My baby sister Crista, her sons Michael and Bo in Stone Harbor on Monday
Are boots in for the summer, does it help if they’re white
New bike racks fashioned from the old meter poles. Excellent idea.
Poor puppy hungry at Pietro’s where his owner is eating pizza
I said Maria the liquor store closed 10 minutes ago. Hughe there are still people inside, I know wearing this dress I can get us a bottle for the hostess gift. Not only did she get a bottle, but she got them to find ribbons so she could dress it up – LOL
Low flying helicopter last Saturday, then later I realized what weekend it was.
Judy always wanted a convertible, but never would buy one until Walt surprised her 2 years ago. Now Colleen, Lauren and Walt all bought convertibles in her spirit.
The beach was lovely this week, hardly any rain.
Caution when petting hammerhead sharks in this tank
Wildwood Boardwalk
Boys love their trucks.
Stone Harbor spells it out so you are not confused.
What’s in the refrigerator. This was Crista’s, she’s the healthy sib, nothing but fruit, water, baby food and beer here.
Aunt Betty just threw on her bonnet when it began to rain last night.
Crista yearning for a baby girl now. The shirt says “I’m A Catch” Stone Harbor, NJ.