Whew July is over, the heat is gone for now and the Best of Magazine’s are all on the racks of your local stores. Let’s talk about those Best of Magazine’s: Kicking the mid-month off was Philly Style Magazine’s Hot List Party. It was hot, VIPs about, Hot List folks in attendance, sexy singles, decked out to the nines and men in suits, I measure the greatness of this party by the hook-ups in dark corners and this night was successful, an abundance of everything and an after party at Zee Bar with the temperatures rising, steamy and x-rated as you would expect from a Philly Style Mag party, more hook-ups, and lots of folks late for work the next day. Gift Bag: Coupons, gift cards and the magazine
Philadelphia Magazine Party, held at the Constitution Center, sophisticated, business like, VIPs about, deals being brokered, sexy singles making dates for the future, sexy couples who left the kids with the baby sitter, invites extended to the folks who won, for some of them it’s the biggest night out for the year and they are decked out like it’s New Year’s Eve, but conservative and safe. Ambiance: well lit event space, beautiful outdoor terrace. After-party at Positano Coast. Slight headache for work, but still a productive day. Gift Bag: bottle opener, skinny water and magazine
I didn’t hear any juicy stories, well except a few days later

I did hear of a hook up by a high profile guy and a girl about town who skipped Positano Coast and headed to my favorite day time haunt McGillin’s. Guess they thought it was skid row because he was thinking, not good enough for a hotel room, but off the beaten path that no one would see me here or care. I hear they were asked to leave after a little too much showmance. No chance you’ll hear it from his lips as he’s betrothed, she on the other hand loose lips.
Best of Mainline Today Party –
G Rated, bring the family enjoy the wares of all the winners, connect with your friends, re-connect with your high school sweetheart and meet his wife dressed in Lilly Pulitzer and 5 kids dress in their preppy best.
Night ends early, work is completely manageable the next day and you have Best of Mainline cupcakes to share with your friends. Gift Bag: Whatever you could stuff in the empty plastic bag they provided you when you walked in the door and that was giving away for free at the “Best of Mainline” vendor tables. The May issue of Mainline Today.