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Thanks to Cheerleaders for giving up their Saturday to raise money for those suffering from cancer.

On Saturday the ladies of Cheerleaders (Front &Oregon) soaped up and washed more than 50 cars at $25 a pop to raise money for the City of Hope cancer charity. The Bikini Car Wash squad above included Derrick Copes, Shannon Niland, TT, Janine, Calypso, John, Dena, Jeanine, Sage, Kyla, Michael, Vivian and Celeste.
Nearly 100 cars stopped by to get clean

I remembered seeing Vivian Camille recently but couldn’t place her. She thanked me for the nice write up on and for the Delilah’s Diamond G-String Contest, she was the choreographer. Then it all came back to me, the Flashdancers and the amazing pole work. Vivian used to work at Delilah’s for 9 years, but in January she moved over to Cheerleaders. It was hard, but the hours were more flexible so she could concentrate on her new project which is teaching pole dancing to women for exercise as well as the art of seduction. Many of my friends have taken her “Philly Premier Poledance” classes at studios in Center City. And believe me she is an expert in the field of pole dancing. I might give it a try if I can get a body like that.

Derrick Copes runs “Attention 2 Detail”, a car detailing company he started about three years ago. He travels with a 500 gallon tank of water in his van, and can come to your house to wash your carsJanine is now using all her assets to get the job done.
Sarah Doheny, YUBPr, Shannon Niland, Cheerleaders Marketing Director, Harry Giordano, City Of Hope, and Amy Fitzpatrick, City of Hope During the down time the girls played with super soakers

Tia, Jeanine and Calypso aim to please and take their jobs seriously. The girls were thrilled to help out in any way they could to help fight the cancers of the world. At one point one of the girls went into Cheerleaders, returning 3o minutes later and dumping a wad of cash into the donation bucket saying she wanted to donate the tips she had just earned in that time.
The girls hard at work, Janine is convincing a customer to drop a little more cash in the City of Hope donation bucket. Nearly $1500 was collected for the entire day; I would call that a job well done (Also 9/12/10 City of Hope cancer walk)



As I first wrote 8/16/10 my obsession Kendra Wilkinson will be signing her new book “Sliding into Home” at BARNES & NOBLE 1805 Walnut Street Philadelphia Tuesday 8/31/10 Phone Number 215-665-0716But you must pick up a wrist band beforehand. Doors open at 8AM.The manager wouldn’t tell me the limit, but did say you must purchase your book from a Barnes & Noble, and you must show them the receipt when you pick up your wrist band, as well as bring in that evening too. They will give you futher instructions when you show up for the wrist band.



I met Vivian last week at the Cheerleaders Car Wash for Charity benefiting City of Hope. But she recognized me as Philly Chit Chat the guy who photographed & blogged about the Delilah’s Diamond G-String. She choreographed the number that helped Angela and the team win. This video was too hot to handle the first go around. but now I am comfortable enough to show it, I hope you are too.

Here’s a video of Vivian on the pole. She teaches classes in Center City. It looks like a pretty good work out, don’t you think? Check her out at

Soon you’ll be able to do this:



Under the shadow of the Ben Franklin Bridge last week, Rum on the River 3 was held at Octo on the Delaware. It was a beautiful warm night and the guests were transferred to the Caribbean Islands.
I hope to fill these in shortly, but in the meantime enjoy the pictures. Check out my PhillyMag column last Friday for the story, HERE


Kyle Kendrick Birthday Party Expounded from Philly Mag Column

I love surprise parties, especially when the intended has no idea; and that was the case with Kyle Kendrick Sunday night when his Fiance Stephenie LaGrossa threw him a party at her Old City restaurant
Gigi restaurant in Old City
Sunday night I stopped by Stephenie LaGrossa’s Old City restaurant Gigi for Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick‘s surprise birthday party.
Sections of this entry were published already in my PhillyMag column on Monday, but these photos are all new.

Like this one
I love a good surprise

Phillies outfielder Ben Francisco with fiance Cindy Lopez,
Johari Rollins, Heidi Hamels and Michelle Miller, The Nouveau Image PR
Justin Wineburgh, Jill Hamels, Brian Slizgi, Amanda Hamels
Gigi’s GM
Lee Dambrosio, Meredith Moody and Cory-Lynn
The food at Gigi’s was delicious. They had some mean sliders that really should be on their regular menu. They were bigger than a White Castle Burger.

Niki & Phil LaGrossa (co-owner of Gigi’s) are gonna be parents in December – Congrats!!
The girls
Johari and Jimmy Rollins
Carl Prushinski and Chris LaGrossa

Delicious cake
One of my favorite pictures
So fun!! How did she get this done?

Happy Birthday officially tomorrow Kyle Kendrick!!

It really wasn’t as dark as this video shows, one of the flaws of the Lumix camera. sigh. (


Philadelphia area women Meredith Scardino wins writing Emmy for one of my Fav shows The Colbert Report

A proud mom, Anne Scardino wrote me on Saturday night to tell me her daughter:
Meredith Scardino, Radnor High School grad, won a second Emmy Saturday night
for Best Writing in a Variety Show, along with the writers of the Colbert
Report. Scardino is the sole woman writer for the show, and won in 2008 in
the same category. The Creative Arts Emmy Awards took place in LA.

Monday Nights Colbert Report: See if you can pick out MeredithThe Colbert Show Writers

Another fav show: The Cash Cab with Caroline Waxler, Meredith Scardino, Liz Levin

Anne also tells me that Meredith began her writing career when he the fourth grade at Ithan Elementary, she won a writing contest for Delaware County schools with her story “Ghost in the Guestroom.” Also in the fourth grade, she took a Saturday cartoon class at Harcum, where she wrote a comic strip “The Nosers,” a family with prolific noses. Meredith also played tennis and lacrosse at Radnor and was captain of the women’s lacrosse team at Cornell.
I know I am her mother, but she is quite a combo of beauty and brains.



Sweet Ending is open now at 13th & Walnut Streets
Pretty sweet hours too
10AM til Midnite Sunday thru Thursday (Not as large or with ample seating, as Tutti Frutti yogurt down the street, but well lit especially if you need to wake up for that long drive home after a night out partying, these lights just might do the trick. Also works well for seasonal disorder syndrome. I’ll be stopping by a lot in December and January.)
Friday & Saturday til 2AM (No doubt they will learn to regret these hours on this notoriously heavily hanging out corner. How long til a couple of drunken queens have an ice cream fight in the middle of the place at 1:30AM)