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If Philly Style Magazine was about being seen and hooking up, the Philly Mag party was about debuting New Couples, established couples and potential couples: Michael Callahan and Chris Ledford, who’s rocking some hot glasses; Later in the evening I caught the two doing an Astaire and Rogers spin downstairs.
Tanya Little with Ray Evers and Gillian Kocher
Married Couple: Christina Saler and John Saler. Christina and I both work at Kohn, Swift & Graf. John’s at Stradley
Trish Cashman and Kate Wilheim. Kate is not with her new beau Chris Chimicle’s, but they’ve been sizzling up the party circuit, restaurants and movie lines for the past couple months. It’s serious.
A couple of movie makers: Violet Mendoza and Tigre Hill

The party was sizzling, much larger than last year. The economy must be looking up.
David Maser and Gwen Gioia Brian Goldthorpe and Bruce Yelk

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