PHILADELPHIA EAGLES KICKOFF PARTY 2010 Tequlia’s 8/13/10 W/EAGLES DeSEAN JACKSON, joselio hanson Quinten Mikell Asante Samuel & Recap of Flight Night

Eagles Flight Night last week. I did an extensive write up in my column
WOW when you get a media pass, they take you to the press box. So cool, but
so far from the field.
and lonely.
so I left to get closer to the action.
oh there’s the photographers. I must have been too late to get on that band wagon.
Sports paparazzi, although don’t you let them hear you call them a paparazzi. They are so sensitive about that word. They will tell you they are sports photographers while turning their nose down at you.
Nice Crowd
Tony Luke is in the House

Rah, rah rah rah raaaah, la la la la la I want a bad romance

I guess the coach
gets to wear black on black. I wonder if he tells everyone else they have to wear a white shirt with their black shorts?
My crazy brother in law and his kids. They are huge Eagle’s fans. I wonder if they want to come Friday night?

at the end of the night a dozen fans won practice shirts right off the players backs – YUUUCK!

We are happy to announce that the Eagles are hosting an event to benefit the Philadelphia Boys and Girls club as well as celebrate teammate Joselio Hanson’s Birhtday party. It will be at Tequilas Restaurant on August 13th from 9pm to 2am. Tickets are available online or at the door. It will be right after the first home pre-season game.

For Table Service RSVP please email

The Tables and tickets are limited. Please act quickly as the venue is an intimate setting and the players and their guests will be more than half of the attendees, so the space for ticket holders is very slim.

Give and Win!

Win a table for 4 to the Eagles Official Kick Off Party by making a $10 text donation to the Boys and Girls Club of America through XIPWIRE. Grab your phone and text: bgca to 56624. You will get a special text message back for you to complete your pledge on-line at and be entered in the contest. 100% of you donation will be given to the Boys and Girls Club of America. Winners will be contacted on August 11, 2010.

Good Luck!

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