Oy I just completely ran out of time to do a proper write up of the Philadelphia Style Magazine Hot List Party 2010 last night as I had to get my Philly Mag Gossip column written and posted on their website HERE, so I will be writing it most of it on Monday, with lots of juicy gossip and news that my other two media outlets passed on. First: Congratulations to Kristin Detterline-Munro, Philadelphia Style’s new Editor in Chief!The themed party was 007 James Bond, and as always the fun girls were not shy to give me a good shot: Erin Elmore, Monique Crawford and Danielle Kruppa. Thanks Girls, as always you win best spirit.
The colorful bunch. Hmm I don’t even have time to look your names up but you are with my buds Lindsay Kravitz and Kaci Mintz and her elusive boyfriend Joe? I will re-do your pix on Monday and get your names. For those peeps I missed last night, especially if you are a reader I am so sorry, I was as they say in the restaurant biz IN THE WEEDS.
Hello gorgeous, forget about hot list how about hot legs!! OMG Lauren Beloff and Happy Birthday to Anthony Sembello. Missed his party as I was you know where last Saturday night.
America’s sweetheart, or at least the Delaware Valley’s Aditi Roy and the beautiful Lesley van Arsdale. I met her shy husband, he’s so nice. Any day now Lesley is due. She believes I will be the lucky photographer to get her last shot before mommy hood, sorta like when I got Monica Malpass’ shot before she gave birth.
Buds: Mia Tinari Fisher, Diane Johnson, Christian DiCicco and Nina Tinari

Rob Wasserman says that 500 Degrees will be closing during the summer at 11PM, and return to late hours in the Fall. With Randal Mrazik and Michael Schulson of Sampan

The SATC Girls: Lauren O’Dorisio, Nicole Cashman, Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne and Kristen Foote
The Senators: Larry Farnesse, Sen Anthony Williams, Philly Style Magazine’s John Colabelli and on the tip of my tongue, oy who is this. Thanks so much to Philly Style Magazine, John Colabelli, Noah Stein and Kristin Detterline-Munro for inviting me to the most fab party of the year. Check in monday for more pixs, and info on how to buy this prints.