DELILAH’S Gentleman’s Club 8th Annual, “Diamond G-String Award” – Probably NSFW

Last night I attended Delilah’s Gentleman’s Club and Steakhouse’s 8th Annual, “Diamond G-String Award”. The Diamond G-String Award, the only competition of its kind, open to dance teams, feature entertainers and individuals throughout the country who work the stage and stripper pole and are brave enough to battle it out for the $10,000 winner-take-all prize

Deciding the outcome was a panel of Philebrity/Celebrity judges including: Playmate Megan Heaton; Infamous Blogger/Model, Arthur Kade; Greater Philadelphia Tourism & Marketing Corporation’s, Sabrina Tambrino-Thorne; President and Founder of Matrix Fights, Jimmy Binns Jr.; Red Bull’s, Heather Boling; Nightlife Guru, Brian Taylor and Jessica Scott of Jessica Scott, LLC.

Host for the evening was Robert Schimmel, recently named one of Comedy Central’s, “100 Greatest Standups of All Time.
WOW on the entertainment. These women really put a lot of time into their routines.
Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne taking her judging skills very seriously and you had to have a critical eye, all the acts were seriously choreographed

And the women were in tremendous physical shape. Just an amazing show.

The club was PACKED!! The men/women ratio was 70% men, but the women I saw really enjoyed the talent on stage, and everyone cheered when a performance was well done.
Lauren Beloff, Donna Massanova, Carol Tamburino and Tanya Tecce enjoy the show from the VIP section over looking the crowd and stage. (Upside down on the stripper pole, I don’t think a lot of people can do this. Sometimes the girls were perpendicular to the pole too. Just amazing.) The entire club is very classy, everyone is very respectful, the girls ensure that everyone has a good time, and it’s a huge party atmosphere with lots of laughing and fun. (If only they had a non-smoking section)
Sword Swallowing

Champagne poured on the body
or poured by someone else, it was all here. I probably would have passed on this photo as what goes on in Delilah’s for the most part, should stay at Delilah’s, but I noticed this guys friends were taking cell phone pictures so look for the identity of this fella on Facebook I’m sure.

Tumoor Haye and Norman Reola from Del Frisco’s SteakhouseLyric tells me she’s getting used to her new eyelashes, which extend a good inch from her eye I noticed.
What a Feeling

Angela and her team (Maniac video) celebrate their victory after a 3 way tie and dance off. Angela win’s $10,000 plus travels a trip to Las Vegas. Thanks to Delilah’s for allowing me to cover this event, they don’t usually let photographers shoot the show and I am very grateful that allowed me to do it. (Check out Friday’s HughE Dillon Gossip/Social Scene post for more story and pictures, the ones that are safe for work)