Erin Elmore, Monique Crawford and Danielle Krupa. Don and Renee Freeman were in the house. They are fabulous interior designers, check out their site here.
Aditi Roy and Lesley Van Arsdall and Monica Malpass (check out her latest picture at my party 3 weeks ago) were on the scene

another song comes to mind when I think about The Philly Style Mags Hot List Party 2010:

My apologies to the people who didn’t make it on PhillyChitChat today. As you can imagine it was a 3hr party and everyone was so wonderful and wanted their picture taken. (This entry has taken me 4 hrs on a Saturday to write up) You can check out your photo, and buy it here for $7, really that’s all. It’s impossible for me to ever send photos out to people again. I just don’t have the time. Thanks for understanding.

P.S. readers of PhillyChitChat if I don’t recognize you the first dozen times I meet you, I have a bad memory, I don’t even remember all my cousins names and they are Facebook Friends too.
More than a dozen readers were disappointed I didn’t know their names, even though they were Facebook friends, and at least 1/2 dozen were upset I didn’t take their picture, usually it was because I was rushing to get a drink, something to eat, saw Justin Pizzi across the room, got a text from Maria Papadakis to peel the boys off of her or go to the bathroom. Sorry, I really mean it. You can bring it up to me next time and I will surely take your picture and place it somewhere.
I rarely remember anyone’s name after eating candy, it makes me fuzzy. And for blowing off David and Jenine Neff, I apologize because when I saw you both I just left work, hadn’t eaten in 6 hrs and was making a bee line to
Al Paris and his delicious pulled pork sandwiches (If you like great craft beers and a good ‘ole LOBSTER BAKE at Tap House 8/21/10, then I swung by
Max Brenner for some chocolate drink with Clarissa Cruz and Lucas Stellar. Finally I got my sugar self back on track. I’m new to this diabetes thing and haven’t gotten the food down yet. Also at the table was Max Brenner’s PR Danielle Sarna. Danielle tells me that the Max Brenner’s in Las Vegas is opening this week. I know it’s going to be hugely successful. In my opinion I think it’s fantastic that Max opened in Philly, but it’s just not in the best location, it’s hard to find. How about a big Max Brenner head on the side of the building at 1500 Walnut with a sign pointing to the rear of the building?

I love me the Philly Style Magazine party. It really is the premier VIP see me party. It is the HOT LIST party because really that is who is invited, hot connected and the women that make the business men smile. Ariel Greenberg, Tiffany Bucciarelli, Kayla Gillin (The GM, and manager of the Bellevue’s Sporting Club. Coming soon roof top yoga.), Holly Cribbins and Rachel Mednick. Others spotted in the crowd: Fox 29’s John Bolaris. I couldn’t believe I missed Chris May, Jennaphr Frederick, Michelle Malin and we chatted about the party later on Twitter. Susan Barnett had given birth to a baby boy Steele the week before otherwise she would have been there.
Toni Crawford-Major and Michelle Price. Toni is the Regional Director at Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, whose chair is my former co-worker Joseph M. Hoeffel.
The Gang From Delilah’s: I’m sure alotta of the men sing this Black Eyed Peas song to themselves when they are mesmerized:
I took ur picture, with one particular reason and its to capture ur character,
I like to sit and stare at ‘cha
Aint nothin wrong with starin at cha
Girl don’t be scared at the fact that i envison us getting married and i ain’t tryin to rush nuttin
Cuz i aint rushin:
Carmen, Isabella, Ashley, Alp Aktan, Carmen, Rae and Alycia. Wednesday night at 7 p.m. there will be another big event in the Philly party world as Delilah’s hosts the 8th Annual Diamond G-String Award, with celebrity judges: WYSP’s Danny Bonaduce; Playmate Megan Heaton; infamous blogger/model Arthur Kade; Greater Philadelphia Tourism & Marketing Corporation’s Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne; president and founder of Matrix Fights Jimmy Binns Jr.; Red Bull’s Heather Boling; nightlife guru Brian Taylor; and Jessica Scott, of Jessica Scott, LLC. As for

