I shot something so much fun last night. I just finished at 9AM this morning sending them to my agency in NYC and ran out of time. So it’s another edition of pixs Hughe took from his phone. Some have appeared on Twitter, some haven’t. Tomorrow we return to fun events that I’ve covered, and don’t forget my 3x’s a week column online at
WTF is going on with this fire hydrant in Bensalem? I had to stop and take a picture. It’s like some latex fetish going on. Although I will say there was an active sprinkler nearby, maybe the owners didn’t want the paint to wash off.
These guys are not together, and they didn’t coordinate their outfits to be twins. They just showed up at the same party. So funny. I meant to say I have seen this happen to women, but never guys.

Interesting at 500 Degrees, what do you think I’m talking about?Delicious Halibut at Fish the other night.
Y-3 Kicks. I went to a photo shoot where they were used. It will be in my Philly Mag column tomorrow.
Quinn and Maria Papadakis received fun take home gifts from the Philly Style Mag party the other night
Thursday’s in July are the Salvation Army’s Christmas in July Campaign. So drop them a few bucks to help the needy.
Stone Harbor spells it out
I ran into my friend Sue Fee, her daughter Patricia and mom at Springer’s in Stone Harbor. Sue and I went to college together about 15 years ago.
Why is the 2nd language on the Le Merdian Hotel signs Spanish and not French like the hotel’s affiliation?
Just wondering?

In Atlantic City near the Phillip’s Seafood takeout Window
Old City Ghost Tours

You can buy this Umbrella at the Greater Phila Film Office website

Peace Out. I took this while waiting for a red light in Audubon. OK actually I had to circle the block 3 times just to get in the right car order to take this picture, but I did it for you.