It’s Friday, it’s 3:42AM and I just finished my Philly Mag column, I hope you like my random shot selection today as I ran out of time to write the original column.

WTF, parked in the no parking zone at 18th & walnut and do you see the blue sign on the dashboard of this Lamborghini?
Hugo from Lost is Found
His shirt seems to be on backwards, very stylish though
The modern cup measurement
Back to the Future retro look
Seriously, doggie sweaters in the summer?
Farmer’s Tan
I think I will pass on seeing the giant toilet
boot is supposed to be on foot for proper healing
Pretty in Pink – Although I like the outfit, I would feel naked wearing it as it seems to be painted on. .Pretty in Pink
glad my hobby is photography
not as cute
these two would get kicked out of McGillin’s for this behavior
Stay cool. I love this picture. Have a great weekend.