Erin Como and Lauren Richmond
Andrew and Tanya Smith. Tanya is one of the girls down the shore on Philly.Com
Just because of those pants this picture had to be taken, ok and Maria is hot.
Man, Tanya Tecce is feeling like a million bucks and looks it too, Carol Tamburino, Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne, Kristen Foote, and Donna Massanova; Sharon Coia must have been somewhere exotic and fun to have missed this party.
Thankfully Avra Gross doesn’t hold it against me, I sometimes can’t place people, and that happened with Avra the other night. Now granted she’s moved to Florida, but she’s BFF with my it girl Sabrina T so I have seen her around a lot. SO even if I should know you, take the high road like Avra and a few others and just say your name when you say hello. You are all important to me, and I really appreciate you reading me, but I get sad when you get angry because I can’t remember your name. With Avra is Glenn Gormann colorful friend from Florida. He’s opening an exclusive club next year in Boca Raton, Fl – Sofia. Look for it.
Rock Stars: Jennifer Grabel, Ken Penn Aka Kencredible and Sara Kelly, executive editor of American dreaming magagzine Rouge owner Rob Wasserman says that his other place 500 Degrees will be closing during the summer at 11PM, and return to late hours in the Fall. With Randal Mrazik and Chef Michael Schulson of Sampan
New Couple Alert: Tara Jones and Anthony Chila
Ursula Augustine, About Phace and Charisse. The October Issue of InStyle Magazine names Ursula Augustine as The Best Make-Up Artist in the Country.
Rachel Moore, Quinn, and Maria Papadakis. Also spotted Dana Spain who’s PAWS organization benefited from the proceeds of the event as over 1,500 guests sampled tantalizing James Bond inspired drinks, fare and desserts from the area’s top restaurants, while
enjoying the sounds of one of Philadelphia’s most prominent bands, CTO.
Borgata Hotel & Casino is sponsoring an exclusive casino!
Phillie’s Marketing Director Michael Harris and wife Joy were about. Caitlin Joyce in the background having a good laugh in the Chelsea Hotel VIP Lounge
New Couple Alert: Genna Squadroni and Chuck Peruto
Looks like a million bucks: Milica Stojancic and R.J. Cacciutti
Rachel Ferguson, Christian Crosby, Melanie Roy, Vittoria Woodill, Kharisma McIilwaine and THE MAYOR Drew Carballo. There must be something about the name Drew, because the two I know in this town are the best.Jackpo!! Lauren O’Dorisio as Mr Colabelli Sr looks on. Deanna Durante was there before she made her big PAL/Police Charities Chairy bike ride this weekend from City to Shore, temporary 10 Show co-host LuAnn Cahn, Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz with a date.
XIX at The Bellevue Hyatt Esther Oh and GM Adam Judeh. Check out their new menu with teh Soft Shell Crabs and Duck, from Dr Joe Duck. Also spotted was Jeff Miller, who is just about to go on a vacation in his new RV with his partner Ed, and Jeff’s parents to the Outer Banks.
Sens. Larry Farnese Anthony Williams, Philly Style Magazine Publisher John Collabelli and Mike Stack
Tom Piazza, Amy Russo, Mike the GM at the Franklin, ABC6’s Kristy Gonzales, and Anthony Torcivia (The Franklin) The Franklin just got voted in the Top 10 Best New Cocktail Bars in the Country. Check out the Article. Thanks…
Dan Uslan, Publisher of Michigan Ave Magazine, with Julianne Glatz and Charles Calvert, Regional Director of Mont Blanc.

Electric Factory’s Adam Spivak, Steve Ward, The Style of a Man women, Karen Sajda and Bacherlorette contestant Craig Robinson. Earlier in the night another potential contestant on the show was getting a few tips from Craig. Look for Caitlin Connors on future episodes if she’s chosen. Craig is still a contender to be the new Bachelor. No comment on the mess that is Courtney Love from Adam.
Kristen Holahan, Jason Lewis, Gossip Guy Dan Gross and his beautiful wife Holly Maher (Love Her). The other day someone asked me why I keep company with Dan or MK as they are my competition. I find them fascinating in a peer kinda way. I’m in denial that they are my competition with my column named after me HughE Dillon which appears Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays HERE.

Philly’s Best Party Fun Time Girl after Monique Crawford: Caitlin Joyce (on right). Do you girls know each other, you should you and Monique could rule this town.

We Can Put The Rumors To Rest as Justin Pizzi doesn’t wear a tie all the time. Swanked by some of the most beautiful girls in Philly including Buffy, PR from Delilah’s and Erin Como.
Sweetheart Marisa Magnatta, The Preston and Steve Show with Ron Zausidsky.
He will judge you Dustin Kaplan soon as or maybe just Wednesday’s contestant in the Delilah’s Diamond G-String event Julie Abramson owner of Jewelz Entertainment. I think she said she would be swinging by something at Delilah’s. I should be there by 8PM to capture every moment and see how much of it I can get into my column without getting it edited out – LOL
Jewelz Girl; Also sighted Kim Genkin who is starting her own PR Biz with oh it’s still off the record, Shang Skipper, Lindsay Glasgow, Margo Trovei, Shilpa Sood, Carter Coldwell, Tony Rufo, Ray Evers, Brett Rosenbloom, Alanna Jones, Karen Hepp, Monica Malpass, Meredith Landis Trotter and so many others. Laura Krebs is now with the Cashman firm.
Renee Reese and her fashionable girlfriends Kijafa Frink PNKElephant, Carmena Ayo-Davies, BG Marketing. Fab necklace is a couture piece by, Tarina Tarantino from cool boutique in Mulicca Hill, NJ called Hippy Chic!

OK I told them to do something goofy, but it was a big #FAIL. Guess I should be specific – LOL Kathy is a fan of the blog and she’s with DJ Nigel Richards and Electric Factory’s Adam Spivak

Ilana Waber, Angela Louro and Maria Hatzivasilis. Maria is looking forward to moving in with Nicole Ann in less than two weeks. These girls are gonna tear it up.Danielle Clauser, Annemarie Zollo, Alison Frick, Dave Warren, Adrienne Keen and Michael Dinapoli,
Devon Sparks, Illy Issimo Philadelphia Manager, Aubrey Hilbert and Lauren Steck is the girl on right. Devon was sweet enough to give me a case, which my co-workers are drinking right now: Illy Issimo It is one of the most recognized brands in Europe and in Italy as it is Italian Espresso, although they have been around since 1933 . The company uses 100% all natural products like beet sugar and hormone free milk, the latte and Capp only have 100 calories and the caffe only has 50.
The Winner of every Delilah’s event: Owners Jennifer and Bryan Shany
Thanks to many of the folks who attended this party who have supported me over the years with Tips, News, Tidbits of their lives that have made my columns as successful as can be. Here’s my email: Buzz@ PhillyChitChat . com (no spaces) It was really one of the best parties as it always has been. Thanks to Philly Style Magazine for always including me in everything, and for Cashman & Assoc’s for keeping me in the loop too.
Here’s the link to the photos: