I’m embarrassed to say that I have seen Chase Utley and the Phillies gang more times off the field than in the stadium. The last time I went to see a game was in 2005. (All these shots were taken with my new Panasomic LUMIX point and shoot pocket camera. 12x 12mgpxl)

(God Bless America; thanks for serving our country.)But thanks to Zarwin Baum law firm and marketing director, Stacey Kracher, Mike and I went to a game last night and stayed in their sweet
which was air conditioned and had lots of delicious food.
It was Hatfield Hotdog night, so there were plenty of them too.
Stacey and her friend who’s name escapes me
Hmm a not so clear picture of my sister Janine and her DeFeo family. Janine was visiting from NJ for the Fourth. I was disappointed that I couldn’t get to her row to take a family photo as section 143 for some reason has posted guards and you need to show your ticket to get in to photograph the area. It’s as bad as greeting someone at the airport. Is it like that in every section?
Hits. I found that going to the Phillies game is an activity in itself. In the parking lot there are tail gate parties, frisbee games, bean bag toss going on. I think the secret to getting a good parking space is arriving 20 – 30 minutes before the game begins as the tail gaters start packing up releasing the parking spaces next to them of chairs and grills. Mike and I got a spot right near an exit.
Hmm I don’t follow sports so I don’t know who this is, but his uniform is going to need to be washed before the next game, grass stains.
Halladay, celebrate
Harry Kalas Broadcast Booth
Patrick Naugle proposes to Jessica Mateu and she says yes. What a great idea.
Can you pick out the grumpy looking A’s fan?

Disappointed they only shot off about 5 hotdogs into the stands. Did their attorney’s call?

Thanks Stacey, we had a great time.
This is just silly. Guarding the field when the players switch positions. Who gets these jobs. Even the guards attitudes come thru as if this is the stupidest idea since the DeLorean.
I see the Phanatic isn’t nervous to take chances with his antics even though it just came out last week that he is the most sued of all mascots.
Who’s that on the far left, why it’s Chase Utley warming the bench with his injured thumb. Get well sir.
And with that the game was won 3 – 1 and we rushed out the door.