The Jimmy Rollins Family Foundation strives to help children and young adults living with arthritis by providing funds and awareness about the disease. We also support families who are struggling financially with extracurricular activities for their children.
My mission is to bring funds and awareness to fight against arthritis as well as provide families who are struggling financially with educational and entertainment opportunities to encourage children to stay in school.
Chase Utley signs baseball for a fan
The crazy Phanatic fan

Stephenie LaGrossa and fiance Kyle Kendrick come out to support the good cause
Chase giving the high five to the Lucky Strikes mascot
And poses with the silly thing. Anything for Charity.
Mitch Williams, J-Roll and a young fan.
What it’s all about.
I completely was irritated doing this event because I wasn’t given an all access pass to shoot the rest of the Phillies in the VIP area. This is where the event coordinators wanted me to stand to get the photos. Really ridiculous. I wasn’t even going to submit any shots from this event, but I knew it was for charity and sent the shots out to the Inquirer and ran one in my Philly Mag column. I had no idea I had to get pre-approved by the Phillies organization to shoot beyond this point. Ridiculous that it was reserved for mostly their media. Even the guy didn’t get into the VIP area. Some one dropped the ball.