Tutti Frutti opens on Walnut Street in Center City

Tutti Frutti at 1215 Walnut Street (next to Naked Chocolate) opened Monday July 5, as I first reported in my Philly Mag column last Friday. You might have missed it ’cause you were on the beach.

There are more than 45 rotating flavors of the self-serve yogurt, including Birthday Cake, Death by Chocolate, Blueberrilicious, Strawberry Field and Vanilla. It’s Kosher and has good healthy bacteria, like what’s in my fav store bought yogurt Activia.

Price is 49 cents an ounce – 16oz, 20oz & 24oz. Those little cups are for samples, or really skinny peeps who would never eat more than 1/2 oz of something delish with calories. I mean we are in the Gayborhood after-all and all the boys have to watch their figures.

Hours: 10 a.m. – 11 p.m. FREE WI-FI

Inside Tutti Frutti is the Small Oven Bakery, which will sell Japanese cream puffs known as “shu cream.”
The Cream Puffs are under $2.50 WOW
There are three booths for seating and three small tables for a total of 20 – 30 seats inside.
Shane came up with the design and layout of Tutti Frutti .
The historic ceiling remains untouched, and surprisingly blends in with the modern decor. The Yogurt, delishes. There are a few flavors that are non-fattening, plus lots of fun treats to add to you yogurt bowl with the yogurt.