Chubby Checker at Phila City Hall 7/9/10 Making Twistory – Videos 0f Folks Twisting & Pixs

Friday at Noon, the Daily News will celebrated “50 Years of Twistory” – the biggest, hippest, twistin’-est “Twist” party in history – at Dilworth Plaza, next to City Hall. Headlining the hip-swiveling bash is none other than Chubby Checker, whose world-changing version of “The Twist” was released 50 years ago today.

They wanted to break a record with the number of people Twisting, but the turnout didn’t allow it as it was hot and a holiday week. Not many folks in town.

The Women Doing The Fly:

Chubby as you see, isn’t as chubby as he used to be. He has his own line of healthy snacks and he’s 68 years old of rocking hot twisting.