Last week, Brad Heffler and his two sons Jason and Josh were the guests of Stuart Scott on the live, national edition of ESPN Sports Center. Right in the middle of all of the Lebron James hoopla, the Phillies game ended and after saying the Phillies lost the game 7-5, Stuart said, “I have a couple of big Phillies fans right next to me in the studio who are probably crying right now about them losing to the Braves again. Let me give a shout-out to Josh and Jason Heffler who came up from Philly.”

The attached picture was taken 5 minutes after the end of the broadcast when Stuart Scott and Scott Van Pelt (his co-anchor), told Josh and Jason to sit in their seats. Left to right in the picture are Jason Heffler, Stuart Scott, Brad Heffler, Chairman of Invincible Pictures , Josh Heffler and Scott Van Pelt.