Another in a series of pictures taken with my cell phone. (Or I finally figured out how to get the pixs off the darn BB)
Today at 39th & Walnut, at the Radium Building, please visit my Aunt Mary’s and Cousin Kelly’s fruit & vegetable stand at the farmers market.

Recently Chipotle
redesigned the windows at the former Susanna Foo’s restaurant. Foo had designed and picked out the windows herself. Now they have been enlarged them and paved a new sidewalk.In the evening a Philly cop guarded the newly done work
Bloomie’s flower shop vacated 13th & Walnut a year ago, but finally some activity is happening.
Right up the street from Tutti Fruitti which slipped in there unnoticed after Bonti left
Will be another Sweet Endings, taking over the spot of the flower store. guess the rumors of that corner being demolished in order to build a condo, is being tabled at this time. Hmm Korean Ice Cream!!
This guy is using the old headshop’s front door as a mirror. I chatted with the new owners and they are building an upscale cigar place in the same space. Complete with humidors.

Rittenhouse Square Friends need a new bench
Have a nice weekend. Mike and I are off to our staycation at the Waterfront Condo’s on Delaware Ave to see how the other half lives.