AC
Beautiful view from my 41st floor hotel room at Caesar’s Hotel & Casino; not this one, but both my favorite pixs were taken with it.

I remember those days when dad’s boat would conk out in the Atlantic Ocean and the Coast Guard would have to tow us is – LOL
Turtle Crossing – Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge – Near AC
Dockside eating at the Lobster House in Cape May, NJ
Dad’s first boat

2nd Favorite Picture of the weekend
Sunset Beach, Cape May, NJ
Muskrat Love? – Cape May, NJ

Got in late from dancing, oh and winning $60 on video poker.
Thought I would stay up til dawn for the sunrise and it was foggy:(
picturesque tree, not so picturesque sign – Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge – Near AC
There were two swan, but one was at a bad angle – Cape May, NJ
My favorite picture of the weekend. I took this through my windshield because the green flies were HORRIBLE. ( Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge outside of Atlantic City.)