CHRIS NOTH VISITS PARX CASINO 7/18/10 – Behind the Scenes Pictures & Chickie’s & Pete’s first look at Parx

Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment launched live table games at Parx Casino yesterday in Bensalem, and Sex and the City’s “Mr. Big” Chris Noth threw out the ceremonial first dice and cut the ribbon. I have a few behind the scenes shot, as well as shots I captured at the House Photographer.

Assistant GM Anthony Faranca and Chris Noth
It was the longest Red Ribbon, and hard to get into the frame

His publicist pointed out a guy on my right with a big picture of him to sign, I was surprised but he went right over and signed for the guy, who to me was an obvious autograzzi, but she must have recognized him.signs for him

He signed for fans (non-autograzzi) in the lobby right after the ribbon cutting. An autograzzi is a professional “fan” that earns money by selling the celebrity’s signature to someone who wouldn’t normally have access to them.
Thousands of gaming fans, as well as Mr. Big fans, were on hand. Noth was terrific signing for them and posing for pictures, and at points it was pandemonium. One lady had to be pried from a death grip around Noth’s waist, but he took it all in stride laughing and joking with her as he made his way to the craps table. (Can you spot him in this picture?)

Opens the tables

Chris Noth with Bob Green, Greewood Entertainment, owner of Parx Casino

After leaving the Craps table hastily, it wasn’t to exit the club as many news outlet’s reported, but to go to the men’s room. He was mobbed leaving it on his way to the VIP party at 360Parx, the lounge/dance club inside the casino.360Parx VIP Room. Chris waving to folks on the casino floor

Mary Stillings and Kim Wagner
Mary Stillings and Kim Wagner
Mary Stillings posing for Kim Wagner
Ought Oh, damn the camera didn’t work
Thank God I got the shot and Mr Big could return to his table.