THAT’S A WRAP FOR QFEST 2010 celebrating closing night at the Loews Hotel a few weeks ago (I’m behind)

TLA head/QFest artistic director Ray Murray tells me that “attendance was up 15% over last year; income was up 8%; and they went from a deficit last year to a surplus this year.” The new festival series Danger After Dark was hugely successful and brought out a very different crowd. Most people I spoke with at the party told me that this was the best festival yet, and they could barely wait for next year.

Saad Zain, Beth Treisner, Riff Viana and Eric Olson loved the festival this year. Telling me there was a much bigger selection to choose from

Carol Coombes, Managing Director at Philadelphia QFest and friends
Steve McCann and Mike LaMonaca of PhillyGayCalendar followed the action day to day to keep the attendees apprised of the happenings at QFest
Gail Kamenish, Brian Suits, Rob Gaston and Farrel Lever
Steve Carlino, Dan Bove and WMMR’s Pierre Robert at the closing night party of QFest at the Loews Hotel.
Rudy Flushher, Heather Coutts, and Ed Hale
You can support the QFest and the Philadelphia Cinema Alliance all year long, and see special sneak previews of films as well as current films. Managing director of Development Thom Cardwell arrived late as he was at the Prime Rib with his co-star on the opening night film “You Can Have it All”, Wendie Malick.
A word from our sponsors Smirnoff and others
John, Aiden James, and TaveKyle Stoudnour

Kelly Burkhardt, Janice, Courtney Custer and Stephanie GabisJURY AWARDS: